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The Nightmare of Pandora Lockheart

© Zero1996

it's Pandora's sixteenth birthday and also it's halloween. In a school filled with preps Pan is the only "goth". getting in trouble is the least of her problems when she gets sucked into her favorite movie TNBC (didn't feel likr writing it all and you all know what it is.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I awoke to a soft black cat in my face, Midnight. The cat i had saved from starvation seven years ago on the day my parents died. I grabed her by the scruff of her neck an dsat up. She mewed as I stretched. "What you hungry? Fine hold your jets." I shifted so my legs hung off the bed and put my face in my hands. Today was one of my favorite days Holloween it also happened to be my sixteenth birthday.
I got up and looked around it was about six o'clock according to my Jack clock. this was my favorite time of day or night whatever you wanteed to call it. Midnight mewed again.
"Okay. okay I'm going." I walked out my bedroom door and out in to the hallway. I imediatly caught the smell of bacon and eggs. I ran to the stairs and slid down the railing. I headed towards the kitchen. I wasn't suprised to see Aunt Kim making breakfast.
"Hey Pandora want soem breakfast?" She didn't even need to turn around to know that i was there.
""Kim it's Pan not Pandora." I said reminding her of my not-so-cool name.
"Oh sorry i forgot." Kim had that yeah-okay-I'm-sorry look in her eyes.
When my parents died I came to live with Aunt Kim. She isn't really my Aunt, but she was really close to my mom so i call her Aunt. She is cool, calm, and everything i remember my mother being. Kim does her best to raise me right, she does a good job at it too. although i still miss my real parents.
"Pan, would you feed Midnight?" She made it a point that she said Pan. I nodded in response.
Midnight purred and nudged my leg as I began to feed her, that was her usual deal. After i had feed my pain-in-the-neck cat i ran upstairs to get dressed.
I opened my dresser drawer and puller out my black and white tank top, my black long-sleeve halfshirt to go over that, my favorite skirt, also black, my black stockings, and my two favorite belts. This was what i was going to wear on my birthday.
I walked over to my desk, grabed a box and my brush and brought it over to the mirror in my dark room.
I stared in the mirror at my pale face. I put the box down and began pulling my brush through my jet black hair.Now that i had calmed the beast, I reached for my box. I brought it over and sat on my bed. As I opened my box i sighed.
Good still safe
Inside the box was a locket my mother had given me on the day her and my father died. I lifted it out of the box and set the box beside me on the bed. As i opened my locket, I saw the shining faces of my parents. I felt a rush of sadness wash over me and then the threat of tears. I pushed them back along with the sadness an dinto their jail cell. This was the only way i could keep strong.
"Hi Mom hi Dad." I said to my locket, but of course there was no reply. I sighed again and walked toward my mirror. I closed the locket and tried to put it on.
I steped back to look at my apperance. Midnight came through the door and jumped on my bed. "Well, what do you think?" I looked at her arms stretched out. She mewed in approval.
Such a loyal pet.
Midnight jumped from the bed and ran off. Within seconds she was back woth my Bat Bag. She walked over to me and dropped it at my feet, mewing. I patted her on the head as a thanks an dturned back to the mirror. I flashed a smile to check my teeth. My canines of "vampire fangs" as i so often called them were bigger which ment either the food was realdy or i was hungry. I glanced at the clock 7:15.
Damn (thought)
I had about five minutes before the bus came. I grabed my Bat Bag and shoved my make-up into it.
I ran down the hall and road the railing down the stairs, Kim was at the bottom just about to call for me.
"How do you do that?" She asked me. I showed her my teeth. They were sharper now, Kim loooked at me. "Is your vampire signal tingling?" She kidded, I laughed as I walked into the kitchen. I headed for the fridge then changed my mind and headed for the bacon and bit into it. It made my mouth water. There was a honk,
Oh damn it the bus
I ran outside with bacon in my mouth to the bus. My day was about to start an dso far it hadn't been very good.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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