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Bone Cold Case

This is Halloween

© HalloweensJack

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Skulduggery was by the door leaning his skull against its cold steel. Jack could see that Valkyrie was hesitant to talk to him. She turned as Jack walked in and glared at him. He made to say something but Skulduggery quickly held up his hand to silence him. "Are you done here?" he said quietly. Jack gripped the folder and nodded. Skulduggery flipped off the lights and pulled out his revolver. Jack didn't know why, but suddenly he had the urge to run.

Skulduggery sorta swung open the door and strolled right out. Jack and Valkyrie exchanged a worried glance to each other then followed him out catiously. Skulduggery was half way across the room when the two witches showed up. They beared thier sharp teeth at him. Skulduggery twirled his revolver between his fingers and shot at their feet, then one bullet at the glass window door. It shattered into a million pieces falling to the floor. Alarms began to ring in their ears. The witches shrieked as Skulduggery walked through the destroyed door.

"Skulduggery! You can't just leave like that!" Valkyrie yelled over the noise. "Watch me." he said coldly. She turned around to face Jack, "What did you say to him?" she demanded. "I'll have to tell you later." Jack replied, "Once he drops you off meet me in the graveyard." "Ok then." and she turned around.

The drive to Valkyries house was quiet. Once, Valkyrie tryed to ask him if he was alright but he replied coldly, "Leave me alone." Eventually he arrived at the dark home. "I'll text you later." he said weakly, not looking at her. She hesitated for a moment then exited the car.

They stopped in front of the graveyard 5 minutes later. "Jack," Skulduggery said in the darkness, "Go back to where you came from and don't come out." Jack said nothing and stepped out of the car. He watched as the Bentley drove out of sight. He could sense that morning was dawning. As he waited for Valkyrie to show, he looked for his headstone. He past rows and rows of names then came across a particular set.

Samantha and Johnathan Pleasant's headstones were pure green marble with white printing. Jack remembered the moment when he first met Skulduggery. Jack had walked out of the tombstone to see him standing in this very spot. Jack felt a tinge of guilt. As he was reading the headstones, a line on Samanthas stone stood out to him. May she find love in the next life and may he love her to the ends of time. Jacks thoughts drifted towards Sally in Halloween Town. She must be worried. He scrunched up his face and bent down to touch a leaf near the stone. "Deadly Nightshade?" Then someone tapped on his shoulder. Valkyrie.

She smiled at him, "Thank you Jack, this really means a lot to me." "Don't thank me yet." said Jack softly. She sat down on the ground as he explained the deed that was done. She was mostly quiet. Once he had finished Valkyrie said, "But your not like that anymore are you?" "No, " Jack lowered his head, "I wish not to be." Valkyrie pursed her lips, "I'm sure he'll forgive you in ti-" Then she remembered his vengenous towards the sorceror Serpine. "I know he won't forgive me, I don't forgive myself." Jack said solemly. "Well I'm not doing anything and I've been meaning to ask you," started Valkyrie, "Can I have a tour of Halloween Town?"

Jack grinned, "Of course. I'm forgiven by you?" She nodded, "Holding grudges is unhealthy." she smiled, "Besides you've been dead for what 78 years or so and I kinda want to meet your girlfriend. Skulduggery says it's good to have connections." "I'm sure she'd be delighted to meet you." he promised.

Jack led her to the opening tombstone leading to Halloween Town. Valkyrie held on to Jacks coat as he navigated through the pitch darkness. After a minute or two, they came across a door with a pumpkin upon it. It was frowning. "The Pumpkin King has returned!" Jack bellowed and the pumpkins frown turned into a grin and opened up for him. They appeared next to the gates of the cemetary.

"Welcome to Halloween."

This is Halloween, This is Halloween...
More to come Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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