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The Nightmare of Pandora Lockheart

Halloween Town

© Zero1996

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

"Close your eyes." Said Devin holding the hand that wasn't occupied by my own to my face. I did as he said.
" You better not run me into a tree." I said teasing. He laughed a bit.
"Now i'm tempted, don't worry your safe in my hands."
We walked and walked all over the place. I had no idea where i was and where he was taking me.
You all know that little voice right? The one thats really annoying and you want to pummel it until it shuts up, the one that nags and tells you what your doing wrong? Yeah you know the one. Well that voice folks was telling me to run and scream. In which I told it in return to shut up BEFORE i pummeled it. Grin
"Okay, open them." He didn't let go of my hand, which was getting hot and sweaty, but i opened them.
"Holy..." I said in awe,"This is.."
"Halloween Town?" Said Devin finishing my sentence. Devin let go of my hand and started walking towards the fountain.
"Amazing I never dreamed that i would actually come here." This was amazing, it was the actual Halloween Town that Jack Skellington lived in. "wait isn't today Halloween?" I asked catching up to him.
"Yep, we had our "party" this morning" He laughed, i guessed something funny had happened.
"Oh..." I sighed
We came to a house and he opened the door. He gestured to come in, I hesitated , that is until he grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.
Inside the house were 4 vampires I recognized them immediately as the vampire brothers.
"Hi Uncle Tomas, Uncle Henry, Uncle Bill, and you too Uncle Tim." He said without letting go of my hand.
"Hello Devin!" they all said it in perfect unison that it was scary.
"Have you seen Snow?"Asked Devin.
"She's up in her room. Don't be gone long dinners almost ready." Said the tall one who i believed to be Tomas.
"C'mon Pan." He said pulling me up the stairs and up to a door that had a sign on it that said "Snow's room"
"Your sister?" I asked looking at Devin. He nodded and proceeded to knocking on the door.
"What!" I heard a voice call.
"It's Devin and Guest." He said bravely. The door opened to reveal a girl with snow white hair, a pink shirt, and a black skirt. She looked like a vampire, but it was hard to tell with all that make-up on.
"Well, well, well who's this Devin? She smiled and i could see pearly white teeth.
"A friend. Her name is Pan. Hey sis do you have any cloths she can have while i ask Sally to fix these up?" Said Devin pointing to my ripped cloths.
Snow looked me over twice, crossed her arms and spoke. " I think I may have something of your liking, come with me." I looked to Devin who nodded then i let go of his hand and walked into the room.
Snow's room was white and pink. I couldn't imagine that she had that i would like.
"Hmm. I have some cloths that I've grown out of that you would like, hold on let me find the bag." She rummaged through her closet and took out a black garbage bag." Here pick something out or take the whole thing, I don't care"
I picked out a gray shirt and a white and black skirt first, then after looking some more, i found a black jacket it was perfect. i held it up.
"Try them on." Said Snow. i looked around, she pointed to her closet." there's a light switch to the left.
I walked into the closet and turned on the light. I took off my boots that were in fairly bad shape. Then my black stocking, with the big damn whole i had created earlier when i stood up. After i had gotten undressed i began to put on my new cloths. They fit like a glove. I walked out with my old cloths in hand and Snow smiled.
"You look wonderful Pan.' I looked around the room.
"Where's Devin?" She smiled more.
"Outside the door." Snow walked over to the door and opened it. Devin was sitting on the floor opposite the door. He got up and looked at me.
"Much better. I'll have Sally fix your old ones." I handed him my old clothes. He smiled and I melted, I hoped he wasn't reading my thoughts again.
"Dinnertime!!" came a call from downstairs.
"Finally!! I'm starving." said Snow, who pushed past us. I noticed now that Devin had my bag. He handed it to me and we descended the stairs.

Okay people that was the 7th chapter and i still don't have my freaking Taco!! just kidding i don't even like Taco's anyway more to come.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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