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Jack Meets Michael Jackson

All for fun

© Ms. Elphie

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Michael was even more determined to get back to his kids. Which is why when he and the zombies and ghouls rehearsed, he really pushed them. "Come on! Let's go!" He shouted so much that he hardly had any voice to sing.

"Mike," one of the zombies said. "You've been really tense. Is everything all right." Michael sighed and shook his head.

"I'm sorry," he said. "It's just, I talked to my children the other day. They know that I'm alive and now they're coming to see me perform."

"Really? Congratulations!"

"Thanks. But I don't them to see me lose and look like a fool."

"Michael," the zombie said softly. "You won't make a fool of yourself. It's the mayor who's a fool. You will win this." With that, Michael gave the zombie a hug.

"Thank you so much," Michael mumbled.

"You're welcome, Mike," the zombie said as he awkwardly returned the hug, as he might fall apart if he hugged any tighter. Lol

Jack and Sally would check up on Michael every now and then to see how he was doing. The neighborhood kids were the ones most present besides the zombie dancers.

At one point during the day, Michael was playing a game with Shock, Barrel, and the other kids. He taught them the fun of water balloon wars and super soaker fights. "So, this is what you do for fun?" Barrel asked as he helped Michael fill up balloons.

"Oh yes," Michael gushed. "It's my favorite pastime when I'm not performing." Barrel nodded, understanding what Michael meant. It didn't take long for the kids to get the hang of the war; they just loved pelting each other with balloons and squirting each other with super soakers, mainly because they couldn't feel it. Unbeknownst to them, Lock was watching from a distance.

"I gotta admit," he thought. "That does look kinda fun. But I'm not playing anything with that creep. He'll shove his hand down my pants before I can yell 'Trick-or-Treat!' So Hell to that."

Jack so happened to stop by when the war was over. "Hey Michael. That war you guys were having looked pretty rad."

"Water wars never get old," Michael said as he dried his hair with a towel. "It's always fun."

"I'll say. Hey, I've got an update on the Mayor for ya."

"You do?" Michael perked up a bit. "What's he up to?"

"Well, he's recruited a few people to dance with him. I've seen him dance." Jack bit his lower lip (or jaw, whatever a skeleton has), trying not to laugh.

"What?" Michael asked.

"Well, let's just say he sucks. You've got this dance-off in the bag."

"I certainly hope so! I mean, I'm going to be performing almost every horror song I wrote!"

"And I'm sure they'll be terrifying." Both men laughed heartily.

"Hello!" Sally called as she walked over to them.

"Hey Sally," Michael said as he hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "How's my favorite Rag Doll?"

"I'm feeling lovely, thank you. What about you?"

"I'm okay. I just want this dance-off to be over with so I can go back home and see my kids again."

"When are they coming?" Sally asked.

"They're coming here to see me perform, remember?"

"Oh yes. Sorry. I'm going to meet them and bring 'em down."

"Right." Michael walked inside the mansion and Jack and Sally followed. "These are my costumes," he said as he opened up a closet. He revealed to them the iconic "Thriller" outfit, the mysterious white maestro jacket from "Ghosts," and some other costumes that could be classified as macabre.

"Wow, Michael," Sally said. "You really have a unique sense of style."

"Thank you, Sally dear," Michael said. "And Jack, I think you'd look good in a fedora." Michael pulled out one of his black fedoras and plopped it on Jack's head. Jack snickered as he looked at himself in a cracked mirror.

"I look fly," he said.

"Super gangsta!" Michael exclaimed.

"Michael, I can't wait to see you perform," Sally said.

"I can't wait either. God, I miss performing. I should've done This Is It a long time ago. I think I may be too old for it."

"Michael, you're not too old for performing," Jack said as he spun around and began imitating Michael's dance moves. "I mean, look at me! I'm about 180 years old and look how young I am!" Michael laughed and clapped Jack on the back.

Lock watched the three of them through a dusty window. "Wow," he said. "This guy is such a good actor. He's convinced Jack and Sally that he's a good guy! Not on my watch! I still hate that weirdo." Lock skulked away, feeling more pissed than ever.

When Michael went to bed that night, he still tossed and turned in his sleep. He kept dreaming of his children and living back in Neverland. And the, all of a sudden, an image of Tom Sneddon appeared in his head, on the body of the mayor, laughing like a maniac (Tom Sneddon is the District Attorney who aggressively tried to take Michael down and prove him guilty in 1993; fortunately he didn't and remained a cold man). Michael woke up screaming and with a cold sweat. When he realized it was a nightmare, Michael curled up into a ball and cried. He didn't want to be here any more than he had to; he wanted out NOW!

here's what Tom Sneddon looks like scary isn't it?

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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