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Don't Turn off the lights! Interviewing the cast!

Chapter 5

© Halloween29

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

*A cloud of smoke puffs onstage*

Me: *Appears within the smoke as it clears up, is standing in an awesome pose* Alright! First entrance without hurtin myself! *Looks to the audience and smiles* Welcome my loyal viewers to another pain-filled chapter!

Jen: Can we just get on with this please?

Me: -.- Ruin my intro will ya?

Jen: Hmmm.....yep ^-^

Me: -.- *sighs* Alrigh then, lets move on to our first comment from The Black Doll!

(The Black Doll:
It's fun to make more people hate me, so here are more questions.
Lock. I KNOW you are a catterpiller, so just admit it
Halloween29( I hope I spelled that right) pleasseeee let me on the show! Or I will use my death ray on you!!
That is all.i Really don't ask many questions. I only want to make lock mad. Mwhahahaha!!!! )

Lock: -.- Alright, I'll make this VERY clear to you. I! AM! NOT! A! CATTERPILLAR!!!!!! RAWRG!!!!

Me: What the hell was the rawrg for?

Lock: ME ANGRY!!!

Shock: Wow....and I thought he was an idiot before......

Me: Right, moving on. Well, Black doll, as much as I would like to have you on the show, I don't think you would last with all this crazi-

Random guy: WAAAAAAHHH!! *tramples me*

Me: Ooft!


Random guy: *is being dragged away by security* I WILL HAVE REVENGE ON MY PET BACON!!!

Me:........*is just in aw*

Everyone else: *in aw*

Me........uh........lets just....go on to the next question....please? It's from -.- *takes in a deep breath* kidthatsafanofalotofthings.....that name isn't getting any easier to say.....

Jen: Stop complaining about the kid's name and just show the comment!

Me: -.-

this time this dare is for Jack and Oogie..ok and the mayor
all three have to climb on each other Oogie on Jack and Mayor on Oogie and a ladder might be needed..and while the mayor is doing that he has to eat a taco filled with hot sauce and chili peppers and with Jack again he has to run while carrying Oogie and mayor(i'm betting one word in here:injury))

Me:......yeah.....actually....2 words....MAJOR injury......

Jack, Mayor, & Oogie:......

Me: *looks to them* Well, hop to it guys.

Oogie: *climbs ontop of Jack*

Jack: Just don't fart Oogie *tries to keep him up*

Oogie: Don't give me any ideas Bone-head.

Mayor: *climbs up on top of Oogie*

Jack: *starts tilting a bit*

Me: *watches in amuesment as well as everyone else*

Me: Here's your taco Mayor. I made it myself, has the hot sauce, chili peppers and everything else that makes your mouth set on fire. *smirks and hands the Mayor the taco* Now eat it!

Mayor: *is yelling histarically and refuses the taco*

Me: -.- It's not an interesting show without pain. *jumps up and shoves the taco in the Mayor's mouth*

Mayor: *is forced to swallow it*......This isn't so bad.

Me: *looks at watch* *points to Mayor still looking at her watch*


Audience: *laughs*

Me: Well go Jack, get running!

Jack: *starts running slowly, then trips on something and flies off stage with Oogie and Mayor*

Offstage: *A LOUD crash is heard, and a few cuses from Jack, Oogie, and the Mayor*

Me:......*is looking offstage*.........well then......moving on.....I guess. This ones from kidtha-....the guys who commented last time -.-

oh and a dare for Oogie
dress up as a princess and act like one until someone thinks you ARE one)

Me:......*looks offstage* Oogie! Ya think you can do a dare!?!?

Oogie: *from offstage*, I don't see that happening.

Me:...Alright then. Sorry Kid Fan. Maybe he'll do it later. On to our next comment from, wereallmad.

i dare..Lock to act like Jack and Jack to act like Lock and for Shock to act like Sally and for Sally to act like Shock..this might be interesting...oh and i dare Oogie to ball dance with the Mayor(you're kidding me..right?..if you read below then you'll understand why i'm ACTUALLY mad right now)

Me: @_@ *Is confused from the long comment* Okay, let me try this again. *Re-reads the comment* Alright, well, Jack is kinda-

Jack: *Walks back onstage, adjusting his suit*

Me: Hey Jack! You're alright!

Jack: Hmm? *looks to me* Oh, why yes I am, but I wouldn't wanna go offstage if I was you, it's just an absolute terrible mess in there *buttons his suit*

Me: Hmph....alright then, well you have a dare.

Jack: *sracastically* Oh how wonderful.

Me: I know right!?!?

Jack: *sighs and shakes head*

Lock: *Snatches Jack's bowtie and puts it on* Oh look at me! I'm a tall friggen skeleton! Mayor put this there! Sally make my Sandy suit Blah blah blah!

Jack: *frowns and puts his hands on his hips, then grabs Lock's plundger* Oh! I'm Lock, and I use tomatoes as my shampoo! I'm sercretly gay, wear a bra, and love to kiss the pumpkin king!

Lock: *looks to Jack* Dude, you have some major problems....

Shock: *imitates Sally's voice* Oh Jack! I stalk you everyday just so you'll notice me! I fall apart but I don't care cause I love you! *rolls eyes and groans*

Sally: *appears out of no-where and takes Shock's hat* I'm sercretly in love with Lock but it will never happen cause he's gay! I'm so jealous of Sally and thats why I prank her everyday!

Shock: I prank you cause you're a fun sucker!

Sally: Take it back!

Shock & Sally: *start a cat fight*

Me: I bet $20 on Sally!

Oogie: *is standing next to me* I bet $20 on Shock.

Me: *doesn't look at him and keeps watching Sally and Shock* Not gonna ask how you're okay. But okay, I'll take that bet.

Oogie: And how about a kiss if you loose?

Me:....I'm not gonna loose, but you're on, crazy hobo.

Oogie: -.-

Me: Well, why Sally and Shock finish up their little....'spat' Lets move on to the other dare. Oogie, you have to ballroom dance with the Mayor.

Oogie: Uh, I don't think Mayor is in a good condition to dance, or walk, or talk....or breath.


Oogie: *shrugs* Tellin the truth babe.

Me: *Rolls eyes* Alright, so we'll save that dare for later. Next comment! From, isuck.

Jen: Ya sure do.

Me: No you idiot! That's the username!

Jen: Oh....well....ya still suck.

Me: *rolls eyes and mumbles* Dissed on my own show.

this is for Oogie..i dare you to dance with mayor wearing a pink sparkling dress with a tiarra and for the mayor..he has to wear a LONG skirt please!! and a yellow tank top...the world has gone crazy..oh and for Jack!! what for him...GOT IT!! let Lock Shock and Barrel do whatever with you for the whole day and for the HOST of course!! must........go on a dinner date.....with........oh you wouldn't like this..........THE MAYOR!! yes it is the mayor!!.....good luck BUT..the mayor has to wear the dress that he wore)

Me:......Aw come on! Can't I have a dare with Jack or something!


Me: Um.....I mean *blushes* I....I said nothing!

Jack: Um, alright *blushes, but slightly*

Me: Well, since the Mayor is possibly dead, I'm afraid we cannot do that dare for him, but I wouldn't mind seeing Oogie in a dress, Mwahahahahhahahahah-

Camera guy: Um, Ms.Halloween?

Me: AH-....did you just interupt my evil laugh?

Camera guy: *gulps* Sorry, but, we're short on time.

Me: *looks at watch* Oh why yes we are. Well, isuck, we'll finish your comment, and the rest of the comments, next show. And, if you guys could hold on the comments for a bit, till I get on track. You guys are so awesome with sending them in I can't keep up. ^-^ Well everyone, til next show we-

LS&B: *all tackle me*

Me: WAH! *flies into the camera*

*The screen blacks out*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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