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Bone Cold Case

Skulduggery vs. Vengeous

© HalloweensJack

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.. "Who's more worth it?" Skulduggery stood still for a moment. He suddenly moved foward in Jacks direction pulling the second gun away from Vengeous's head.

Jack took a step back, ready for impact when Skulduggery swirved around shooting a few bullets in Oogies and Vengeous's directions. "I'll handle Vengeous," said Skulduggery not looking back, "Valkyrie do as Jack advises." and with that he put his guns away in his jacket and pushed the air, throwing Vengeous into a seperate room.

Skulduggery ran straight after Vengeous. He clicked his fingers and hurled two fireballs. Vengeous staggered back a bit as his torso caught a flame. Vengeous laughed as the flames estinguished. Black shadows began to appear around his armor.

This goes to the melody of Dr. Finkelstiens Song from the TNBC Oogies Revenge

"Oh I have changed so much
Since I've been away
Without your friends here
I'll finish you off today"

Vengeous swung his cutlass at Skulduggery's head and Skulduggery ducked and kicked at his chest.

"Oh my- Please! Can't you seen you've lost?

The room was cluttered with boxes and dust. Vengeous jumped on top of one.

"Oh you taunt
But your nothing but pray
Oogie Boogie is back and I'm planning to stay.

Skulduggery pushed the air and the tower of boxes collasped. Vengeous jumped in the air landing on the window sill.

"It's a crazy world you live in
I'm not sure where to begin
Vengeous please it's not too late

Vengeous grinned evily.

Oh I will surely seal your fate

Skulduggery swiftly pulled out a gun and shot at him. Vengeous dodged it but it shattered the glass behind him. The impact made Vengeous turn around and Skulduggery dived pushing Vengeous out the window. Vengeous looked up and wiped the blood coming from his mouth. He Skulduggery on the ground and began to attacl once again.

My shadows will slice you
My sword will cut deep
And when it's all over
Your bones I will keep

Skulduggery ducked and raised his knee into Vengeous's chest.

The days of your undead evil mayhem are through
I'll tear up this hatred
And I'll start it with you

Vengeous whrired from Skulduggeys grip and his shadows rapped around Skulduggerys waist and threw him forcfully to the brick ground.

It seems you've lost your touch
In a few mear moments
You'll be nothing but dust

Skulduggery kicked at Vengeous's knees and he buckled foward. Skulduggery clicked his fingers.

Stop this instant! Can't you see this is absurd!

Vengeous got back to his feet.

No more tricks!

Well I say no more lies

Vengeous put himself into a deadly stance.

Your chances are slim Let me roll the dice

He swung his cutlass at the moment Skulduggery hurled the fireballs. Skulduggery jumped back quickly but Vengeous's shadows swooped around and pounded him into a nearby building.

All these people that your hurting
Oh Vengeous it's disconcerting

Vengeous walked up to him, still holding Skulduggery to the brick wall.

Skulduggery please just be gone

Oh Vengeous you are wrong.

Skulduggery felt the air between his fingers and the air rippled, sending Vengeous flying backward. He slammed right into the Halloween Town gate and collasped to the ground. He snarled and began to gather himself back up.

Your intensions are evil

Vengeous's shadows came after him again.

Oh come on just drop dead!

Skulduggery weaved around the incoming shadows and swung a punch colliding with the right side of Vengeous's face.

The thing that you work for is like the army you led

Vengeous grabbed Skulduggerys wrist and twisted it so that it cracked. Skulduggery yelled out in pain.

And when this is all over, a piano you will be

Skulduggery clicked his left fingers and a spark grew. He rammed it into Vengeous's side and gripped the black armor.

I believe you'll not win

Skulduggery pulled with all his might and the armor finally loosened free. Skulduggery swung the armor plate away from Vengeous and quickly pulled out his revolver and aimed it at Vengeous's chest.

You can take that from me

And with that said Skulduggery pulled the trigger. Vengeous fell limp at his feet.

Well well well what have we here?
Skulduggery won? Ooo I'm really scared!
So he's the one Jacks been talking about.
Ha ha ha ha!

More to come enjoy! Smile Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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