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Jack Meets Michael Jackson

You Don't Belong Here

© Ms. Elphie

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Michael woke up the next morning to feel his face wet. He opened his sleepy eyes and saw Zero licking his face. "Zero!" Michael giggled as he sat up.
"Good morning!" Sally said as she walked in with a breakfast tray, "How did you sleep?"
"I slept great," Michael said, not telling her that he cried. Sally smiled.
"Would you like some coffee?" Sally asked.
"No thanks. Just some milk please," he said in a soft, child-like tone.
"OK." And then Sally ran to the kitchen. Michael slowly munched on his breakfast: toast and sausages. He didn't dare touch the sausages; he was a vegetarian. Sally then brought in his glass of milk.
"Thank you," Michael said as he took a sip.
"You're quite welcome. After breakfast, Jack and I are going into town. You want to come?"
"Sure!" Michael was excited. He really wanted to see the rest of the town.
Jack walked in then. "'Morning Michael!" he said.
"Good morning Jack," Michael said as he swallowed a large bite of toast; he really wanted to go to town.
"Michael! Slow down or you'll choke!" Sally cried, "The town's not going anywhere." Feeling embarrassed, Michael just took another sip of milk, hoping to hide his face, which was turning red by the second.
When they finally left the house, Michael looked in awe at everything around him. It was like his "Thriller" dream. He loved everything about. When Jack and Sally paid a visit to the mayor, Michael said he'd stay outside. After his first glimpse of the mayor upon his arrival, he had picked up a bad vibe. Jack didn't argue with him.
As he waited outside, the two withes that he saw yesterday saw him and began squealing like mad.
"Michael?" one squealed, "May we have your autograph?"
"Sure!" he exclaimed as he signed their hats. The witches giggled some more.
"Pictures?" they asked.
"Ok," he said with a smile. The witches took turns taking pictures with him. Then they stalked away, giggling some more. It was then that Michael spotted Lock, Shock, and Barrel. "Oh geez..." he thought to himself.
"Look! It's the white woman!" Lock snarled evilly.
Michael frowned. But then he broke into a wide grin. "You kids are so cute!" he giggled as he gave Lock a hug and kissed his forehead.
"Ew! Gross!" Lock sputtered as he wiped his forehead.
"Hi Michael," Shock said.
"Don't mind our brother," Barrel said, "He's always like this." He then handed Michael a lollipop.
"Thank you!" Michael exclaimed as he stuck it in his pocket; he loved candy.
"Why are you here?" Shock asked; she glared at Lock who had scoffed loudly.
"Jack and Sally are showing me around. They had to visit the mayor first," Michael said.
"Hey! Are you Michael Jackson?" Michael turned around and saw the Harlem monster.
"Why yes I am," Michael replied.
"Would it trouble you to dance for us?"
"Oh...uh...oh boy...I get so embarrassed!" Michael stuttered as he blushed again.
"Oh come on! It'll be fun!" the Harlem monster exclaimed, pulling out a boom box and a black fedora.
Michael smiled. "Oh...I guess ONE dance wouldn't hurt."
As they walked into the square, Lock spied Shock staring at Michael's ass.
"I think he's kinda cute," Shock said.
"For a pedophile," Lock cackled.
"Shut up," Shock snapped as she punched him in the face.
"When are you going to understand that he's not a child molester?" Barrel snapped. Lock just growled under his breath; he was still seething from when Michael kissed him.
A crowd had gathered as Michael danced and sang to "Billie Jean." Everybody was cheering and singing along. Jack and Sally were watching as well.
"Michael! Where did you learn to dance like that?" asked the corpse kid.
"I just comes naturally," Michael said as he gave the little boy a smile.
"That was fabulous Michael," Jack said as he clapped Michael on the back.
"Eh. What the hell. I'm only 50," Michael said. The crowd laughed.
"What is going on?" growled a voice. Everyone turned around and saw the mayor, looking angry.
"We were watching Michael dance," Jack said defensively.
"How dare you all let this man into my town. He is a dangerous child molester. He shouldn't be here."
Michael's eyes grew wide. His lower lip trembled. And then hot, angry, and miserable tear dribbled down into sobs. Sally embraced him in a hug as he began to sob.
"Mayor! How dare you! This wonderful man doesn't know where the hell he is and he's desperately trying to get back. And you're telling him that he's something he's not?!?" Jack shouted angrily. He stood next to Michael, putting a bony hand on his shoulder, as if protecting him.
"I'm telling what he IS!!!" the mayor roared. Michael looked up and wiped his nose. Shock ran to him and hugged his legs, followed closely by Barrel; Lock could've cared less. Michael looked down and patted their heads.
"Listen you," the mayor snapped, pointing a menacing finger at Michael, "You don't belong here." The crowd gasped.
"You son...of a mother bitch," Michael said, his voice trembling with rage.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH..." the crowd gasped. A few people even clapped.
"You'd better be gone by tomorrow," the mayor growled, "Or else there'll be trouble."
Michael sniffed again. "You don't scare me," he growled softly, "I've been called worse."
"I don't care," the mayor said coldly, "If you're not gone by tomorrow, you'll be better off dead." And then he stalked away.
Michael began to sob again. Now he was sure he'd never see his kids ever again. Frown

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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