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Don't Turn off the lights! Interviewing the cast!

Chapter 3

© Halloween29

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Me: *Is drinking coffee with the camera guy* I mean, it's not like they would care being sent to Africa.

Camera Guy: Well, don't you think Jen might notice?

Me: Meh, maybe but-

Camera guy 2: Uh, Ms.Halloween? We're rolling.

Me: What!? *looks at the audience* CAN'T SOMEONE SAY 3,2,1 ACTION ANYMORE!?!? URGH! *throws coffee down and sighs*.

Camera Guy: *runs back to his camera post*

Me: *looks up to the audience, giving her best smile* Hello everyone! We thank you for tunning into another wonderful chapter! So, lets not waste anytime, lets move on to the first comment! It's from, NightmareScreamer! Or, should I say NightmareScreamer's, neighbor!

(My neighbor has a dare 4 jen and jack:
throw oogie into his own snake and spider stew and cook him.
To LS&B:
eat the soup MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I had a moment there.)

Jen: Wow, these fans REALLY like torturing Oogie......I like it. *smirks* Oh Ooooooggggiiiieeee???

Oogie: What? *walks onstage*

Jack & Jen: *tackle Oogie*

Oogie: What the!??! *falls over* Ooft!

Jen & Jack: *tie up Oogie*

Jen: Alright Jack! Lets throw him in the pot!

Oogie: The what!?

Jack: Don't you know the one thing? That would make it work so nice!?

Jen: A Mister Oogie Boogie man, to add a little spice!

Jack and Jen: *throw Oogie in the pot*


Cricket: *chirps*


Jen:.....He's stuck.....

Oogie: HAHA! *Is stuck in the pot and wont go in anymore*

Jack: I think we need a bigger pot......

Jen: *nods* I'll go find one....wait, Halloween29, do I have any more questions or dares to do?

Me: Uh *checks reviews* No you're good.

Jen: Alright then! Tally ho! *goes off on an epic quest to retreave a bigger pot*

Oogie: Lets hope she doesn't come back *notices he's stuck in the pot* -_-'

Me:....can someone call someone to help Oogie?!

Jack: Why not just leave him there?

Me:....Good idea Jack. Next comment was from Zero_and_a_Half!

(oogie, i dare you to kiss your favorite out of the three (Lock, Shock, or Barrel)...)

Oogie: Kiss my favorite out of the three!? But I hate them all!

Barrel: We hate you too sir! *salutes*

Lock & Shock: *facepalm*

Oogie: I refuse to do that dare!

Me: *sighs* Alright, I'll make up one rule, each character can refuse to do ONE dare, but that's it! And Oogie already used up his.

Lock: Why didn't you make up that rule BEFORE I kissed Jack!?!?

Me: Cause I didn't think of it till now ^-^.

Lock: Frownb *growls*

Me: *sighs happily* This show is going great.

Oogie: Ahem *is standing behind Me*

Me:.....Jack....please tell me that's you.....

Oogie: Not even close.

Me: <.< How did you get out of the pot?

Oogie: Long and painful story.

Me:....Alright then....why don't we move on to the next comment? It's from skelletongirl!

(oogie put snakes in the mayor underware
mayor blow up you car
lock kiss shock
barrle sing husabye mountin
if the mayor distube jack put him in a barlle full of acid and gasaline and burn he's ass)

Oogie: Put snakes in Mayor's underwear? You know I like this kid! *grabs Mayor*

Mayor: NUUUUUUU!!! *tries to get away*

Oogie: *stuffs Mayor's pants with snakes*


Oogie: *Tosses Mayor aside* Next!

Me:......Mayor.....blow up your car.

Mayor: *is running around due to the snakes* WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Me:.....ya know what? Since I'm the host, and I don't get many dares, I'll do it! *blows up the Mayor's car*

Mayor's car: KABOOM!!!

Me: Yay! ^-^ Alright, the next dare is for Lock to kiss Shock.

Shock: No way! I'd rather barf up my lunch, shove it in my bra, and die by falling off a cliff than kiss Lock!

Me:...ouch....that's harsh.

Lock: Oh yeah!? Well, I'd do that twice in a row than kiss Shock!

Me:....Lock you wear a bra?

Lock:.....Damn -_- forgot that part...

Everyone: *laughs*

Barrel: *starts to sing 'Hushabye mountain' VERY loud and way off key. Shattering most windows and breaking everyone's eardrums*

Me: *covering ears. Rolls eyes and kicks Barrel out of a high window*

Barrel: WAAAAAHHHH!!! *kersplat!*

Me: Sorry Barrel, I luffs you, but that was just too annoying.

Jack: *still covering his ears* CAN WE UNPLUG OUR EARS NOW!?!?

Oogie: *still covering his ears* WHAT!?!?



Jack:....*unplugs ears* no need to shout...

Oogie: *uncovers ears* Yeah touchy.

Me: -_-'......Moving on, our next comment is from BN! (Formaly known as Jettime) ^-^!

(I have more questions! don't you guys love me?!?!
1) Sally? what was your wedding day like with jack? (if you arn't married,,, well, what the hell is jack waiting for!?! O.o)
2) Jack, can I have the tape of oogie? :3 I'm collecting stuff from oogie..
3) Oogie, T.T so? I like your main bug! I wanna see it! I swear I won't let it get crushed! *looks at oogie with cute eyes*
4) Shock and Barrel... why didn't you two kiss jack?!?! it was in the dare too! D=
5) Lock, how did it feel to kiss a man? you like it?

dares! oh yes, I have those too... mwa ha ha ha!
1) Halloween29? I dare you to kiss oogie... (see? I'm a good freind. )
2) oogie and jack, I dare you to re-inact oogie's death scene... how-ever... Jack will be oogie, and oogie will be jack....
3) >.> If oogie dosen't give me his main bug... I dare lock shock and barrel to steal it for me! <.< no harm must come to it, I wanna squish it in peace. )

Me: Wow....that's one long review....thanks BN! ^-^

Me: *fakely* Awww, Sally isn't here unfortunantly, so we'll-

Sally: *walks onstage* Hello everyone.

Me:.....*isn't a big Sally fan*......When the hell did you get here!?!?!

Sally: Oogie called me.

Me: *glares at Oogie*

Oogie: *smirks* I love pissing you off babe.

Me: *growls* Don't call me that.

Sally: Well, actually BN. Jack hasn't asked me to marry him, and I don't really know what he's waiting for....*looks around for Jack*

Jack: *has run off somewhere to avoid the question*

Sally: Frownb *grunts and walks offstage*

Oogie: *rolls eyes at BN* This kid is gettin annoying. Those eyes don't work, you ain't havin it!

Shock: We didn't kiss Jack because we didn't want to! I wanted to see Lock do it. *waits for Barrel to reply*......oh yeah, he was kicked out the window....well....he was in the bathroom during the dare so don't blame Barrel.


Me: She never asked if you were gay, she just asked if you liked it.


Me: Oh look! Dares....*sighs* Woopie....

Me: Hey look! I got a dare! I have to.....wait a sec, I red this wrong...*re-reads the comment*.....I didn't read it wrong?.........Oh god.....

Oogie: *reads the comment and gives a sly smile*

Me: Okay yeah, nuh uh...ain't doing it!

Oogie: *wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close*

Me: What are you dong you crazy hobo!!??!

Oogie: Like I said, I love pissing you off.


Oogie: *kisses me*

Me: *growls and knees him where it hurts*

Oogie: *stops kissing me and falls over*

Me: *dusts self off* Gross-gusting!!! Excuse me while I go wash out my mouth! *walks offstage*

Camera Guy: Um......<.<....>.>......

Me: *walks back onstage* Forgot we had a show going on. Okay everyone, we have a lot more comments! But sadly, this chapter is already very long, so. We'll finish them up next chapter! Alright! So, until next time everyone! *walks off to wash out mouth*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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