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Bone Cold Case

The Team

© HalloweensJack

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"Jack!" yelled Sally as she attacked him with a hug, "Are you ok?" Jack smiled, "Of course i'm alright. Why wouldn't I be?" She pulled back. "I don't know it just makes me nervous when you cross over to the real world alone." "Why?" "Well because of last Christmas...." "Sally, I swear that will never happen again." He tilted her chin up so that their eyes met, "I couldn't possibly abandon you." Sally smiled, "I know Jack, but I still can't help to think."

"Speaking of which," started Jack, "I need to go back." She had the worried look again that Jack absolutly hated to see on her, "Why?" "Well Mr. Pleasant seems to need me on his investigation." "But you can't go out in the day time as a walking skeleton." "Sally, Mr. Pleasant is just like me." Sally arched on eyebrow, "What do you mean?" "He's dead just like me." "What how is that possible?" Jack looked around the town square. "Can we speak somewhere a bit more privite?" Sally nodded and followed Jack to his home.

Once they were inside the questions continued. "So how is it possible?" Sally asked as Jack made his way up the staircase. "Well turns out his soul never left earth, never crossed over." Sally thought for a moment. "Maybe that's what happened to you." "Maybe..." Jack headed over to a black trunk and opened to sivler latches. Inside was a series of other trinketes and a black cob webbed box. Jack carefully lifted the box from its resting place and placed it on his desk. Sally was now standing by his side. "I thought that was only for emergencies?" said Sally. "Well... Mr. Pleasant said to come prepared." "Well why not borrow the reapers sife?" Jack stood up straighter, "Because, well don't tell him this, I like this better." He grinned as he opened the box to reveal the neon green soul robber.

Later that day....

Jack exited the tombstone at around 8:30 am. Jack was wearing the same attire as earlier that day and now waited at the iron gates of the Dublin Cemetary. A black Bentley pulled around the street corner and parked near the curb. Skulduggery Pleasant exited the vehicle. "Good Morning Mr. Skellington." he greeted. "Morning." Skulduggery walked up to where Jack stood. Skulduggery made a sound as to clear his throat, "Disregard the girl in the back seat. She tends to be a bit nosey. You know being trained by a detective such as myself and all." "I'll keep that in mind." "Well then," Skulduggery said briskly, "Shall we go then." Skulduggery turned on his heal and headed to the drivers seat of the Bentley.

Once Jack had seated himself in the passanger seat, a girls head popped out to his left. "Hello there." she smiled widely. "Hello." Jack gazed at the interior of the car. "Nice car." Jack commented. "You think so? Thank you. It's a precious little thing. 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental, one of only 208 ever made. It has a six cylinder, 4.5- liter engine and it's retrofitted with power locks." Jack mearly stared and nodded. "I know," began the girl, "He does this every time someone asks him or makes a comment." Skulduggery slowly turned his head in her direction. "I do not." "Hello! Do you see your self half the time?" Skulduggery began turning back onto the road.

"So what's your name?" She asked Jack. "My name is Jack Skellington. Yours ma'am?" "Valkyrie Cain. Hear that Skulduggery? He called me ma'am." "Your hardly a lady." "Ha ha." "So where are we headed?" asked Jack. "We are going to the Capital. To take a look at so9me goverment archieves."

Well the story is going and going
more to come enjoy Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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