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Sappy Valentine's Day

Sappy Valentine's Day

© Wasp

Chapter: 1 2

Zero raced to the town hall as fast as he could. He knew what he had to do to save Sally and that he couldn't let her down. He was flying so fast that when he saw Jack in front of him he couldn't stop. He then slid and bumped into Jack's knee."Who!", Jack exclaimed, trying to keep his balance. He looked down and noticed the book hanging out of Zero's mouth."I thought this book was with Sally." He looked at Zero for a second knowing something was horribly wrong. At that moment Zero started tugging and biting at Jack's coat."O.k boy, lead me to Sally!"

Zero was off! Jack close behind, of course. They ran through the town, past the pumpkin patch, and into the forest. Zero stopped when he came to the circle of trees with holiday doors on them. Jack was stunned. He was thinking why Sally would be in one of the holidays. Zero stiffed for a moment, then went right to the heart shaped door. Jack examined the door very closely, then he opened the door. He looked down the large hole in the tree. He took one deep breath and jumped right in. Yelling until his voice was a faint echo.

He landed on a hard ground. There was something strange about the ground. It was red and roundish. As he looked up, he saw trees with large cards on them. Ones saying "BE MINE" or "I HEART U". He was dazed and confused. Then as he examined the platform more closely, he noticed he was on a large heart! Just then Zero came floating down from the sky almost like a cloth in the wind. Jack stood up trying to keep steady, when he noticed the castle with hearts all over it. "I have a feeling that's where we have to go. Isn't it boy?" he asked. Jack was tired from all that running before, but it was for Sally. He just had to do it!

Up in the tower, Qupid and his thugs had just returned with Sally. She was still clutched by the ugly men. They started to get in front of her to block her so she couldn't see."My lord! We have broughten your love to be. We searched far and found what you wanted!" Qupid said, acting like a kiss-up. "Well let me see my new love. I'm sure she will be most beautiful!" the king said. He strolled in there, his large red caped dragging behind him. The big brutes moved out of Sally's way and right away bowed to their king. Sally saw the king for the first time. But as she gazed in amazement and was a little bit frightened, he gazed with horror as his jaw dropped."What is that thing you idiots bring me?! It looks ugly! Is this the best you could find? Is it even human?" he yelled. "Y-ye-yes your heartfulness. She was the most beautiful of all. "Qupid explained. "Who are you?" Sally asked. The king replied, "Who am I? Who am I! I am the master of love, caring, and all who suffered the painfulness of a broken heart. But you can soon be calling me, Dear." He then stopped and chuckled to himself. Soon Qupid and the other thugs were trying to go along with his joke. Then a dark shadow was casted over them! Jack was there right above them!

He jumped down from the window sill, and landed on the ground feet first. "Not if I can help it!" he exclaimed. The king gave a little growl and yell, "Have at him men!" Qupid grabbed Sally's hand as she gave a faint yell. Soon Sally, him, and the king ran off into another room as the heart shaped doors closed behind them magically. Of course leaving Jack to deal with the lackeys. He was ready to fight over his life. But sadly he was out-numered, five to one. He stared running he knew by how heavy they looked they wouldn't be too fast. But of couse he was wrong, they started to fly with their small wings. On flew in front of him the others were in back. There was no place to go but up. That's when he saw it, high on the top of the large room was a chandelier. He knew it was being hoisted up by the rope tied to the wall. He then ducked down and slid under the goons. He pulled the string and it started to loosen, and then it unraveled releasing the chandelier. It fell as the dumb hench men looked up, they finally noticed the heavy object coming at them. In landed with a big crash! But Jack looked at the goons to see only four of the big brutes lying there knocked out. That's when he felt a hard punch at the back of the head and everything went black!

After a while he opened his eyes, as everything started to come back to him. He found himself in a large red jail cell with long red bars, and the last big lackey standing guard. Jack still laid there not moving. Just looking, the guard even thought he was still asleep. Then he heard the door creeking open and Qupid fluttering in the outside prison. "Is he taken care of?" he asked. The guard just nodded his head ''Yes''. "Good! That girl we found just doesn't want to go along with the thing. So look at this!" He held up an arrow with a heart shaped point at the end. "One shot of this baby in her heart and she'll fall madly in love. The master will be so pleased with me! After all the WEDDING is to start soon!" He snickered and flew off. The guard gave a little snicker too. Jack knew something was wrong. And he couldn't let Sally marry that evil king. At that moment he heard a familiar bark. His skull turned to see Zero panting by his side. Jack got a brilliant idea. He started whispering to Zero in the ear, and then Zero flew all the way to the guard. The idiot saw Zero and put a horrible grin on his face. "Aw, pretty doggy! Doggy want to play? Come here doggy!" Zero got closer, and closer, until he snatched the keys from the dumb dumb. "Hey! That wasn't very nice! Come back he..." Before he could finish Jack hit him in the back of the head at knocked him out. After escaping he quickly started running to find the king and Sally!

He came to the big heart shaped doors. As he tried to open them he found out they were locked. He put his skull to the door and heard quiet chattering inside. But then he started hearing humming coming from the next room. He opened the door and saw Qupid there sharpening the arrow. The little man turned around and saw Jack. "Uh..Stay away! Uh...I'm armed with deadly weapons!" He meant to hold the arrow in front of him for protection, but instead he held up the bow. "Oh darn!" he said right as Jack grabbed the little man with his hands. He held the bow in one hand and Qupid in the other. Putting them together to use him as an arrow and shoot him out the window. "Oh please, you know I was always on your side, no! No! Nooooooooo!!" With that Jack threw him shot him out the window and far, far, into the sky. "See ya! Know to get to Sally!" He then went up to the big doors. That's when he got an idea. He used the arrow and slipped it in the key hole. He thrusted the doors open with all his might. There was the king and Sally down a narrow hallway they were very far, but that wasn't enough to stop him now!

He started running as he could faintly hear the wedding starting. But that just made him want to go faster and faster. Another goon was marrying them together. And as Jack got closer, the goon's voice got louder and louder. Finally Jack heard the words "SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE." Then Jack Screamed, "I object!" "You! How'd you get in here? I guess I'll have to deal with you myself!" The goon cupped Sally's mouth. The king on the other hand pulled out his long sword. As he ran forward Jack stood his grounds. The king swung his sword as Jack ducked! He swung again! But every time Jack just slid away in the nick of time. Then he slid under the king and pulled the king's cape over his head. As the king tried to uncover himself he dropped his sword as it twirled on the ground. King Valentine tried to pick it up but Jack threw the arrow and it went right through the king's cape and pinned him to the wall. He then untied his cape. Sally got out of the brute's hands and tried to help Jack. "Jack look out, he's right behind you!" Jack turned and got socked! So hard his skull fell of his body. He found himself trying to find his head after it was rolling across the floor. The king then took his sword and held it up to Sally's neck. "If I can't have you, no one can!" Right as he was about to strike someone poked his shoulder. He turned around and saw Jack behind him. Jack took a deep breath and gave out the scariest, creepiest, eeriest, most horrible ghoulish scream ever! The king dropped the sword in fear and cried like a baby. He started running away backwards from Jack and Sally. He didn't notice though he was going to right out a large window. "Look Out!" Jack and Sally yelled at the same time. But that just made him run faster. Then he started to step on the edge. "Wow!! What the? Wait not meeee!!" The king was no more.

Jack looked at Sally, and Sally looked at Jack. "I can't believe you came this far, just for me? I uh.... You know I just wanted to...You know.. thank you." she said. "No, thank you, for believing in me, for being a true friend. Oh Sally...I...I, well..., I love you Sally!" "And I love you, Happy Valentine's Day." she said. "Thank you. What's Valentine's Day??"

(Best wishes in the scariest way for you and your loved ones on Valentine's Day)

Chapter: 1 2

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