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Bone Cold Case

Old Enemies

© HalloweensJack

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Earlier in Halloween Town...

"Razario, that does sound familiar." said Oogie scratching his chin. "It should," said Vengeous folding his arms across his chest, "You killed him." "Is that so. Any particular reason why?" "To get ahead in the world, of course and by the way I was vey impressed." "Sounds like me but what did he have that I needed?" "Razario happened possess the information of where General Skulduggery Pleasants family resided. That information lead to the down fall of Skulduggery by the mage Neferian Serpine." He lifted his head upward, "You should have told me instea of Lord Vile though." "Well, what's done is done." said Oogie, "Why are we talking about Razario Vincente?" "Cause he is now known for being your Pumpkin King."

Present Time Halloween Town...

Jack had explained earlier to Tanith and Valkyrie about the one kown as Oogie Boogie. They didn't look to happy but they agreed to help him put Oogie in is place.

Jack peered around the corner. Oogies lair was not to far away. He then gestered to Tanith and Valkyrie behind him. They all moved steadily foward. Tanith spotted a vampire from the corner of her eye and told hem to stop. Once the bloodsucker passed, they sighed. "I hate using stealth." complained Tanith. "Patiance is virtue." Valkyrie pointed out grinning. "Rats." said Jack under hs breath. Tanith and Valkyrie looked at him. "The place is surronded and with the hole in my chest, I'm not that big of help." Jack shot a worried glance to them.

"Don't worry, I'm all about distractions." said Tanith proudly, "Do you need any help getting in?" "No it shouldn't be a problem." answered Jack, "I know this town like the back of my hand." "Alright then lets get moving."

Oogies Lair...

Skulduggery followed behind silently as Oogie led him into his lair. "Quite a place you got here." commented Skulduggery. "Thanks I try my best." Skulduggery arched his skul towards the ceiling. It was like a palce built for Dracula himself. Skulduggery eyed Oogie suspisiously, "So do you know where he is?" "Yes," Oogie said sinisterly, "He's here in Halloween Town." "Well isn't his his domain?" "No it's mine." At that moment, a woans voice started to ring throughout the area. "Is someone else there?! Help! Help me!" Skulduggery looked to where the voice was coming from.

Ooge cringed. "Lock!" he yelled. The woman continued to yell. "Yes Sir." "Silence her now!" he ordered. "Yes Sir." The little devil ran into the next room. Soon the lair was quiet again. Skulduggery heard Oogie mumble something under his breath about somebody hearing that. "Who's in there?" Skulduggery asked. "Nobody important." "Who's in there?" h repeated. "None of your business." Skulduggery took out a revolver from his jacket and pointed it at Oogies head. "I repeat, 'who's in there?'" Before Oogie could answer, they heard hurried footsteps come from behind the black gates.

The hall behind the black bars was too dark to see, but then Skulduggery heard a familiar voice. "Skulduggery?!" Valkyrie appeared. "Valkyrie..." Just a moment after, Jacks figure was right next to her. Skulduggery immediatly moved his gun from Oogies head to Jacks. "Jack how nice of you to join us." Oogie said grinning. "Where's Sally?" Jack yelled to Oogie. Skulduggery was just about to say something when another man stormed in.

"Oogie!" he bellowed, "What the hell is she screaming about 'someone else' being here?!" The man came into the light. Skulduggery was stunned for a moment but quickly pulled out his other revolver and aimed it at Vengeous's head. "Why didn't you tell me he was here?" Skulduggery and Vengeous said in unison. "Great just my luck." grumbled Oogie. Vengeous pulled out his cutlass from his sheath and Jack summoned his soul robber in his palm.

"Skulduggery? Jack?" said Valkyrie nervously. "Valkyrie go get Sally from the other room." Jack told her. "Don't tell her what to do." Skulduggery snapped at him. Oogie inched closer to Skulduggey and whispered, "He killed your family but Vengeous is just some old foe. Who's more worth it?" Skulduggery was still for a moment. Then he suddenly moved foward in Jacks direction pulling the second gun away from Vengeous's head.

OOOOO what wll happen, what will happen
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Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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