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Bone Cold Case


© HalloweensJack

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Skulduggery pulled Jack out of the way of the incoming witch. The witch swerved around returning to where she was previously standing. She flipped her hair back back and raised up her hand. Jack dived to his right avoiding the thunder bolt she had cast. He raised his head up to see Skulduggery click his fingers forming two fireballs. He hurled them at the witch but she mearly laughed as she glided out of its path. Valkyrie had, too began attacking the witch with fire.

As Jack gathered himself back to his feet, he saw a slight monement behind Skulduggery and Valkyrie. Jack looked to see another witch with long black hair. Jack took firm grip of his soul ribber and whipped his arm foward. "Soul Robber!" It wrapped itself around the witch, trapping her in green goo. She screamed out at him. "Thanks." said Skulduggery, "Careful though. They bite."

The black hair witch began to scream even more and louder. Her face began to shift and form, her eyes flooding with the color black and her teeth becoming sharper. The same was happening to the blond witch. Their faces and nails growing carrying out their wicked appearance. "Damn it." he heard Skulduggery say then the witch he had been holding slipped out. The witch made a high crackling laugh which sent chills down his spine. She held out her hands toward him and suddenly he was wrapped in steel chains. He crashed to the ground. With an evil grin, she made her way closer to him.

Suddenly Skulduggery was there. He dug through his coat and pulled out a six shot revolver and aimed it straight at her head. She stopped and hissed at him. "Skulduggery!!" yelled Valkyrie and she fell to her knees grasping her head. She began to scream in pain. Skulduggery reacted fast to her call, but Jack was faster. "Soul Robber!" and the blond was taken off her feetand thrown to the far side wall. Skulduggery hit the black haired witch with the end of the revolver and knelt next to Valkyrie.

Jack whipped around as the blond tryed to attack him. Her teeth getting as much as an inch away from him. Jack stood in his stance awaiting the next action. The witch started to cast another spell but was cut short when Jacks soul robber formed into a spiked ball colliding with her stomach. Jack whirled his head around and spotted Skulduggery working on the lock again. Valkyrie was laying still on the floor next to him.

Jack saw the black haired witch begin to stir. His position was directly in between the two. He quickly pulled off his hood and goggles, drew in a deep breath, and let out his banshee shriek. This had startled the witches for only a moment, which was all the time he needed. Jacks soul robber wrapped around the blonds waist and he leaned back on his heel. "I am the Pumpkin King!" and he gave out an evil laugh. The witch was taken off the ground, spun around, and thrown across at her campanion.

That's when he heard the click of the lock. "Come on!" Skulduggery urged. Now the witches were pissed off. Skulduggery had swooped up Valkyrie and Jack was right behind him heading into the hall of archives. Jack grasped the door handle and swung the door close just as the witches took one last dive at them, catching three of their fingers in the door cutting them clean off. Jack and Skulduggery sat there panting.

"Damn, you better have a good story behind your death. Otherwise, I'll never do that for you or anyone else again." said Skulduggery. Jack laughed weakly.

Ha Ha Ha! Action! Gota love it!
Next Chapter Coming Soon EnJoy! Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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