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The Nightmare of Pandora Lockheart


© Zero1996

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Okay folks it's finaly done, enjoy and coment a ton Grin

Today was the day we had to play Tennis in gym. I'm not bad at it but i'm not good at it either. I'm more of the runnin type.
As I walked out of the locker room in my black shorts and black Flash shirt I heard the other girls laughing, I rolled my eyes as I passed them.
"Hey Goth Freak you gonna fall on your face again!?" One of the girls stated.
Just ignore them Pan, I thought to myself.
Finaly class started and I could get on with showing them up, and NOT falling on my face.
My opponant was Jenny Parker and the score was 15-none, bet you can guess who had none. Yeah me.
The ball flew up and I could have swarm that it was in the shape of a vampire bat. When I finlay realized that it was a ball it had come down and hitten me right between my eyes. I fell to the ground, I felt my head, Owwww!
"Lockheart! I told you to keep your eyes on the ball not your face!" said Mr.Larry our gym teacher. There was an uproar of laughter. I felt my face turn red. I got up, dusted myself off and headed for the nurses office.
She gave me an ice pack and told me to go back to class. Not the most nurturing person in the world, but hey what can I do?
As inwas returning from he nurse I saw Katt,but not ony her I also saw Travis Roberts he was pushing her into the lockers. I saw the look on her face, pure shock, pain, and anger mixed around with some tears.
Nobody does hat to my best friend and gets away with it.
I started running down the hall. My shoes were silent inwhich I was lucky. As I got closer I could hear his theats, and Katts tears kept coming. I got behind him and tapped him on his shoulder.
"What do you want can't you see that I'm very bu-oh it's you Goth Girl." He snickered. As he turned around.
"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" I said as my fists clenched.
"Fine but...." He began, but he didn't finish becaue my fist went sailing through the air and hit him in the nose full blast. I heard a crack as he held his now Brocken nose. I looked over at Katt who was drying her tears. I looked at Travis who was raged. He tried to punch me, but I dropped to the ground and swiped his feet from under him. He fell then slowly made his way back up until I kicked him in his family jewels. That made him drop like a sack of bugs. Wink I heard the air rush out of him. I grabed Katts arm and threw him my ice pack.
"Have some ice for that burn!" Said Katt.
I laughed, but then the bell rang. I looked to Katt who looked at me. Then I took off toward the gym dodging poeple as I ran.
I could care less it I got in trouble, I just wanted to get out of my gym clothes and get my iPod.
After getting changed I rushed out into the hall, I saw people gossiping and then I saw why.
Travis was still in the spot that I had left him. I tried to duck his eyes, but he saw me. He lifted his finger and pointed at me. I noticed now that the Principal, Vice Principal, and Nurse were with him. They all turned to me, I quickly spun around and headed the other way.
I made my way around the school, taking the long way, yo dodge Travis and the others.
Finaly I made it to my class and sliped into my seat,safe. I put my earphones back in as the anouncments went on.
I stood up grabed my crap and walked out of the room ignoring the snickers and stares.
I opened the door to the Principals office and guess who was sitting there, Travis. His nose was black and blue, probably broken, his eye matched in color. I guess I had done more damage than I thought. He was also sitting funny, probably on account of how hard I had kicked him in his family jewels. Still, he looked like he had been ran over by a truck.
As I sat down he smiled, in response I flashed my fangs, he flinched and the smile went away.
"Thats enough Pandora." Said Mr.Kirby.
"Its Pan." I mumbled.
"Did you do this to Travis?"
"Well...yes." I said looking at Travis.
"He was being, well lack of a better word, mean to Katt. And nobody messes with my best friend" I looked at him "Nobody!"
"Do you have any proof?"
"Well...why don't you ask Katt." I said folding my arms.
He walked over to the phone and called for Katt.
Why couldn't you have done that for me?!
Once Katt waked in I could see what Travis had done. Katt had bruises up the ying yang. As She sat down next to me she flinchedat the new pain.
"Well you testimony seems to have been proved true. Although you acted out of proportion to the matter. If you had come to tme this wouldn't be the case." He looked at Travis." Detention for a week. For all of you.Oh and Pandora, Happy Birthday."
That set me over and above the edge, so I got up and walked out.

Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter. There's something special bout it. The next one is almost done so hang tight.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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