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The Princess and the Skeleton Prince

Demon of Fire

© Tifa, the Strange

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Once the opera of Hannibal was over, Tifa disappeared from the stage and went to a secret room, filled with candles. She lit only one candle and stayed there for a moment, then she heard a mysterious voice that said:

Brava, brava, bravissimo...

Since Sparda came looking for her, he found Tifa in that secret room, Sparda then spoke to his friend. "Tifa, Tifa." And she heard the voice again, calling out to her with awe:


Where in the world
have you been hiding?
Really, you were perfect!

I only wish
I knew your secret!
Who is your great tutor?

But Tifa was silent, staring at the lit candle. Sparda thought that she wanted to be alone so, he started to leave. But then he froze when Tifa spoke to him:

Someone once spoke of a demon,
I used to dream he'd appear,

Now as I sing I can sense him,
And I know he's here.

Here in this room he calls me softly,
Somewhere inside...hiding.

Somehow I know, he's always with me,
he's the unseen creature.

Tifa started to aproach Sparda with a dreamy look, staring of into space. He feared that his friend was imagining things in her mind, going from normal to mad((crazy).

Tifa you must have been dreaming,
Stories like this can't come true

Tifa you're talking in riddles,
And it's not like you!

They got out from the secret room to the back of the stage were the opera took place.

Demon of Fire,
Guide and Guardian,
Grant to me you glory!

Who is this Demon?

Demon of Fire,
Hide no longer,
secret and strange creature

He's with me even now

Your hands are cold

All around me

Your face, Tifa, it's white

It frightens me

Don't be frightened

They look at each other for a moment, Tifa looks worried, while Sparda gives her a smile, making her do the same. The moment is broken by the arrival of Emily.

"Monsieur Sparda. Were you given permission to meddle with the star's private time? If not, come with me, so you can go back to that Hotel that was construcked a few days ago." Emily said.

"Just a moment, please"


"Okay, I'm goin', I'm goin', see ya later Tifa"

"Yeah, you to Sparda" she said. Before long Emily escorted Tifa to her dressing room so she could rest for a while. "Tifa, I was asked to give you this." Emily hands Tifa a note, and exits her room. Tifa opens it and reads.

"A red scarf . . .
the attic . . .
Freaky Psycho . . ."


Many people from the opera house were making such noise outside from Tifa's dressing room, but some people were handing out flowers for the singer. James was in all that traffic, trying to find Tifa, but he stumbled himself with the new owners of the opera house.

"Ah, Monsieur Le Vicomte, I think we've made quite a discovery in Miss The Strange!" said Monsieur Firmin, while holding many red roses in his hands.

"Gentlemen, would you please tell me were Miss Tifa is?"

Monsieur Firmin indicated Tifa's dressing room to James. "Perhaps we could present her to you, dear Vicomte."

"If you wouldn't mind. This is one visit I should prefer to make unaccompanied." James said, when he saw the roses Firmin was holding he took them without thinking. "Thank you."

Monsieur Firmin looked confused. "They appear to have met before, Andre"

Sorry if this took a while to upload, I was really busy with the TV, blame the TV, not me ^_^.
Comments plz...

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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