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Don't Turn off the lights! Interviewing the cast!

Chapter 3

© Halloween29

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Camera Guy: And now, live place <.<'s another fabulous chapter of the, Don't Turn Off The Lights Interviews! Now! Here's your host, Halloween29!

*The spotlights come down but there's no host*

Camera Guy: Um, let me try that again.....Here's your host, Halloween29!

*Crickets chirp*

Camera Guy: *mumbles* I don't get paid enough *says aloud* Has anyone seen the host?!?

Sam: *quietly inches onstage and says softly* Um.....yeah....hi everyone. you know, last chapter, Oogie and our host didn't....get along well. So....Jen is fixing it, so w-

Oogie: *off stage* I SAID TAKE THEM OFF!!!!

Me: *off stage* I SWEAR JEN I WILL KILL YOU!!!

Jen: *off stage* Look, it's just for one chapter.'s your host ^^' *quickly rushes offstage*

Me: *stomps angrily on stage, handcuffed to Oogie* I hate you, ya know that?

Oogie: *rolls eyes* You've only told me about....gee I don't know, 20 TIMES!!

Me: Well if you-....*looks to the audience* Oh.....Hi everyone! ^-^'.....*glares at Camera guy* You could of told me we were rolling!

Camera Guy: Didn't you hear my big intro?

Oogie: She was too busy yelling at me.

Me: Cause this is your faut!

Jen: Chill guys, come on, we have a show to do.

Me: *sighs* Alright everyone, despite the fact that I'm handcuffed to an idiot, Let's get on with the show! ^-^ Well, you all gave reviews so let us get started! Our first comment is from princessxf!

to Oogie:how did you feel about seeing and almost killing jen?I feel bad for the snakes)

Oogie: Seeing and almost killing her? It was the greatest sensation knowing that little punk would be dead! Mwahahahahaha!.....and then.....she bit my tounge Frownb!!! It healed terribly!

Jen: That's what you get for trying to kill/rape me!

Oogie: Frownb

Me:.....Moving on please....and Jen, at least be greatful you're not HANDCUFFED TO HIM!!!

Jen: Lotta shoutin going on here.....

Me: *takes in a deep breath* Alright, our next comment was from wecanlivelikejackandsally. Awww, I love that line/song! *starts humming 'I miss you'*

XD I think the mayor died in a panic attack because the blueprints for a building weren't done in time!!

Oogie: Sooo.... are you dead... or just a sack with bugs??
Jack: Do you need a hug?
Oogie (again): Why does your name rhyme??? It's really awkward...
All TNBC ppls: Do you still randomly break out into song sometimes??
Everyone except Oogie: I dare you to hang Oogie from a tree and hit him with a stick like a pinata!!)

Mayor: Yes! That's it! A painc attack! Now I remember!

Me: How do you screw up a painc attack with a car crash?

Mayor: *shrugs*

Oogie: I'm not dead, I was created, so in technical terms, I'm just a sack of bugs.

Me: 'I'm just a sack of bugs' Is not technical at all

Oogie: -.- *growls*

Me: Down doggie!

Oogie: -.-

Jen: *laughs a bit*

Jack: Do I need a hug? Why.....yes I would really like one.....

Everyone expect Me and Oogie: *give Jack a group hug*

Me: Awww! Let's go! *tries to run to Jack*

Oogie: Nuh uh! *pulls me back* I aint huggin bone man!

Me: But.....Jack T-T

Oogie: *rolls eyes and mumbles* Jack fan

Oogie:.....Why does my name rhyme? hmm....Oogie Boogie.....I blame Tim. My name isn't really Oogie's The Oogie Boogieman, though....I'm not sure where the name Oogie come from.....

Me: Okay, she's not THAT interested in your name, so please shut up.


Jack: Well..........sometimes.....if it's nessacary I suppose

Lock: Last chapter we tried to break out into 'Kidnap the Sandy Claws'........

Jen: Yeah, now Jack and the other TNBC characters got me and Sam into it...really annoying sometimes....

Barrel: *is listening to an I-pod* Tik tok, on the clock but the party don't stop no, wu wu oh oh!


Me: A pinata? Now there's an idea!

Oogie: Um, hello!? *holds up our handcuffed hands* You'll be wacked too!

Jen: Not if I unlock you guys, but it's only for this dare *takes off the handcuffs*

Me: Thanks ^-^

Oogie:....uh oh....*tries to run*

Everyone: *grab Oogie and hang him from a tree*

Oogie: O.O No!

Jen: I call first wack! *hits him with a stick*

Oogie: OW!

Jack: *Smacks him*

Oogie: Ouch!

Everybody: *take a wack at Oogie*

Oogie: A D@MN IT HURTS!!!

Me: My turn! *Hits him in THAT area*

Oogie: OOFT! >.<

Me: Ouch, glad I wasn't up there.

Oogie: *In a high squeaky voice* You are so dead!

Me: *laughs* Wow, good to be free from the cuffs, so on to our next comment, from Jettime!

I have more questions!!!! mwahahaha- *coughs* owie.... I mean erm...
1) lock? are you and shock related? O.o because it seems you two can't make your minds up! one sencond, your kissing, the next, your proclaming your related!
2) Barrel, what posses you to eat ALL the halloween candy every haloween?
3) oogie, thanks for the tips on the stew, any more recips I can have? I still have some bits left over from my brother I need to get rid of...
4) oogie again, what does your main bug look like? and can I have a look at it? I'm a major fan, so I swear not to crush it.
5) to Jack, was sally happy you got kissed? and did you like the kiss?

what's this? I have a dare too?
1) l,s & b. I dare you to kiss jack. Iz evil.)

Lock: We're not related!

Shock: But we're certainly NOT dating!!! Who would date Lock!?!?

Me:...Lock fans

Lock: Yeah, Lock fans! So you should-....I have fans? *slicks hair back* Well ladies, I'm free ya know.

Me:....I never said all of those fans were girls.....

Lock: 0.0

Shock: *laughs* What a loser!

Barrel: Nothing really posses me I candy....a lot. The sweet taste in my mouth, I love it soooo much! *foams at the mouth*

Shock: -.- unfortuantly ladies, he's free too.

Oogie: *is withering in pain too much*

Me: Aw come on Oogie, suck it up like the man woman you are and answer the question!

Oogie: *is still hanging from a tree* don't really have any more don't get much info from being trapped in an underground casino really......but, I'd save the bits left of your brother for....sentimental values....or just throw them in a pot of lava, whatever you feel like doing.

Me: -.- gee, how touching.

Oogie: What does my main bug look like?'s....kinda big....and a beetle and has neon green designs on it's back. And no, you can't see it. I appreciate that you're a fan but, the little son of a b!tch of a host will probably come out of nowhere and squish it!

Me: <.<.....why would I do such a thing?......<.<....>.>....

Jack: Um, Sally was not happy at all......nope....not happy......and did I like it? Of course not! She's only 13!

Sam: 14!

Jack: Whatever!

Lock:....Um....I ain't kissin him......

Shock: I'll give you 100 to kiss him.


Shock: 200

Lock: 250


Lock: *kisses Jack*

Audience: O.O EWWWWW!!!

Lock: Ah get over it!

Jack: *barfs*

Lock: Okay Shock, give me my money

Shock: Money? Who said anything about money? Here's your payment *punches him in the face*

Lock: XP OW! *falls over*

Shock: Just 249 left ^-^

Me:....wonderful.....lets move on to our next comment from The Black Doll!

(The Black Doll:
yes i am back! you may not escape me!
To LSB: i just saw jettimes dare. how do you feel about that?
umm... well i think thats all.. ah well... good bye!)

Shock: *punches Lock again* Fun!

Lock: It hurts!

Barrel: *walks back on stage* Huh? Oh sorry....bathroom brake......

Me: Our next comment was from!....oh....The Black Doll again....*reads comment* Oh I see! She forgot to ask a question.

(The Black Doll:
oh wait!
To Barrel: who do you hate the most?)

Barrel: Out of who? Lock and Shock?'s a close tie....but I'd say Shock....she can get pretty scary once a month.

Shock: WHAT!?!?

Lock: *Is withering in pain on the floor*

Barrel: I said nothing! ^^'

Shock: Hmph *goes back to punching Lock* 234 more to go!

Me: Our next comment was from.....The Black Doll.....again....what is wrong with this chick!?

(The Black Doll:
oh wait!
To Lock: are you a monkey that eats strawberry toast, and dances the jig?)

Lock: *Says between punches* Of course not! Are you stupid!? I can't dance for crap!

Shock: It's true *punches him again*

Me: Okay, finally moving on now to someone different! (No offense to you at all Black doll, I love your reviews ^-^) Here's our next comment from *takes a deep breath* kidthatsafanofalotofthings.

i dare Mayor to dance in a tutu while saying "I LIKE PRETTY PONYS" for 15 minutes...
p.s i like torturing the mayor alot Smileb)

Mayor:.....Why does everyone hate me!?!?

Me: Awww, here Mayor. *gives him a cookie*

Mayor: Thank you ^-^

Me: Now do the dance.

Mayor: *puts on a tu tu and dances around* I LIKE PRETTY PONIES!!

Me: Alright well, the chapter isn't long enough for another 15 minutes so.....*holds up a recorder* I'll get the rest of it for ya kid fan.

Me: Alright, our last comment for this chapter is from skelleton girl!

skelleton girl:
OOgie i dare to put on a tutu start till YOU die
jack recond oogie and get some sleep
mayor leave jack alone for24 hours if you don't you must die by me

Me: Oh joy, another tu tu dare! Oogie?

Oogie: *is already in a tu tu* How did this get on me!?!?

Jen & Jack: *look away and whistle innocently*

Me: Start dancing Oogie.

Oogie: I will not!

Me: *shoots a pistol where he stands* Dance sack boy!

Oogie: WAH! *jumps up, like he's dancing*

Me: Dance! Mwhahahahahahahah! *stops shooting*

Oogie: *is dancing on his own*

Me: There we go. Jack you need to- *sees Jack recording Oogie*...nevermind....

Mayor: *is still dancing* LEAVE JACK ALONE!?!? Bu...bu.....there's soooo much to do!!!.....fine, I'll leave him alone!

Jack: *stops recording and drops down sleeping*

Oogie: *still dancing* This is gonna be a long, humilliating day.

Me: Well, Oogie and Mayor dancing in tu tu's, Jack asleep, Shock beating up Lock.....what a perfect way to end a chapter! and a long one I might add! I hope you all enjoyed it! And any more questions or dare, keep em coming! Well bye for now!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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