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Jack Meets Michael Jackson


© Ms. Elphie

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Michael began thinking about the upcoming events. A dance-off? With the mayor? "There's no way that lamp-shaped moron could dance at all," Michael muttered to himself as he lit the fireplace. The mansion reminded him so much of the scene of his short film "Ghosts." It looked almost exactly identical!
But what would he perform? He finally made up his mind for "Thriller," "Threatened," and "Ghosts (and 2 Bad)." As soon as he could, he got the music and he started practicing. He rounded up several of the neighborhood zombies and began teaching the routines to them. It was much harder to teach real zombies to dance than it was people in zombie makeup. Try as they might, the zombies eventually had the routines down cold.
Despite the mayor's threats, Michael secretly invited the children of the town to visit his mansion. He showed them how to moonwalk and they played all day long. He missed playing with the unfortunate children at his lavish Neverland Ranch, because they didn't have a happy life. But just to play with some kids now was good enough for Michael. Shock returned everyday just like Michael said she could. Sometimes Barrel came too. But you wouldn't find Lock's sorry ass there. "I wouldn't go near that place with a ten-foot pole!" were Lock's exact words.
One day, Michael and the kids were playing hide-and-seek in the mansion. Michael was hiding behind the curtains and Shock was a mere two inches from him. Suddenly, his cell phone rang. "BUT IF YOU'RE THINKIN' 'BOUT MY BABY IT DON'T MATTER IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE!" the phone blared.
"Crap," Michael muttered.
"I found you!" Shock squealed in delight.
"Hold on. Let me take this call," Michael said as he left the room. The phone ID read "Paris." "Oh my god!" Michael cried. He immediately opened the phone. "Hello? Paris? Honey?"
"Daddy!" Michael gave a little gasp at the sound of his daughter's voice. "Oh my god! You're alive!"
"Paris! My baby! Are you all right? What about your brothers? Are they okay?"
"Daddy we're all fine! But everyone thinks you're dead!"
"Yeah! When you disappeared everyone thought you died and the whole world is in mourning!"
"Oh my lord..." Michael moaned.
"Yes Paris?"
"Where exactly are you?"
"I'm in Halloween Town!"
"What? Daddy, you've been watching 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' too much," Paris snickered on the other line.
"No! Paris I'm serious here! Halloween Town is a real place! There are zombies and witches and ghosts and skeletons! It's a real place!"
"But where can I find you?"
"Go to the graveyard and find the biggest tombstone. Open it up and walk in. I'll have Sally meet you there."
"You mean Sally the Ragdoll? The Sally?" Paris asked excitedly.
"The one and only," Michael giggled.
"Oh my gosh! When can we come see you?"
"Whenever you like!"
"Oh can't come 'til Friday, 'cause your 'funeral' is being held Wednesday. And we've got like two rehearsals tomorrow. And Thursday is the 'private funeral.'"
"Oh my god..." Michael groaned; this was getting a little out of hand. "Ok. Paris, honey. Put your brothers on the phone. I want to talk to them as well." So Paris put Prince and Blanket on the phone and they were just as excited to visit their father. "I miss you guys so much," Michael whimpered; he was starting to cry again.
"We miss you too, Dad," Prince said.
"Daddy, are you coming back soon?" little Blanket asked.
"You are going to see me in no time champ," Michael said softly. He could hear Paris sobbing softly in the background. "I'm putting you guys on speaker phone now. I wanna talk to all three of you."
"I love you daddy," Paris said.
"I love you too sweetheart. I love all three of you!" Michael whimpered, his tears rolling down his cheeks.
"Daddy, are you crying?" Blanket asked.
"Yes sweetheart, I am," Michael said.
"Why are you sad?"
"I'm sad because I miss you guys! And I want to get back home so badly!"
"But we're going to see you Friday!" Paris cried.
"That's right! Come at about 3:00. Your old man's putting on a little show!"
"Really? Cool!" Blanket exclaimed. Michael just wasn't going to tell them WHY he was going to dance for the entire town.
"Ok guys. I wish I could keep talking to you, but I have to go. And don't keep your grandma worrying. Tell her that I am fine and that you talked to me. I'll explain it all when I get back." "If I get back," he thought.
"Ok daddy. Bye! We love you!" Paris cried.
"Bye! Love you!" Prince and Blanket cried.
"Oh god I love you all. Bye!" Michael whimpered. And then they hung up.
"Michael! Who were you talking to?" the mummy child asked as he tugged on Michael's pant leg.
"I was talking to my children," he said as the other kids gathered around.
"You have kids?" Shock asked.
"Yep. Prince, Paris, and Blanket."
"Those are pretty names," Shock said.
"Thank you Shock! That means a lot to me!" Michael bent down and gave Shock a hug. She burst out into a fit of giggles. "Ok children. Run along now. Don't want to keep you folks waiting on you."
"Aaw. Do we have to?" the kids whined.
"Yes. Now go on. You can come back tomorrow."
"Ok. Bye Michael!" they cried as they ran out of the mansion, giggling and laughing.
Later that night, Michael called his children to wish them all goodnight. And to sooth them, he sang "Someone in the Dark" for them. He blew kisses and said his goodnight and goodbyes to them. And when he finally went to bed, he couldn't sleep, knowing that he would get to finally see his beloved children again. But another thing was running through his mind. "Now I HAVE to go back..."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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