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Oogies wife

Chapter 10

© Oogies wife67

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Jack got to the doctors place with Oogie's body and bugs and set them on the table.

"Doctor, do you think you can revive Oogie and Aeries?"

"You have Oogie's body, I don't have Aeries's." Jack grabbed the doctor on the collar of his throat.

"I heard you cut Aeries's body for Sally, is that true?"

"Yes! It's true!"


"Aeries's body is canvas like Oogie's, so I cut out certain parts to make Sally that I didn't have!" Jack dropped the doctor and pulled Aeries's body out, he was right, there were parts missing.

"Isn't Aeries suppose to be leafs too?" Jack asked while the doctor started getting Oogie back together.

"Aeries hasn't told anyone about her secret..."

"What secret?"

"... Aeries is actually bugs."


"That's the reason she died, Aeries's body is more advance than Oogie's, she just had less bugs, and when a button got jammed, her bugs couldn't move around, so they all got killed, Oogie's body is big, so his bugs had room to move." The doctor frowned and flipped the switch to revive Oogie.

"I'm back? Why did you revive me?" Oogie asked.

"Because I was a total fool and didn't know you still missed Aeries." Jack spoke.

"All we need Sally and the real Aeries." The doctor said.

"You mean this?" Oogie hacked up a bug in a jar which had it's back on the ground, saying that it was dead.

"You knew Aeries was bugs?"

"Well duh! Why would she want to use the family maker more?"

"You got a point there, Oogie." Sally then entered.

"Why is Oogie back?" Sally got scared.

"Cause I didn't know Oogie was very upset." Jack said holding Sally's hand.

"Sally, under your skin is canvas from Aeries." The doctor spoke while putting the body on the table and bugs.

"Who's Aeries?"

"My wife, one of the hottest women in town."

Sally then pulled the canvas out of her body parts and put them on Aeries, Sally started to stitch them back on with canvas color thread, Jack put the eye balls in the eye socket, and the doctor filled the body with bugs, the doctor pulled the switch and the shock went through Aeries's body, the shock stopped, the room was silent, Oogie ran to Aeries to listen to Aeries's bugs, no movement, Oogie cried on her body when a hand touched his shoulder, Oogie looked up.

"Why are you crying?" Aeries was alive! Oogie got so happy, he lifted Aeries off the table and span her around the room.

"I thought I lost you!" Oogie started to kiss her on the cheek happily and saw Jack, Sally, and the doctor.

"I'm Sally, you must be Aeries."

"I am Aeries, Sally." The girls shook hands, Aeries got to Jack.

"I'm glad your back, Aeries!"

"Same here." Aeries smiled and got to the doctor, the doctor frowned.

"I'm so sorry about the machine."

"It's okay, I have something to give you."

"What is it?" Aeries turned around and punched him off the wheelchair, Oogie smiled and laugh.

"For a second, I thought you were going to give him something!" Oogie was still laughing.

"I did, a fist." Aeries got up and kissed Oogie on the lips, the doctor got up and cleared his throat.

"I fixed a few bugs in the machine, want to give it a try?" Aeries looked at Oogie and Oogie nodded.

Aeries and Oogie got into the machine, this time, with the whole town watching.

"Hope this works." The doctor gulped and pulled the lever after pressing buttons, the lights started to flash colors like red, yellow, orange, green.

Many minutes passed, the other holiday people including Christmas Town watched what was going to happen, the machine dinged and the doors opened to Aeries and Oogie's pod.

"Did it work?" Aeries asked, the doctor pushed a button to the small pod showing twins!

"IT'S A SUCCESS!!!" Everyone cheered happily to this happy moment, Aeries and Oogie picked up their children happily.

"We shall always remember this moment." Oogie whispered to Aeries and kissed her.

Later, all the holidays were at a long rectangular table with Jack at the end.

"I would like to give a toast to Aeries and Oogie, this town will be peaceful and the holidays will always remember this moment!" Everyone took a sip of the water, Santa spitted first.

"This taste weird!"

"Your not suppose to drink it." Oogie spoke and spat water on Aeries, Aeries sipped and spat back, the other holidays got the idea and spat on the table or eachother.

"Okay, that's enough!" Jack shouted, he took a quick sip and spat on Oogie.

"You little...." Oogie sipped and spat on Jack.

Hours later, everyone went home, Aeries and Oogie were wondering what to name the twins.

"How about Milo and Otis?" Oogie asked.

"One of them's a girl."

"Of course."

"How about we call the girl Aerieth and the boy..."


"That's a good name!" Aeries and Oogie looked at their two kids happily.

"Watashi ai anata" Aeries spoke.

"Same to you." Oogie and Aeries kissed.


If you're woundering what Aeries said, she said 'I love you' in Japanese, I know a little bit and might use some in my next story. If the spitting thing reminded you of something, I got it from a movie called Madagascar, it was funny. Please comment! I'll make sure you guys will like the next story!

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