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The Nightmare of Pandora Lockheart

Dinner with the Bros.

© Zero1996

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Wow it’s been a really long time since I uploaded this story but weirdly enough at this point in time both have the same number of chapters ^.^ well enjoy.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs smells immediately started to infiltrate my nose, Spices, sauces, and steak. Although one smell that had always surrounded these other smells was missing. Garlic: the smell that vampires can’t stand was missing.
“Pan, you coming?” Devin was standing in the doorway for the dining room looking oddly worried.
“Yep” I quickly walked over to him. The smells were getting stronger. What had the vampire brothers made?
As we entered the room I had an even better question in mind, what hadn’t the vampire brothers made. There was tomato soup, spaghetti, Alfredo and regular pasta sauce, meatballs, mashed potatoes, a whole turkey, gravy, steak, fruit, and a whole bunch more. It was like Christmas and Thanksgiving wrapped into one.
Devin brought me over to a chair and pulled it out for me. I gave him a smile and sat down. He didn’t sit next to me like I had thought he would, but instead sat across from me on the opposite side of the table.
“I wouldn’t be able to see your beautiful face if I had sat next to you.” Devin smiled and it filled my stomach with butterflies. I was becoming a noodle brain.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw snow take her seat, and then one by one the vampire brothers entered and filled in the rest of the seats except for one. The head of the table was empty, was there another guest coming?
“Now, before our final guest arrives I want to make a statement.” The vampire brother named Tomas stood and everyone’s eyes were on him. “I want to thank Devin’s new friend….uh”
“Uh yes, Pan, for joining us at our Halloween Banquet,” I smiled at Tomas as he took his seat once again.
A Halloween Banquet? Holiday dinner? Hm, I guess that made sense, and explained and the food. I could feel Devin stare; I hope he’s not reading my mind. Just as I was about ask what he was looking at when I heard a blood curdling scream. I almost jumped out of my chair. My heart was racing.
“What was THAT?” my voice was filled with anxiety.
“That was the doorbell of course; Snow could you get that please?” Snow nodded and walked to the door. That was the doorbell? I’d hate to hear the phone.
“Happy Halloween, everybody!” that voice, so familiar, but who… standing seven feet tall in the door way was the Pumpkin King himself Jack Skellington.
As Jack took the head seat I could barely breathe. Then he caught my gaze and my breathing pretty much stopped.
“And who is this young maiden? Surely she doesn’t live here or I would have seen her before.” Surprisingly Jack wasn’t mad. I guess newcomers weren’t as rare as I would have thought.
“I –I’m Pandora, but I prefer the name Pan.” I stuttered.
“Well Pan, Welcome to Halloween Town, I hope you have a terrible time.” It was hard to hold in my laughter, at home people would have been offended at Jacks last comment, but here it was normal.
. . .
Tomas began dishing out everyone’s food and I couldn’t help but hum “This is Halloween” to myself while I ate.
“So Pan what brings you to our town?” Said the smallest of the Vampires; Tim.
I looked at Devin wide eyed. What was I suppose to tell them; that I had fallen through a video case into a real live Halloween Town? I don’t think so!
“She’s visiting family?” Devin covered for me. I only nodded.
“We don’t see very many other vampire families. What did you say your last name was?” Jack stared at me with his empty eye sockets.
“I didn’t it’s…” The doorbell screamed again. I had really been saved by the bell.
“Now, who could that be?” Tomas said standing up. The doorbell screamed again. Whoever was on the other side of the door was surely impatient. The rest of the vampire brothers followed silently.
“Jack! Jack we have a big problem with the plans for next Halloween!’ The Mayor, who really doesn’t seem to have a name other than Mayor, came running or rather waddling into the room with his sad face on.
“What’s the problem Mayor?’ Jack was up and out of his seat before the Mayor even finished his sentence.
“There ARE no plans! Jack I’m only an elected official I can’t make decisions by myself.” Mayor cried, emphasizing the word “are”.
“Well plans then must be made.” Jacks voice sounded happier and the Mayor’s face turned happy. “Thank you all for the lovely dinner and it was nice meeting you Pan.” And with that both the sporadic Mayor and the nonchalant Pumpkin king left.
“I have to take Pan home now.” Devin stood up quickly and I barely had time to give him a look before he was dragging me out the door. I hadn’t even finished my steak…

well what did you guy who read it think I had a bit of fun messing with mayor and truthfully he is a sporadic nutcase. Well feel free to add to your favorites and comment. I like comments even if they are bad (please be nice). Till next time folks, Hang loose.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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