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Oogies wife

chapter 9

© Oogies wife67

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Oogie has been floating in darkness for almost a year now, thinking of his wife and plotting his revenge.

"I should kill Jack while he's sleeping, no, Zero will start barking." Oogie thought, he really hated this, he was hoping that he would find Aeries here, he didn't, she was somewhere else.

While in a thought, Oogie opened his eyes to see his henchmen in front of him.

"I thought this was a dream for a second!" Oogie shouted.

"Nope, this is the real deal." said Barrel.

"What are you going to do?" said Shock.

"I'm going to..... Become king of the seven holidays!" Oogie shouted evily.

"You're in luck, Jack left town today to find some new ideas for next Halloween." Lock said with a grin.

"His next plans should be to surrendur to me! Since he left town, here's what we'll do..." Oogie started whispering to his henchmen about the plans.

"Will do, Oogie." the henchmen then left with several bags in their walking bath tub. Oogie grinned evily and saw several skeleton bodies on the ground.

"I shall summon these to life to make an army!" Oogie raised his arms and the skeletons came to life!

"This town name should be changed.... To Oogie town!" Oogie laughed evily as the skeletons walked into town, grabbing everyone to go in front of the Mayors car, Oogie grabbed the mega phone.

"As you should all know, Jack had just died! But don't worry, do as I say and everything will be alright."

"He's lying! Jack left town!" The doctor shouted.

"I'll need to see you, duck boy." Oogie got down and grabbed the doctor to go somewhere else, Sally was watching this.

"What do you want with me?"

"Nothing of importance, just to do this!" Oogie opened the doctors head, pulled out the brain, and switched it with a green brain! Sally couldn't beleive this.

"I have to find Jack to tell him this." Sally whispered.

"Tell him what?" Sally turned around to see a shadow version of Oogie.

"Let me go!"

"Fat chance." Oogie gave a big spider Sally to watch.

"Next, my henchmen should be here with the other kings."

In a few days, Oogie had just heard that Jack is back and fighting the skeletons.

"Testing, testing..... As you should all know, I will rename this town Oogie town, and no one will complain about it." Oogie said in the mega phone. Shadow Oogie appeared.

"What about Jack?" Shadow Oogie asked.

"You can go first, I need to see someone." Oogie walked off as Shadow Oogie disappeared in the darkness.

Oogie made it to the Chritmas door several minutes later, hearing that Shadow Oogie just got beaten by Jack.

"That Jack thinks he's so great! Give me the mega phone!" Shadoow Oogie gave him the mega phone.

"I had just been informed that Jack is back! I repeat, Jack is back!" Oogie turned off the mega phone.

"What will you do?"

"Easy, mark the rest of the holidays as Oogie doors and have you fight him again, except you will be disguised as me!" Shadow Oogie nodded and disappeared. Oogie turned around and went into the holiday to see bright, happy lights and smiling elfs.

"This place is nice.... Too nice." Oogie summoned his skeleton army to take over the town when a bat told him some news.

"Jack had defeated the spider and Lock's army already? He's stronger than I thought." Oogie slid down with his army and took over the town in several hours, the elfs were screaming, the tree had Oogie's face on it, all Oogie needed, was Sandy Claws, he picked up an elf who was scared to death.

"Now tell me, Where's Sandy Claws?"

"H-h-he's at his h-h-house!" Oogie dropped him and walked to Sandy's house.

"It would be rude to barge in, so I'll just surprise him!" Oogie rang the doorbell and Sandy answered it.

"You again?! I thought you were dead!"

"Now I'm back, better than ever, and I shall deliver the presents this year!" Oogie tied up Sandy and hung him over where the train was.

"What are you going to do?!?"

"When Jack gets here, the train will come with a knife and cut you down, making you into my next meal!" Oogie laughed evily when the bat came back with news.

"Jack had just beated the Fire and Ice skeletons."


"And he's in town too."

"Hmph. Looks like meal time will be sooner than I thought." Oogie heard foot steps heading his directions.

"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Jack!" Oogie laughed evily when Jack saw Oogie.

"What's Santa doing up there?"

"Put me down this instant!"

"Sandy!" Jack shouted, everyone then heard a train coming, and it had a knife!

"Now then, Jack, Sandy, what are you two going to do? He he he! This will be fun to watch! It's payback time!" Oogie said evily.

"This will be for you, Aeries." Oogie thought. Several minuts later, Jack had saved Sandy.

"Give back Sandy Claw's sleigh, Oogie!" Jack shouted.

"Why would I do that? This year, I will deliver the presents!" Just then, Sally came with Jacks sleigh!

"Jack! The mayor freed the other holiday kings!" When Oogie heard this, he sat in 'his' sleigh and told the deer to go.

In the sky, Oogie saw the stars, he thought of Aeries and how those two really liked to look at the sky in the daytime and night.

"That cloud looks like a bat." Aeries spoke to Oogie.

"Well, that looks like us kissing." Oogie and Aeries were about to kiss when one of the presents exploded and scared Oogie enough to get off.

Oogie was falling and falling when he landed in some trash, Oogie wasn't so pleased of this.

"No! This can't be happening! Argh!" Bugs from every corner of the dump came with trash and turned him into Trash Oogie!

"Jaaaaaaack!" Oogie saw Jack and Sandy, Jack let Sandy use his sleigh while he's fighting Oogie for the final time.

"Minuts had passed, Oogie was puking trash everywhere, Jack knocked him down unitl he was beated.

"Oh, Jack! I just got started!" Oogie slammed his fist on the ground and the two started to dance.

"Halloween Town is mine!"

"Aren't we confident?" Oogie replied. Oogie started to hit things that Jack was standing on. It was a feirce dance, minuts later, Jack won.

"No! Not again! My preciouse bugs! My preciuse bugs! My pre..." those were Oogie's final words. Jack was about to leave when he saw a photo on the ground, he picked it up and saw it was a picture of Aeries and Oogie winning the dance contest, at the bottom, it said 'I shall avenge Aeries and do what ever I can for her', it was written in blood.

"No wounder why Oogie was so mad, I'm such an idiot! I need the doctor to revive Oogie and Aeries!"

END OF CHAPTER!!! I kind of spoiled the final chapter, didn't I, if so, I'm very sorry about that. Please comment!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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