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Bone Cold Case

The Mystery of Death

© HalloweensJack

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Oogiw cautiously slipped from the tombstone into the normal world. The three trick or treaters had failed in the capture of Skulduggery's enemy. His enemy had requested Oogie's appearance in Dublin. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Having fit himself in a big coat, hat, and scarf, Oogie navigated through the darkness. He glanced down at the paper in his palm. Once he had found the building where the enemy was staying, he entered. The building was the Dublin Museum of Arts and Oogie searched through the halls. "So you came." said a voice. Oogie turned around to come face to face with a grey haired man. "Oh course, but my minons sorta forgot to catch your name." The man scrunched up his face in disgust, "And what of you? Your name?" "I'm Oogie Boogie arch enemy of the one known as Jack Skellington, who is spending quality time with your rival Skulduggery Pleasant." The man arched an eyebrow but Oogie continued, "I believe we can work together. Whatda say?"

The man mearly looked at him then said in a voice of recognition, "Oogie Boogie. It's been a while, could have sworn you were dead." Oogie stood there confused. He himself had never dwelled much on the past. "Nice to have you back," the man held up his hands, "You look like you don't remember me. I'm Vengeous."

The Capital...

Skulduggery bent down at Valkyrie side, checking her breathing, then stood up after a moment. "She's going to be fine." he confirmed softley, "We should start looking for your profile." Jack could tell that Skulduggery was genuinly concerned even though he tried to hide it. Jack flipped on the rest of the lights as Skulduggery turned on the computer. Jack wondered to the nesrest shelf of files. It was files with tons of last names that began with A. Jack's boney fingers moved across the bindings of words of the deseased. "Jack can I have the paper please?" Skulduggery asked holding out his hand.

Jack handed the paper of DNA information to him. After a moment of Skulduggery clicking and typing on the computer, he finally said, "Ok I know where your file is, and your name is not Jack Skellington." "Then what is it?" said Jack putting his hands on his hips. Skulduggery adjusted his tie, "Your name was Razario Vincente." (readers note the last e in Vincente is supposed to have an accent over it Smile)

Jack stood there for a moment, "Really..." Skulduggery nodded. "Ok well let's go get that file." said Jack turning around. Skulduggery followed behind silently. That name did sound familiar, thought Skulduggery, but where have I heard it?

Jack rounded the corner to the isle of the last names starting with V. He began his search. Skulduggery stayed back a bit. he watched as Jack slipped out a black thick book. "Do you want me to see?" he asked. Jack turned his head towards him then nodded. Skulduggery walked to his side and Jack slowly opened the folder to the first page.

1908-1931 Rozario Vincente Police Report

Young male was murdered on the 20th of October. He was found dead with a broken neck on the North Dublin Harbor.There were no witnesses at the scene and Rozario Vincente is now buried in the main Dublin Cemetary. His murderer was found dead also not too soon after the incident.

Police Chief Steward Mcham November 12, 1931

"I'm sorry..." said Skulduggery.

I'd like to thank The Three Jacks for helping me come up with Jacks new name. Smile
more to come enjoy!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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