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Don't Turn off the lights! Interviewing the cast!

Chapter 6

© Halloween29

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Camera Guy: Well welcome everyone to another fabulous episode of the Don't Turn off the Lights interviews! Now here's you host Halloween2-

Oogie: *steps through the curtains onstage*

Camera Guy: -9?

Audience: *gasps*

Camera Guy: *points to Oogie* You're not the host!

Oogie: *glares at him* I am for this chapter.

Camera Guy: So....where's the REAL host?

Oogie: She's being handled by top men.

Camera Guy: Who?


Me: *is tied to a chair and is gagged backstage*

Camera Guy:....


Camera Guy:.....


Oogie: Well then, why don't we start with the show hmm? Our first comment was from skelletongirl.

( skelletongirl:
oogie put the mayor in a barrel of gasoline and light it

jack sing hushabye mountin

shock put a spell on sally to be your slave

barrel kiss oogie mayor(if you are alive) distory all halloween plans)

Oogie: Oooo, ya know, I really like you kid.

Mayor: *walks onstage* My I feel so much better.

Oogie: *leers at the Mayor* Oh really?

Mayor: ^-^ *nods*

Oogie: *grabs Mayor and stuffs him in a can of gasoline*

Mayor: What the!? *looks around* Noooooo! I just recovered!

Oogie: *sets the can on fire* Mwahahahahahaha!


Oogie: *kicks the can offstage* Well, that takes care of that. The next dare is for Jack to sing Hushabye moun...tain...-.- Seriously?....SERIOUSLY!?!? Who wants to hear that!?!?

Jen: skelletongirl does.....wait a minute, Oogie where's the host?

Oogie:.....<.<....uh....on a magical quest to save her jar peanut butter.

Jen: Ah, okay then so w-...Hey wait a minute!

Oogie: *rolls his sockets*

Jen: *glares at Oogie* Jack do your dare.

Jack: *sings hushabye mountain beautifully*

Jack Fan-girls in the audience: *swoon and faint*

Oogie Fan-girl (notice how that's singular): Boooo!

Oogie: Alright then *grabs Jack and throws him offstage* Moving on! Shock, put a spell on Sally to be your slave......Shock? *looks around* Shock?....SHOCK!?!?

Shock & Sally: *Out to the spa getting their nails done*

Oogie: -.- The nerve of that girl.

Oogie: Alright, the next dare is for Barrel to kiss Oogie..............*realizes* Wait...I'm Oogie.....


Oogie: *looks to Barrel* Don't even think about it kid. Use your one wimp out.

Barrel: But....I might need it for something else.....

Oogie: USE IT!!!

Barrel: *cowers* Yes sir.....

Oogie: Hmph, well then now we-

*A shoe flies through the air onstage*

Oogie: *gets hit in the head and falls over* XP

Me: *walks onstage*

Audience: *cheer madly*

Me: *smiles and waves at the audience* Hello everyone! *walks over to Oogie and takes $20 from his wallet* I win. *walks back over to her spot light, pocketing the cash*

Oogie: did you escape? *sits up*

Me: Mayor untied me.

Mayor: *runs onstage, crisp and burnt* Ha! Take that ya bas*censored*

Oogie: But that's not fair!

Me: It's my show, it doesn't have to be fair. *smiles and turns to the audience*

Jen: Good to have ya back.

Me: *looks to Jen* Oh stop being a kiss up.

Jen: *shrugs* One could try.

Me: *turns back to the audience* Despite our little setback, lets move on to the next comment, from BN....this should be interesting.

( BN:
oh look, i'ma back! *grins* arn't I nice?
1) oogie? why won't you give me your bug? hey wait... can we gamble for it? or as your a scardy-sack?
2) jack? why haven't you proposed to sally yet!!!!! D= your simply ment to be!!!!!
3) <.< >.> psst, l,s,b? how do you like working for oogie? and can we have a few bits of gossip about oogie please?

DARES! *laughs evily, holding a MASSIVE list...
- lightning flashes, and hits BN, she falls over, ko'd or possibly dead... however, one dare on the list survives... -

102) Jack, I dare you to propose to sally, live on air!)

Oogie: *stands up* I heard the word gamble, who wants to gamble?

Peter: BN does.

Oogie: For my main bug?! Hell no!! And I for one am NOT a Scardy-Sack!!!

Me: *is about to say something but decides it's best to stay quiet*

Oogie: I have my reasons why I won't give it to you, you insolent little child.

Me:...<.<......*looks up the word 'insolent' in the dictionary* Ah ha, boldy rude or dis-respectful......ouch.

Jen: *looks to Jack* I think we're all curious to know why you haven't preposed to Sally. You ARE simply ment to be.


Me: Are you scared?

Jack: *shakes head*

Jen: Do you not have a ring?

Jack: *shakes head*

Oogie: Is there someone else?


Jen: Is there?

Jack: Uh...*blushes and runs offstage*

Me:........That was.....odd....even for Jack. Alright, moving on.

Jen: *whispers to me* We have to get Oogie offstage for this next question.

Me: *reads the question* Ah.....yeah.....hmmm....any ideas?

Jen: Yep *walks over to Oogie*

Oogie: ?

Jen: *punches him in the face*

Oogie: >.< Ow!!

Jen: *runs offstage*

Oogie: Get back here you punk! *follows Jen*

Me:.....Alright then Lock, Shock, Barrel, answer your question.

Lock: How do we like it? Well.......honestly? It sucks! Try dealing with Oogie's gas! Pee you!

Barrel: Mr.Oogie's just....just plain mean.

Shock: He's a moron.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: Gossip? Our pleasure!

Barrel: He sleeps with a teddy bear.

Shock: He practices ballet every night.

Lock: He LOVES putting woman's lip-stick on.

Shock: Lock......that's you.

Lock:.....oh yeah.....

Me: Alright Jack, do your d- *looks around* Jack?.....oh yeah....he ran off.....Next comment! From MichaBelle!

( I want Barrel to do a handstand untill he falls!
and I have one question
Oogie LS&B: How does it feel to have shadows that are real and the opposite gender of you?)

Me: Alright Barrel, do your handstand, we'll even time ya. Got the stopwatch Lock?

Lock: Yep!

Me: Aaaaaaaaand......go!

Barrel: *stands on his hands then falls over on his butt*

Me: Alright, how long was that Lock?

Lock: I didn't even have enough time to start the stop watch....

Me:....<.<....>.>......moving on then.

Shock: Shadows? It's cool

Lock: Kinda creepy....

Barrel: Awesome!

Jen: *runs back onstage* Stops chasing me! You have a question!

Oogie: *stops running* Honestly? It's REALLY annoying and irratating.

Me: Alright, next comment was from Zero1996.

( Zero1996:
ahhahahahahaha. i have a question for Samn if you could would you kill everyone? and eat barrels lolly?)

Me: have a question.....

Sam: *walks onstage covered in dust from sitting out so long* I do!?!?

Me: Yeah.

Sam: Would I kill everyone? Hell yeah! Assasin!!!......I mean....we're still filming? Uh......would I eat Barrel's lolly?
Yeah! It's mine! All mine!

Barrel: Nooooooo, it's MINE! *runs off*

Sam: Ze lolly shall be mine! *runs after Barrel*

Me: Alright, our last comment was from Shock.

Shock: What? I didn't give a comment!

Me: No, not you Shock, another Shock.

Shock: Another Shock? Who's impersonating me!?!?

Me: *rolls eyes*

( Shock:
I have a few things to say!Lock you're an idiot.Mayor if you are dead i'll find you a nice spot in the grave yard!Jack do you love Halloween29?Mayor dead or not i'm stalking you day and night!)

Lock: I think we've already established that I'm an idiot.

Mayor: Suprisingly, I'm alive, so no need for the grave. But I appreciate the thought! ^-^

Jack: *pokes head onstage* Do I love Halloween29? Well.......uh....



Everybody: WELL!?!?

Jack:....*blushes and runs offstage again*

Me:....*sighs and sulks*

Mayor: Now you're stalking me!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *runs around and around and around and around*

Me: Well, our next comment was from-

Camera Guy: Ms.Halloween, we're out of comments....

Me: What? Ya mean we're all caught up?

Camera Guy: *nods*

Me: *smiles* HALLELUAH!! Well then folks, you can go on back to sending those questions and dares, we're officially on track! Well, til the next chapter everyone! This is Halloween29 signing off! *waves as the screen goes black*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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