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Don't Turn off the lights! Interviewing the cast!

Chapter 2

© Halloween29

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Me: *runs onstage but slips on a banana peel* WHOA! *lands on her back* Ow! Alright, who put that there!?!?

LS&B: *giggle maniacally*

Me: *gets up grumbling* Little pain in my asses I should....*looks up at the camera* Oh....are we rolling?....^^' Alright then *clears throat* Welcome everyone to our new chapter! Now, I want to thank you all for asking your questions and giving dares. So, lets get started!

Me: Our first comment was from my good friend JackieSkellington!

Yeah my dare is for Jen: I dare you to kiss Peter!)

Jen: Okay, how bad can that be, all I gotta do is......wait....WHAT!?!?!

Oogie: Oooooooo, I'd pay to see that! Hahahahaha!

Jen: *looks to Peter*

Peter:....*smiles* It is for the fans.

Jen: *smiles and leans in to kiss him*

Peter: *does the same*

Lock: I don't wanna see this! *smacks Peter with a bat*

Peter: @_@ *falls over*

Jen: Lock! You little Bas*censored*

Lock: Uh oh.....*runs off*


Me:....Moving right along......Our next comment was from kidthatsafanofalotofthings....boy that's a mouth full.....

k i dare mayor to let Lock Shock and Barrel to give him a wedgie then he has to let Oogie sit on him for atleast 10 minutes)


Me: Mayor, be nice, people suprisingly take the time to read this. So just give them what they want.


LS&B: GET HIM! *runs after the mayor*

Mayor: WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *runs away*

Oogie: *Trips the mayor and sits on him* Someone start counting Grinb while Oogie is oddly having fun with that, lets move on to the next comment....this one is from my other good friend Jettime ^-^.

ok, I gots a few questions for oogie.
1) <.< ready? (no, wait that wasn't my question! D
1.... properly.) do you know who I am?
2) how old are you?
3) how do you control all of your bugs?
4) ... how do you make your snake and spider stew?)

Oogie: *Still sitting on Mayor* Do I know you?!? Of course not! Why does every bloody reader expect me to know who they are!?

Mayor: I think you farted! Frown

Oogie: Shut up! All I know is that you're Jettime. To answer your next question, 24.

Me: *bursts out laughing*

Oogie: *Glares at me*

Me: Oh really, come on. 24?! I would think in your 40's....AT LEAST!

Oogie: I'm gonna kill you, ya little punk! *Gets off of Mayor and chases after me*

Me: Hahahaha!....O.O Wuh oh....RUN AWAY!!! *runs off*

Oogie: *follows me*

Me: *Runs across stage* Jen will take over for me while I fix this little....'problem'.... Yikes! *runs off stage*

Oogie: Get over here! *runs off stage after me* well....we never finished Jettime's questions.....I promise you Jettime, Oogie will answer them when he gets back. Till then lets move on to the next comment. This one is from The Black Doll.

(The Black Doll:
hello. if i say something insulting ( i tend to do that alot) do not kill me.
To host: can i be on the show? please? PLEEAASEEE!!?!?!!
To Oggie: are you insulted when a person calls you a retarded baby elafhant?
To Lock: are you a pokadotted worm inside a human suit? if so, do you eat celery?
To Mayor: may i please kill you and feed you to a large lizard that speaks french?
To Jack: how can you bleed if you are a sceliton ( watch the movie)
To Sam: may i call you samson?
MWHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!! oh wait, we are still filming? * hides death ray* erm.. i will be on my way.. he he..)

Jen: Since the host is not here at this moment I'm afraid I can't answer that, but I will defienently make sure to ask her.
Um....<.<......Oogie is not here, but I will tell you, he gets VERY insulted, you can just tell when he stomps around like a stupid child. Trust me dear, ya don't wanna see it.

Lock:.......A pokadot-.....WHAT!?!? Jeesh! Where do people come up with these questions!?!?

Shock: Just answer the chick.

Lock: Okay, well, the answer is definently not! Stupid human!

Jen: Lock, be nice. Or I'll give ya a mega wedgie.

Lock: Yeah right you can't- *Jen gives him a wedgie* WAH!.....*holds his butt to get his underwear back*

Jen: Sorry about that Black doll, Mayor, answer your question.

Mayor: Um....I appreciate you using mannors but...NO!!

Jen: Short and simple, thank you Mayor. Alright Jack, your haven't said much for the show.

Jack: Yes well....I'm not sure why I've been can I bleed? Well, I don't exactly bleed, though I can feel pain.

Jen: I don't get it, you get blown from the sky almost dying....and yet the only thing you say ow to is a poke to the finger.....


Sam: She's got a point there.

Jack:....Whatever -.-


Jen: Who's Pete? Someone I should know about?

Sam: *sighs* I live with idiots.

Jen: Moving on to our next comment, this one is from skellington girl!

(skellington girl:
Jack do you sleepwalk at all
oogie i dare you to shove cockroches down the mayor's pants
mayor how did you die
barrel what are you
jack i dare you to kiss sam)

Jack: No, I do not sleepwalk. I barely ever sleep due to working on plans for Halloween and really takes a toll on me.

Jen: Awww, poor Jack, someone give him some comfort chocolate.

Jack: -.-

Mayor: How did I die? Hmmm, I'm not sure I remember.....I think I got hit by a vehicle or....something....I'm not sure.

Barrel: What am I??!?! A Skeleton!!! Is it really that hard to tell!?!? Gosh!

Jack: You dare me to kiss....who now?!?!

Sam: Um.....I don't kiss skeletons....

Jen: Then kiss Oogie *smirks*

Sam: *kisses Jack*

Jack: 0.0

Audience: Awwwwww!


Jen: ooooo, Sally aint gonna like that

Sam: Okay, moving on!

Jen: *laughs* Right. Now, our second to last comment is from S.R.C.

This question is for Peter: Do you like Jen?)

Peter: Do I like Jen? *blushes* As a friend yes....*blushes more* She's ya know....really sweet....and smart....and kind....and pretty...and...

Sam: Still filming here!!!

Peter: Oh....Right ^^'

Jen: *is blushing*

Me: *runs back onstage* Alright, so, Oogie and I made an agreement.

Oogie: She pays me 20 bucks every hour and I don't kill her.

Jen: Wait! He gets paid!?

Me: MOVING...on....last but not least, our final comment is from princessxf

to jen:How did you feel when you saw lock,shock,and barrel coming for you?
to Oogie:why do like to gamble for lives?
to peter:how did you react when Jen was about to be bitten by one of the vampires?
to LS&B:were you excited to kidnap jen?)

Jen: How did I feel? I wanted to faint....then, at the same time, excited. I mean, what would you do if you saw the actual LS&B running towards you!? It's freakin awesome!!

Oogie: Why do I gamble for lives? Cause it's fun, and, it's something I'm good at.

Me: Well, you're also good at ballet.

Oogie: Yes, and ba....what!?

Me: I've seen some fan pics who drew you as a ballerina.


Me: Chill Oogie. Chill

Oogie: *grunts*

Peter: I felt like I wanted to rip their heads off! Every last one of them! No one touches my Jen!

Jen: MY Jen?

Peter: I!!

Jen:.....Oh Frown....alright....

Peter: Yeah *looks away*

Shock: Were we excited?!

Barrel: Heck yeah!

Lock: It was better than kidnapping Sandy claws!

*LS&B start singing*

LS&B: kidnap Mr.Sandy Claws?

Lock: I wanna do-

Me: *clamps a hand over Lock's mouth* Guys, the chapter is long enough we don't have time for a song.

Shock: Yes, we were very excited.

Me: Alright, now before we sign off, Oogie, you have a couple more questions from Jettime you have to answer.

Oogie: Whatever.

Me: How do you control all of your bugs?

Oogie: Well, it's not easy to keep them all in line. But I wil tell you, I have one main bug that controls most of them.

Me: And how do you make your snake and spider stew?

Oogie: Well, it's mainly a secret, but why not share it with the fans? Well, you take mostly human parts, some snake guts, some spider legs, and normally something extra to add some spice like um....*looks around* Ah ha! *picks me up*
Like a little human host!

Me: O.O Whoa there buddy! Um....can we talk about this?

Oogie: *laughs evily*

Me: Um....this might not turn out for commenting and, keep em coming! Well, till then ^_^....Um...Oogie <.< can put me down now.

Oogie: Grinb

Me:......uh oh.....

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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