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Bone Cold Case

Capital Brake In

© HalloweensJack

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Oogie looked down into the big hole. "You wait till Jack hears about this!" yelled the Ragdoll from down below. "Oh don't worry Doll Face. I'm sure he'll get the message soon." Oogie laughed evily. A door opened and Barrel ran up to him panting. "What did you find out?" asked Oogie. "We know who is accompanying Jack." "Who?" Barrel panted, "He goes by the name of Skulduggery Pleasant." "Does he now?" "That's not all. He too is a skeleton man." "What?! Two Bone heads?!" said Oogie surprised. "Yes Sir." Oogie thought for a moment then said, "Find me his rival and bring him to me..."


Jack watched as Skulduggery jumped onto Valkyrie's roof and knocked on her window. According to Kenspeckle they should be able to locate Jacks DNA with ease having took a few tests of thier own. Once Valkyrie had joined them once again, they took off back to the capital building. "How are we going to get in this time? Are thier vampires?" asked Valkyrie. "No my dear Valkyrie, there are no vampires this time." replied Skulduggery. "Good I hate those things." "And yes we'll be going through the roof." "Why not the door?" asked Jack. "Doors are for people with no imagination." Valkyrie smiled.

"But there is a catch." Skulduggery added, "It's witches instead of vampires." "Oh woopdee doo." mumbled Valkyrie. "Witches aren't all bad." said Jack almost offended. Skulduggery laughed, "Jack, your lucky all the good monsters live in your area. But here it's every man for himself." "Oh." "But no worries." "Skulduggery likes to look on the bright side of things." Valkyrie said to Jack, "It's true." she added quickly when Skulduggery leaned his head toward her. "Only cause your a child."

Skuldugggery pulled up in the capital parking lot. "Ok," said Skulduggery as he turned off the engine, "Everyone follow me and don't die." Valkyrie jumped out the back mumbling to herself how she never down before and Jack stepped out. "Jack can you jump up?" asked Skulduggery stopping in front of the brick wall. "Ya I can." "Good." he replied briskly and opened his gloved hands downward. A burst of air lifted him up and he lightly landed on top of the roof. Valkyrie following behind.

Jack lifted his sleeve and rolled it up to his elbow. The bright green glow of the soul robber gleaming in the dark. He aimed it upward at the edge, pulled back, and thrust himself into the sky. Jack landed quietly, his coat flowing out behind him. "Nice." commented Valkyrie. Skulduggery removed his glasses and lowered his scarf. He peered down to the floor below through a samll sun window. They were positioned just a little bit behind the front desk. Skulduggery dug out a tiny laser from inside the black bag. He pointed it downward at the glass and carefully cut a circle out, catching it before it fell.

"Me and Jack will go down first, ok. Oh and Valkyrie make sure I don't fall this time." Valkyrie scowled but nodded. Skulduggery dropped down first followed by Jack. Once Valkyrie joined them, they moved to the door at the end of the room.

Valkyrie heard a sound come from behind her. She looked but saw nothing. Skulduggery had began working on braking the lock on the door. Then she heard it again. "Skulduggery," she whispered, " What do witches look like?" "They have a beautiful one but that's when they're not angry." A blond stepped out from behind a pillar, she was wearing a long black robe. "Our witches are different." said Jack. "Skulduggery..." Valkyrie said hestitantly. He and Jack turned just before the witch attacked.

will be continued sooner then u think Smileb

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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