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The Nightmare of Pandora Lockheart


© Zero1996

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

As i walked into Prepville High, as I called it, I met up with my friend Katt Wallace.
Katt is about my age and a little sharter. We have been friends ever since kindergarden when i decked a kid for trying to steal her juice box. I f someone messes with her they mess with me.
"Hey, Pan!" Shouted Katt.
"Hey Katt s'up?" I looked at her she was dressed in faded bell bottom pants and the Jack Skellington shirt i had gottten her last christmas.
"Happy Birthday Pan!" She shouted again. She spread her arms for a hug in which i gave her one."How do you feel?"
"Well i still feel like a freak, but im not complaining." I said laughing. We both stoped as we saw Travis Roberts walking our way.
"Wow, congratulations Goth Freak, you finaly realized how much of a freak you are." He said laughing a bit.
"Well, at least im not so self centered I can't tell how much of an arrogant ass I am." I snarled. I could feel my muscules tense.
"Bite me Goth Freak!" He turned around and walked away. I headed towards him, but Katt stoped me.
"I would be happy to oblige." I broke free from Katt and headed toward my locker.
I opened my locker and looked at all my juck. There were NIghtmare Before Christmas magnets that i had made myself to hold up pictures of Katt and I, among those were hand drawns of Jack, Sally, the Mayor, and Zero. I reached in my bag and pulled out a picture of Midnight, I also grabed a hand drawn picture of me in Halloween Town.
"Wow Pan, thats good." I glanced over at Katt and inside her locker. Katt had a bunch of girly things inside it, like a mirror, a brush, and a bunch of books covered with pink book covers.
"Thanks Katt." I said shuting my locker. I started to walk toward my first period class which was study hal., You may be thinking lucky you, but unfortunatly i have the worst teacher ever, Mrs. Birdwell. Although we call her Mrs. B for short, also it poses as another name that i think you cane figure out on your own.
"Wait Pan!" Said Katt catching up to me. She had an object in her hand, it was my black Ipod I let her barrow it last night.
"Thank God, Katt." I hugged her and walked into my class room after the bell.
"Late again Miss Lockheart." Mrs. B said as i walked in and sat down. I slunk down in my chair and put in my ear phones making sure my hair was over my ears so that no one could see them.
The announcments came on and I shut out Mr. Kirby, by listening to a rousing chorus of (no not the doom song) Kidnap the Sandy Claws! Then at one of the pauses I heard,
"A happy birthday and Halloween to Pandora Lockheart.
There were stares and snickers from all hte preps, which was about everyone, yes ir I failed to mention i am the only "Goth" in a prep filled school im sorry it's embarrassing. Anyway after that the class went smoothly.
The bell to end first period rang and i rushed to the bathroom to put on my make-up. As i waled in I overheard two of the cheer leaders gossiping. I only caugth some parts , thank god.
"Oh my gosh he's so hot."
"I know right?"
I rolled my eyes as i applied my black lipstick. The blond cheerleader turned to me.
"LIke your Halloween costume." I was use to this, i tried to think of a good come back.
"Really? LIke yours better." Okay it wasn't the best in the world, but it sure stumped them.
"Yeah. WHatever Goth Freak." NOw i was heated, I made sure they had left and nobody was in the stalls, before i screamed,
I walked back out and headed to second period, Gym. Katt caught up to me in the hall. She could imediatly tell that something was wrong.
"S'up Pan?" She looked at me with concern.
"Oh nothing just another day in Prepville." I said faking a smile.
"Oh Pan i almost forgot." she said reaching in her bag that she carried around. She pulled ou ta package with black wrapping paper. I looked at her questionatly "Party City." She shrugged."Open it girl I want to see your face."
"Okay okay." I ripped open the wrapping paper an dto my suprise what was inside was the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD. I let out a breath that i didn' know i had been holding.
"Well?" She asked.
"I love it Katt, thank you so much!!" I hugged here than sprinted towards the Gym.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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