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Sappy Valentine's Day

© Wasp

It's almost Valentine's Day and the Valentine King has got something evil up his sleeve. And Jack is the only one who can save the day. Who will win??? Find out in this story of Valentines V.S. Halloween

Chapter: 1 2

It was early Febuary in Halloween Town, Jack and the other citizens were at the first town meeting of the year. Talking about new ideas for this year's Halloween. But let's go away from Halloween Town for a little bit. In a far away kingdom called Valentine Land. And up on the highest mountain, in the tallest tower of the Valentine Castle, something not so sweet and nice lurked. His name, was King Valentino Valentines. He was a tall skinny man who had a long red cape and a golden crown with red heart shaped jewels. Of course as nice as you would expect the king of Valentines Day to be, you would be very, very, wrong! "Qupid!" he yelled. His voice echoing through the halls. Just then a small chubby like creature with a pink robe with little wings came fluttering into the room. "Yes my lord? How can I be in service? Please take mercy on me, for I am not worthy!" "Oh do shut up!" said the king." I need you to take care of something for me. Valentine's Day is just not as lovey dovey as it used to be, for me that is. I want you to look far and wide for a fair lovely girl. At least one worthy of my brains and my muscles." Of course if you ever looked at him he never had any muscles and he was never all that smart. "Yes my lord, I can assure you, I will find you a beautiful girl for your eyes to feast upon. You will not be sorry!" He was just fluttering there like he was commanded to stay. "Then what are you waiting for!!!" And with that Qupid went fluttering off. Meanwhile in Halloween Town, the town meeting just ended and everyone was walking out of the building. Jack saw Sally sitting in the back row. He started to walk up to her. Then he asked her, "Sally, I ... uh.... well I..." He stopped, sally was waiting for his answer not sure what he was trying to say. "Yes Jack?" He stopped for a little while. "Will you return the book to the doctor for me? I found it very fascinating, and uh, you know I thought he might want it back." Sally was very confused but she didn't care. "O.k. Jack." She was puzzled and confused. She took the book from him and walked out. Jack however wanted to ask her something very different. Just then in the sky Qupid was flying, the winds started to pick up as he got farther and farther away from the castle. He tried flying harder but he kept getting blown back. Just as he was about to fly higher a huge gust of wind blew twirling him in the air and throwing him plumiting to the ground. He hit it with a loud thud. As he looked up to see where he was, he saw something that gave him great delight. Standing right in front of him stood a beautiful sewed together ragdoll. "Are you o.k, you hit the ground really hard. Here, let me help you." That's right, it was Sally. She bent down to help him as he grabbed her hand tightly with a firm grip. "Here's how you can help me. By coming with me." Just then he opened his robe pocket and pulled out a small pink walky-talky. Then he spoke into it. "Hello? Is anyone there? This is Qupid requesting backup. Send in the Heart Brakers!" Then for a moment there was nothing. Then the ground started rumbling. There was a quick flash of light in the sky and then five brutes came from the sky. They all landed on the ground with a large booming sound. They all looked like Qupid, but instead of being about two feet tall, they were all about nine feet tall. And they were covered in muscles. Sally gave a horrile scream. Just then a white sparkle came out from the sky. It was Zero. Sally was happy to see him there. "Quick Zero, go tell Jack. Help Me!" Zero barked, then flew right at her and grabbed the doctor's book from her hand. As he flew off she panicked and tried to wiggle out of their huge hands. Then they grabbed her and flew off with her into the gloomy sky.

Chapter: 1 2

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