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The Nightmare of Pandora Lockheart

Encounter with a new friend.

© Zero1996

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

When I awoke I found myself surrounded by pumpkins.
“What the hell?” I started to stand up only to rip my black stockings.”Damn it!!” I yelled. I kicked one of the pumpkins that went rolling down the hill, I just noticed was there.
I looked around, where was I? How did I get here? About two feet away was my bat bag, I picked it up and sat on a pumpkin.
I opened my locket, “Hi Mom, Dad, I miss you guys. I wish that I knew what to do.” I felt the tears in my eyes. Since I was alone I let them run. This was okay. I would let them run for now. I shut my locket and held it to my chest.
I heard a twig snap and I jolted up from my sitting position on the pumpkin.
“Why are you crying?” Came a soft male voice. I wiped my eyes quickly.
“IM NOT!” I snapped at the unfamiliar voice.
“Well you were.” Came the voice again.
“Enough! Show yourself!” I yelled
From behind a gravestone came a boy. He was, well for lack of a better word, beautiful. His eyes were red and he had shaggy black hair. He was wearing black worn jeans, combat boots, and a nice black button up shirt. The word wow escaped my mouth.
“What?” As he spoke I could see pointed fangs protruding from his gums. He seemed nice enough.
“Huh? Oh I wasn’t expecting…” I tried to think of a word.
“Someone like me?” he sighed.
“No that’s not what I me-are you a vampire?” I was shocked at what I had said.
“Well yeah aren’t you? You must be because the human alarm didn’t go off?” His sullen eyes sparkled in the light of the moon.
“Human alarm” I said questionably. If there was an alarm it was clearly broken because I was human, unless, no that was impossible!
“Yeah this town has a human alarm now, since humans wander in here all the time.” He said walking towards me.
“Oh well it must be broken, either that or you’re kidding me because I’m human.” I gave a nervous laugh.
“You’re right I am kidding you. This town doesn’t have a human alarm, but I do.” He walked closer to me. I could clearly see now that his fangs were real.
“Ahuh and what is it saying?” I Asked.
“Says you’re a vampire, show me your teeth.” He said. He was close enough now that I could smell him. He smelled like roses…and blood, one of the sweetest smells ever, I thought, when mixed.
“Well fine, but it’s not nice to make accusations.” I said showing him my teeth. Against my defense, they were big and sharp only a little smaller than his. I was beginning to get hungry.
“Ahuh, I was right, you’re a vampire, but somehow you’re only half.” He smiled, and chills went flying down my spine.
“Really,” I asked intrigued” By the way I didn’t catch your name.”
“Devin, my name is Devin, what’s yours?” He smiled again and his eyes sparkled,
“My name is Pandora, but I prefer Pan.” I said holding out my hand to shake.
“Well Pan you just make your first vampiric companion.” He grabbed my hand and my heart fluttered. NO! I was NOT falling for some GUY I just met. It must be his spell, I had read about it in a book once. “You may not want to believe everything you read in books, you’ll find out most of it is false.” He said calmly. I pulled away shocked.”
“What are you talking about?! Did you read my mind?!” I said stunned.
“Well yeah the end part anyway.” He shrugged like it was no big deal. I sighed.
A cold gust of wind blew and I shivered.
“You cold?” He asked
“A little.”
“Come on let’s get you some better cloths and a warm place to stay.” I nodded.
“Sounds good.” He took my hand and we walked off in some direction.

So people what do you think? what will happen to Pan? What is the deal with Devin and Where are my Tacos!!! im just kidding *crickets chirp* sigh everybodys a critick. well i just got to wait until it stops pending then i can get on with writing till then hang tight. Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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