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Love and Care of a live and dead sister edited

© jean izz gloomy

ok ok i needed a few adjustment so i did make a few moredetail,paragraphs and ect. but its still the same charecters,dialog and the other stuff. i needed to adjust so i did
WERE LIKE TWO PEAS IN A POD...YOU GUYS GOT ALONG SOOOOOO WELL...IT MAKES ME WANNA CRY!!!!"Muffy seid.Muffy was one of Hexes best friends.they knew eachother since 1st grade.the first day of school when she just moved from Cannada.Helana did not pay attention to Muffy at all because she always acted so dramatic about everything."it's getting late...i gotta go home...later.""HAY! cant leave me...Lock and Barrel might atack me...AGAIN!"Muffy sheaked looking around.Helana stoped half way down Spiral hill and then kept going."....FINE...BE THAT WAY...EAT YOUR PIZZA!"

After a long walk eventualy Helana got home and walked home to a warm welcome from her all loving parents Jack and Sally."Hay sweet girl how was your day at school?"Sally asked enthusiasticaly."I'v had better days...but then again the the science teacher's frogs got lose and then my languige teacher found them and she hates frogs so we all knew she found them by her screaming...realy,realy loud...bye."Helana was about to go upstairs untill her father stoped her."hold on there you need to get ready for dinner its almost ready.""ok now can i go...please?"Jack nodded and she ran upstairs.
Helana made it to her room and turnd on her stario and the Hamster Dance was on.listening to that song always made her sad because Hex would dance to that song with her."I remember that song..."Helana turned around to see that her father was in the door way smiling."you and your sister would turn that up realy loud and dance to it and...""it would drive you crazy i know."Jack frowned seeing Helana upset and seid"Helana i know you miss Hex so why dont you visit her grave after dinner.""ok i will"Jack kissed her on the fore head and left.Helana layed on her floor thinking about the good old days... swimming in the old lake in the summer,blowing bubbles on spiral hill in the spring,playing with glow sticks at night in the back yard,prancing,dancing,and singing in the rain when they were realy happy about something thoes were the times before she died from a horrable disease.Helana lived but Hex didnt first few days she was miserable but about a week later she was found without movement in her bed.the only one that was as devestated as Helana was Lock.Lock was hert pretty bad.ever since he never played a single prank.

"Helana..."Helana woke up from her day dreaming after she herd her mother."Yes mam"helana always hated saying that."time for dinner""ok."Helana ran down stairs and sat at the table.for dinner was snake n' spider stew and rosted newt salad and Helana hated that stuff."ok dear eat up"Helana staird at her food and saw Zero beging for food."are you sure you want this?"Zero fliped and barked "ok boy you asked for it you can suffer from it"Helana pured her stew in Zero's bowl and ate her salad...wich she hated eating."ok im going to the grave yard then Spiral hill so ill be home later"no one anserd so she just left.she walked through gate and walked on the side walk and was not realy paying atention and ran into Pink."hay there Helana whats going on with you?""nothin im just off to the cemitary then spiral hill...""coo...mind if i join you...i realy want to visit Hex's grave but not alone.""ok i dont care"

So they walked to the grave yard and sat on the bench and saw Lock."hay whats Lock doing here...?"" he must realy have it for if you cetch my drift Hex to visit her grave...*gasp* he's coming this way! HIDE!"they hid behind a bush and lisend to him wisper his plans wile he was walking."soon enogh my sweet Hex soon you will come back and we will finaly be together...PEMINATLY..."Lock walked away and Helana and Pink got out of the bushes to strech and talk about Lock's so cald plans."oh my God...Helana...what did he mean by Hex come back and be together perminatly?""....I...Dont...Know...but im scared about that you think he is able to bring Hex back...Pink?"Pink did not anser but just looked scared of what probly would happen."Pink?...PINK!?!?!?""huh? oh,uhh sorry what""what do you think is going to happen""I-I-I...I dont know but if anything we have to prevent this from happening...QUIKLY!"Pink ran one way wile Helana ran home.

Helana got home to find the doors locked."MOMMY DADDY OPEN THE DOORS NOW!"Helana kept on banging on the doors and non of them opend Helana was so scared that she started to cry hard and started screaming"DADDY MOMMY PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR NOW!"Helana started to panic and ran tord a window and lucky one was unlocked.Helana climbed into the kitchen and found Jack and Sally tied up on the floor with there mouths taped together so the would not talk.Helana riped off the tape so they can tell her what happend or whats going on."mommy daddy tell me what hapend""oh,Helana..."Jack gasped for air and started again"Lock Shock And Barrel did this and took my spell book...the one that can bring people or anything that was once alive you know about any of this?"Helana did not anser and ran off after lock shock and barrel.

She ran through the grave yard,through the pumkin patch and finaly made it to the tree house.Helana could here Lock and Barrel chanting and could barely here Shock saying the spell.Helana crawled down the side and yelled out"STOP THIS INSTANT AND...whats going on?!?!?!"the room started to shake and started to glow a green color were the spell was taking place"WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!?"a huge smile came apon Locks face"YES SHE IS COMING BACK...SOON WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOR ALL ETERNITY!""I DONT THINK SO!"Helana did what she always wanted to do she kicked his butux...realy bad."Shock stop this maddness now!""sorry its to late...I-I-I-I...cant stop this..."Helana turned around an saw her sister's out fit flouting and saw what she thought she would never see ever again...Hex'es head apeard and then her neck,shoulders and arms,and her stomach,legs and then her whole body was visable and then Hex fell to the floor and layed there for a wile.Helana went to help her and then Hex'es eyes opend and she sat up."Hex i-i-i-is that realy you!?!?!?!?"Hex smiled and seid"The one and only Hex Sally Skellington."Helana was so happy and exsited she began to shed tears of joy."oh,Hex its realy YOU! im so happy its you!"Helana huged Hex'es legs like she use to.Hex laghed and seid"Boy,am i tired...can't wait to get home...and i realy missed Mom and Dad...i hope they are happy to see me...same with Zero."Helana laghed as well from what she seid and they went home.

On the way home it began to rain and Hex and Helana started to prance and play in the rain like they always did when they were this happy and they got home and Jack and Sally were supprised seeing there daughter that was once dead alive and well again.Sally Was thinking her eyes were deciveing her but she touched her arms and face and she broke into a smile and jack smiled as well and Hex broke all the silence by saying in tears"mommy...daddy...i'm home..."everyone in the Skellington mannor started to cheer and shed joyful tears from seeing Hex.two or three hours later Hex cleaned herself up and changed her cloths and went to sleep.

The next day Helana and Hex ran into Muffy and Pink."OH MY GOD!!! MY BESTEST BUDDY IS ALIVE AGAIN!!!IM NO LONGER SAD ANY MORE!"Muffy seid happily."OH MY GOD HEX IS BACK TO LIFE AND IS BETTA THEN EVA!"gost and guls turnd to see that the heir to the throne is alive and well again."wow people realy missed me?"Muffy,Pink,and Helana looked suprised from what she seid"oh,Hex of corse we all missed you"Muffy seid"yeah we all love and care about you"replied Pink.Helana Just huged her legs to show that she cared.Hex smiled and looked out to the distance and saw Lock walking to the grave yard and Hex pushed through the Crowd of the town people and followed him.

Hex found Lock sitting on top of a tomb stone elbows on his knees cupping his head in his hands mumbling to himself"Hex will probly never be able to forgive we will never be with me now..."Hex sneeked up behind him and seid"Hay dont be so hard on yourself and how do you know if im gonna say yes or not hmm?"Lock turnd and then smiled at her"what do you mean by that?"Hex and pulled something that no one would exspect from her.she got a bit closer to him and kissed him and Lock was suprised but surenderd to the kiss and Muffy and Pink were wathing and out of the blue Muffy and Pink seid"AWWWWW...thats so sweet and romantic"Hex blushed and stuterd"w-w-w-ware did you guys come from?!?!?""blame our parents Hex"Exclamed Muffy."im gonna get you two for sneaking up on us like that!""AHHHHHHHHH!"both of them exclamed and Lock was left alone so happy and fanted.

later on Hex went home and changed cloths and was about to go to sleep untill her sister came in and seid"so you kissed Lock hmm?"Hex blushed and hit Helana with a pillow"hay"Hex smiled"hay is for horses"Helana smiled and walked tord Hex"Im glad your home...I missed you"Hex was touched and seid "im glad im home too and i missed you too."the two huged and Helana seid"I love you and I always will"Hex let Helana go and turned and seid softly"I love you too"
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