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Kingodom Hearts: Next generation

© m_Nightmare_child

This is about Sora's little girl Sairi. When Sora is captured by the darkness, Sairi must fullfill her father's duties as wielder of the keyblade, but Max, goofy's son, and Donalds nephews are also kidnapped, so she's on her own for now.

But, she can't live up to her father as well as she thought.....

BTW Jack plays a larger role in thi KH story!!! Grin Grinb

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

5 years ago,

Sairi and Cody were just little kids. Cody had blonde hair with black streaks, and light blue eyes, just like a Husky's. Sairi was albino, so she had white hair, and pale skin. But her eyes were black as night.
They both had HUGE crushes on eachother.
They were up in the mountains, but Sairi lost Cody and never found him again. It was so cold, that even the warmest hearts could become frozen solid.

5 years later, Sairi was 13 years old, just as beautiful. Her hair drooped down like her mother's, but had a spike on the top like her father's spiky hair.

Sora was a full grown man now, he was strong and muscular, and had a beard. He wasn't what he used to be though. He never vivsted his friends when in a world in order to lock a keyhole, he just past by, locked the keyhole, and went on his way without even a "hello" or a "goodbye". He was also very strict. Noone knows why he changed, and never will.

One day while they were training, Sairi lost it, "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!! DAD, YOU USED TO BE NICE AND FRIENDLY WHAT HAPPE- *gasp*"

A dark hole had sucked her father in!!!
Her world was breaking up and she was terrorfied.

Next thing she knew, she was in another world. Her parents had told her about this place, it was traverse town.

5hours later, she had her keyblade and was ready to go. Her keyblade was the Skeleton key, which had a skull on the end. This keyblade made it so she didn't need to get different keyblades from different worlds.

She was ready to go. Her first stop Halloweentown. She was confident, even though she was alone. As soon as she arrived, the world was breaking up. SHE WAS TO LATE!!!

She was back in Traverse town. Crushed. She could never live up to her father!!! She must've cried for hours before Leon found her.

Meanwhile, Jack was wondering where he was. He KNEW this wasn't Halloweentown.
Speaking of which, where was everyone else?

Sairi found Cid and the others and came up with...okay, CID came up with a plan.

"Aerith and Yuffie will look for Sally and the clown with the tear away face. Leon, you find, the Mayor, Zero, and Dr. Finklestien. I already found the monster under the bed and the one under the stairs, IN MY SHOP!!! But now I'll go find everyone else exept Jack. Sairi, Jack's YOUR responsibility."

Sairi gulped. Could she do it? Could she?

The search began. Everyone was found so far, exept Jack

Leon: Hey you don't suppose a heartless got one of them

Mayor: (starts crying and grabs unto Leon's leg)


Meanwhile, a creature was lurking. He looked like a frozen version of a soldier (heartless) but he was not a heartless, He was ICEHEART, his heart was frozen solid and he was absoloutly cruel...yet....following Sairi for some reason.

Sairi continued her search for Jack. Before her Dad had changed, he had taken her to Halloweentown when she was a little kid. She had been so cute as a trick-or-treater!!! Smile

dUH hE WASN'T ALIVE hE'S A skeleton!!!!
Suddenly, she heard something. It sounded like fighting!!!!
Jack was fighting heartless!!!! Sairi gulped and summoned her keyblade, not knowing what to expect, but ready to fight, if she didn't faint!!!!
Dang, I don't normally write this much in a chapter!!!!

Sairi, Iceheart, and Cody (who's based on a dog I wanted Mom to adopt) © ME

Jack and related charecters © Tim Burton and Disney

Kh charecters © Square Enix and Disney

trust me, It'll get better. Grinb

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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