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Oogies wife

chapter 8

© Oogies wife67

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It's already Halloween in the town, Oogie was now in deep trouble a few weeks earlier for killing most of the citizens.

"I can't get it! Why did you kill them?!"

"Because the doctor killed someone close to me!"

"NOW, you're offically not allowed in town!"

Those words kept repeating in his heads, he was still furiouse at Jack now.

"Why can't bone man believe me?!? The doctor did kill her!" Oogie sat down and took a breather when he heard small foot steps outside his lair, Oogie looked up to see his henchmen go into the tree house.

"How was trick or treating?" Oogie shouted.

"It was fine." Lock spoke first.

"We took candy from high school seniors who scream like little girls." Shock shouted. Oogie broke out into laughter.

"Are you seriouse?!" Oogie shouted back.

"She is, they almost made me deaf." Barrel said with embarassment, Oogie started rolling on the floor laughing.

"Sounds like you had fun!" Oogie was still laughing when he remembered Aeries laughing at his henchmen for their crazy ideas, he stopped laughing and started rolling his dice to end up with snake eyes again.

"Looks like I have Aeries's luck, she only gets snake eyes." Oogie started to close his eyes and he fell asleep.

Oogie woke up the next morning hearing the Mayor shout that Jack was missing.

"Would you shut up! Some of us are still sleeping!" Oogie shouted loudly.

"Why don't you make me! Oh, you can't, because you're not allowed in town!" Mayor shouted, everyone laughed and Oogie went under the covers to get more sleep when he heard that Jack is back and having a meeting.

"Meetings aren't fun without Aeries, I'm going to skip that. Henchmen! Get me a victim!" Oogie's only way of feeling better was killing people.

For the next few days, Oogie killed and ate his victims to distract him from Aeries, he also drank sake in large cups rather than small to get drunk.

"Aeries would be upset-" Oogie gulped a big amount of sake so he couldn't finish his sentence and heard his henchmen talking in the tree house.

"Why would Jack want us?"

"Who knows? To keep us away from Oogie."

"He can't do that! We're his henchmen!"

"Excactly" Shock and Barrel spoke at the same time. Oogie heard the footsteps leaving the tree house towards the town.

"They better be back or else!" Oogie said angirly, he really hated Jack more than ever.

Seconds later, Oogie started to hear his henchmen about kidnapping someone named 'Sandy Claws'.

"And Mr. Oogie Boogie Man" Shock spoke and threw the cage with the bug.

"Can take the whole thing over then."

"He'll be so please, I do declair, that he will cook him rare."

"WEEEE!" Oogie laughed evily and started to make munching noises before he sucked up the bug, he ate the bug alright, he also drank sake and burped really loudly causing the cage to go up in the tunnel.

"... I'd get out of town." Lock and Shock spoke and heard them hitting something, Oogie snickered at that.

The henchmen then left the tree house still saying things about what to do with Sandy Claws.

"Sandy Claws, huh?" Oogie rolled the dice and laughed evily, he knew what to do with this 'Sandy Claws'.

"It has been weeks now! First, they get someone else, then get scared by Jack! I'm suppose to be scary!" Oogie said angirly. It was December 24th now, Aeries and Oogie's fifth annaversary and Oogie was upset.

Oogie then heard some noises from the tree house, it sounded like someone was saying something about naughty children not getting presents.

"Naughty kids do get presents, a nightmare from me!" Oogie murmured angirly, he heard a holler come closer to him, Oogie grinned wickedly.

"Show time!" Oogie then turned everything a different color with a special light, Oogie remembered that Aeries loved the lair being opposite colors, she most liked Oogie being green.

"Well, well, well? What have we here?" Oogie looked closer.

"Sandy Claws, huh? Ooh, I'm really scared!" Oogie opened his mouth showing bugs, he use to make Aeries giggle everytime he did it.

"So you're the one everybody's talking about? Ha ha ha!" The bugs came out of Oogie's mouth and into the big white beard, Oogie use to pick the bugs out of Aeries's hair when that happened.

Oogie lifted and danced Sandy around the lair and pulled him from getting shoot from his slot bandits.

"Ha! you're joking? You're joking? I can't beleive my ears!" Oogie span Sandy around like he did with Aeries.

"Would someone shut this fella up! I'm drowning in my tears!" Oogie was drowning in his tears since it is Aeries and Oogie's fifth annaversary.

"The sound of rolling dice to me is music in the air! Cause I'm a gambing Boogie Man although I don't play fair!"

"It's much more fun, I must confess, when lives are on the line! Not mine, of course, but yours, old boy? Now that'll be just fine."

Oogie walked up to Sandy under the light and laughed evily.

"Do you know what's so special about today?"

"Uh, Christmas Eve?"

"Beep! WRONG! It's my fifth annaversary, Sandy."

"Then, where is the wife?" Oogie turned arounded and punched him.

"SHE'S DEAD!" Oogie broke out crying.

"I'm sorry about that."

"Why would I be worried? Now, have some sake!" Oogie put the cup in Sandy's lips and he was drinking it.

"I usually drink milk, coacoa, and eggnog."

"Come on! Have some more!"

"No! I will not be drunk!" Oogie got mad and span him from the rope, Oogie leaned down to pick up his dice.

"Are you a gamble man, Sandy? Lets play!" Oogie shook the dice in front of Sandy's face when he heard a noise and turned around to see a leg.

"My, My. What do we have here?" Oogie hacked in his 'hand' and went towards the leg, it reminded of him when Aeries would do that to tease him.

"Ah, Lovely." Oogie took off the shoe.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle!" In a few seconds, Oogie realized that the leg didn't have a body.

"What? You're trying to make a dupe out of me?" Oogie then opened his mouth and sucked up Sandy and Sally.

"You think you can outwit me, eh? Well, you're wrong!" Oogie grabbed Sallys parts and shoved them on Sally.

"Don't do that!" Sally pulled out her shoved parts and stitched them up, Sally was suddenly tied up!

"Look at what time it is, it's dinner time!" Oogie set Sally and Sandy on the board thing and activated his mixer machine.

"You wait til Jack hears about this! When he's through with you, you'll be lucky to-"

"Jack has been blown up to smithereens!" Sally coudn't beleive what she heard.

"What was that about luck, Ragdoll?" Oogie said wickedly.

Sally and Sandy were screaming help and Jack heard it.

"Seven! It's Oogie Boogie's turn to boogie!" Sally started to scream.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!" Oogie laughed insanly.

"Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Ooh, I feel weak... With hunger! One more roll of the dice, Oughta do!" Oogie laughed and ended up with snake eyes, oogie slammed his fist and got eleven.

"Looks like I won the jackpot! Bye bye doll face and sand man." Oogie laughed and wanted to see them get cooked.

"What the-" Oogie then saw Jack.

Oogie and Jack started fighting to the death, Oogie got scared when Jack got to him, then he pushed a button.

"So long, Jack!" Oogie laughed evily then he showed terror when his seam was getting pulled.

"Now look what you done! My bugs. My bugs. My bugs..." Oogie kept repeating that until he got stepped on.

"I failed you, Aeries, I couldn't help you."

END OF CHAPTER!!! its not the end of the story yet, still got two more to go and something amazing happens on the last chapter! Please comment!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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