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Bone Cold Case

Lovely That Is

© HalloweensJack

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"Samantha?" Jack said confused. "You came here?" Skulduggery was undergoing shock. Sally turned her head to Skulduggery. "Oh my..." he breathed. Valkyrie came running back in. "I can't find anything." she said breathlessly. "What's wrong?" Skulduggery demanded. "We think she might be posioned." "Why didn't you tell me earlier? We need to contact Proffessor Kenspeckle." Skulduggery made to lift Sally. "Don't touch her." Jack hissed.

"What?" Skulduggery said sharply. "Don't touch my girlfriend." "But this is-" "Sally." Jack pushed himself to his feet, "I'll carry her." This action caused his bones to creak. He pulled Sally into his arms. They heard a set of footsteps coming thier way. Tanith appeared with a blood stained sword and a grin. "Damn I kick ass." They stared at her. "What?" "Tanith," Skulduggery began, "Do you have your phone?" Tanith tossed it to him.

Jack led them all out of the Halloween door into the dark cemetary. Soon they were driving to Proffessor Kenspeckles lab.

Once they arrived, Tanith ran ahead to get the Proffessor. Jack refused to recieve assistance from Skulduggery and Valkyrie. Valkyrie nudged Skulduggery, "What did you do?" she whispered. He looked down at her, "Valkyrie you have to understand me. The woman he calls Sally is my wife Samantha." "What?! That's impossible!" "Apparently..," he trailed off. He moved from her side.

The Proffessor rushed out with Tanith behind him urging Jack to bring Sally inside quickly. Once they were settled inside, Kenspeckle took a quick blood sample and put it under a microscope. "Ok got it." he said and ran over to his counter top, looking through the hanging cabinets. he fumbled around a bit before taking out a slim vile filled with green liquid. Jack sat himself into the nearest chair and let out a sharp breath. He felt his bones move. Nobody noticed.. and he kept it that way.

He feeling a bit sick though. He grasped the counter, holding his chest, and stood up. Skulduggery walked up next to Sally and put his gloved hand on her head as Kenspeckle injected the antidote into her arm. Jack was releived when Sally started breathing normally again. He made his way to the open door.

Skulduggery sighed a breath of relief. Kenspeckle began putting materials away and talking quickly with Tanith and Valkyrie. Skulduggery spotted Jack slip through the door. That didn't make sense. If Jack loved her as much as he says he does, he would be at her side right now. Skulduggery called Proffessor Kenspeckles attention. "Can you tell me who she was?" "You mean run a blood test like we did a bone test to Jack?" "Yes." "Why?" but Skulduggery was already walking towards the door.

Skuklduggery rounded the corner about to give Jack a piece of his mind when he found him leaning on the wall. "Jack?" Jack didn't respond. "Jack?" he said a bit louder. Jack coughed clutching his chest and slid to his knees. "Jack!" Skulduggery ran to his side as he collasped to the stone floor.

Skulduggery grasped his shoulder and shook him. "Oh God..." he whispered. He got to his feet and entered the operating room again. "Proffessor! Jack needs help!" Proffesor Kenspeckle zoomed past Skulduggery and hurried over to Jack. The detective lingered behind.

Earlier Skulduggery had wished for Jacks death for the murder of his wife and child but now he could see who captured her heart once more. One who would die for her to live. Guilt washed over him. Skulduggery walked over to the counter and looked at Kenspeckles notes. It was true. It was her. He wanted to cry. He leaned on the counter and buried his head in his hands. He heard a move from behind him.

He turned around to see Sally, or Samantha, sit up from the table. She turned her black eyes to him. "Where am I?" His heart would have stopped at that moment if he had one. "Um...Proffessor Kenspeckles labortory." "Where's Jack?" she asked sliding herself off. "Um... he's in the hall with the Proffessor." She nodded, looked at him one last time before dissappearing through the hall. She doesn't remember me.


Jack woke to voices but didn't open his eyes. He heard Sally's sweet tone. "I'm going to call the Mayor real quick. Are you going to be ok in here alone?" "Yes, I'll be fine." Skulduggerys voice replied. He heard the door close after a moment.

Jack opened his eyes to a bright light. He squinted and tryed to move. He yelled as the pain shot from his chest. SKulduggery was suddenly there, holding him down as he felt the painful sensation tighten and twist. "Don't move." said Skulduggery, "It's still healing, moving will take it longer and more unbearable." Jack began to calm himself. He looked over to his right at Skulduggery who had removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. "Thanks." It surprised him how weak he sounded. "Don't thank me."

Jack arched he place in his skull where an eyebrow would have been. "Why not?" "Cause it's my fault your in that position." "What are you talking about?" "Vengeous's men attacked you first. Cause of my presence, he was brought into the conflict."

"What are you saying? Skulduggery everything that has happened in the past couple of days, has been my fault. I called you when I wanted to know my death. Me being here, you being here is all my doing. Even Sally being your Samantha." Skulduggery lifted his head at her name. "I didn't know it was her," Jack continued, "but Skulduggery you have to understand me and believe me. I love Sally with all of my being and will do anything and everything for her. I don't exspect this to be easier for you but..."

"It's ok." Skulduggery said, "I've let go of her 400 years ago." That's when Sally walked in. "Jack." she breathed, "Your awake." She put her hand on his head, "How are you feeling?" "Better." "Jack you scared me." "Forgive me." "I know you were only thinking of me, but if it weren't for Skulduggery, you'd be dead." Jack took a peek over her shoulder to see Skulduggery waving at him.

Halloween Town...

Skulduggery and Valkyrie accompanied Jack back to Halloween Town after a couple more hours in the lab. Jack felt like his normal self again and was happy of it. Valkyrie had begged Skulduggery to go back so she could have her tour of the town. The Mayor happily excepted.

Sally walked up the spiral hill in the moonlit night. She stood there for a moment then heard footsteps come from behind her. She turned to see the skeleton with a trench coat and gangster fadora. He walked slowly up to her with his hands in his pockets. He stopped in front of her. "Jack told me about you." she said, "How you helped him find his identity and defeat Vengeous." He opened his mouth to say something but she put up a finger to silence him.

"He also told me about Samantha." He dipped his head. "I'm sorry I don't remember you or the love we shared. It is weird to know who my murderer was but now I know who avenged me." His hand slipped from his pocket to her face. His gloved fingers stroked her skin. "May I?" he asked. She nodded. His hand moved down to her neck and into her hair. He lifted her head to his and they shared a kiss.

Jack watched as Skulduggery and Sally parted. The other skeleton pulled down his hat and bid her goodnight, then walked down the hill. Once he was gone, Jack joined her at the top. From the corner of his eye he spotted Skulduggery. He could tell he was smiling. Then the writing Skulduggery wrote on Sallys headstone popped into his head,
May she find love in the next life and may he love her to the ends of time...

The End

Well well well that's it that's the end of Bone Cold Case.
I hoped you enjoyed it. I'd like to thank The Three Jacks and Bloodboy for the ideas they helped me with. Thank you to all my supporters and readers. You've been a great audiance. Smile Smile Oh! and make sure to check back to this story's comment page. I'm going to post something there soon. Smile Thank you once again.
*bows and leaves stage*

"That was fun." said valkyrie cheerfully. "Ya." answered Skulduggery. They walked in silence on the streets of Dublin. "Is it just me, or were we singing in Halloween Town?" The both looked at each other.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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