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Don't Turn off the lights! Interviewing the cast!

Chapter 7

© Halloween29

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Jack: *Walks onstage* Good evening everyone. Welcome to another chapter of 'Don't Turn off the lights' Interviews. I am your temporary host Jack Skellington and w-

Jen: *Groans* Just get on with it!

Jack: *Glares at Jen* It's not nice to interupt young lady.

Jen: It's also not nice to do this *looks offstage* Sam, if you please.

Sam: *Jumps on Jack's back* RIDE EM' COWBOY!

Jack: GAH! *runs around frantically*

Jen: *laughs then notices the audience, her smile drops* Oh...hey...everyone...^^'. Um...Jack's on the busy side so...lets go on to the first comment from skelletongirl.

jack tell us you love
oogie use your spells to make jack tell us
mayor burn oogie and the holiday plans
host can i join the show
all do you think im insane)

Jen: Jack we *looks to see Sam pinning Jack to the floor*...Sam!

Sam: Huh? *looks up*

Jen: Get off Jack will ya?

Sam: *gets off*

Jen: Lets just move on before it gets too random too early.....Oogie, you can't do spells....can you?

Oogie: Of course I can! *is lying*

Jen: *reads his actions* No you can't, you're lying.

Oogie: Am not!

Jen: It says right there! *points to the action that says he's lying*

Oogie:.......Damn. *sniffs* Mmm, what's cooking?

Jen: Uh.......


Everyone: *does nothing*

Jen: What about the halloween plans Mayor?

Mayor: Uh....I already burnt them?

Jen: -.-.....Sam.

Sam: On it *sets the plans on fire*

Mayor: O.O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! *rolls on the ground crying*

Sam: *records it* Youtube title, "Mayor's spazz moment"

Jen: Very nice Sam. Well, the host isn't here, so I can't answer that.

Peter: Where is the host anyways?

Jen: I dunno.

Sam: I hope she's not on holiday.

Peter: That just wouldn't be fair.

Jen: -nods- Anyways, do we think you're insane? I've seen insaner *gestures to Sam*

Sam: No.

Peter: Eh, yeah sorta.

Oogie: *is still running around* YES!!

Mayor: *is too busy sobbing*

Jack: *nods* Yes.

Jen: Right, next comment!

Sam: You are a terrible host....

Jen: -.- Shut up Sam. Alright, this comment is from BN.

*Was possibly the oogie fan who booed, but regrets it after oogie called her insolent, then does this sign to oogie; mIm * SWINE
*takes out some-thing behind her back* ok, question for oogie;
do you reconise this? *shows him the teddy bear she stole from his liar last night* thanks for that bit of gossip l,s,b! ^.^

right, and for jack... WHO THE HELL DO YOU FANCY MORE THAN SALLY YAH DIPPY SOD? Dx even I fancy her a little! *stops* ... oogie, I swear i'm straight Dx.

oh, and for the host, jc? can I come on your show? *cute eyes* pwlese... you were on mine... well, yeah, you almost got eaten... but your allive and I won £20 off varn in a bet, so it's all goooooddddddd....)

Oogie: O.O Mr.Teddy!!

Jen: *laughs a bit* Mr.Teddy?

Oogie: *is burnt* NOOOOOO! MR.TEDDY!!!*looks to Jack* Who is this mistery person?

Jack: Um........Why is everyone so interested to know!?!

Sam: Cause you and Sally are simply meant to be you dippy Sod!

Jen:....*looks around* Where the hell is the host when you need her!?!?

Sam: *shrugs* Next comment?

Jen: *sighs* Yeah I guess so. This one's from Shock.

Shock: I didn-

Everyone: NOT YOU!!

Shock: Oh.....

Hi!!!I just love these interveiws! Mayor I am stalking you so watch out!But when I get finished with you you'll need a tombstone mwahahahahahahah!!!!Jack Sally ain't gonna be happy with you for likeing Halloween29!Barrel how much candy do you own?Halloween29 can you please let me destroy Oogie!PLEASE!)

Jen: Well, I'm glad you enjoy the interviews ^-^.

Mayor: *is huddling in a corner* I don't wanna be stalked.

Jen: Aw come one Mayor, call it a fan......sorta.

Jack: Who says I liked Halloween29!? She's merely a child.....a sweet, smart child......


Jack: *glares at Jen*

Jen: ^.^

Barrel: How much candy do I have? Well hmmm.....let me count. 1.....2.....3.....K.....

Jen: K? That's not a number.

Barrel: Oh.......R

Jen: R aint a number either.

Barrel: T-T Shoot.

Jen: That's okay Barrel, lets just say, a lot.

Lock: Actually, Shock and I once counted his candy.

Sam: Why?

Lock: We were bored. The total comes to 223,223,465,34363,634636 pieces of candy.

Jen:......way to go Lock you broke my brain!

Lock: *shrugs*

Jen: Well, I aint Halloween29, but yeah, kick his ass girl.

Oogie: What?

Jen: Oh nothing ^^.

Me: *walks ontsage yawning*.....*looks around*......0.0....why is the show going on?

Jen: Cause it's time.


Jen: Just a bit.......

Me: Crap! What did I miss?!?!?

Jen: Um....<.<.....>.>...not much.

Me: Alright then. *looks to the crowd* Lets not waste anymore time and go onto the next comment from Zero1996.

First of all nice job.
Second i have another question for samn. *clears throat* samn why is a raven like a writing desk. Nah I'm just kidding. Do u think people dislike you?)

Sam: Of course not! Everyone loves me!

Everyone: *looks away innosently and whistles*


Me: Okay, moving on please. Next comment from Katieghost.

hey, i have some questions! *laughs evilly*
jack, why do you run off every time someone asks a question about the host? hey, someone stop him so he won't run away again! MWAHAHAHA!!!
barrel, you're so cute!!! do you enjoy being the cutest one of the terrible trio? *giggles*
sally, are you you going to kill jack now that he doesn't love you anymore? c'mon, you were meant to be!)

Jack: Well I...because I.....*runs off*

Jen & Sam: *tackle Jack to the floor* Answer the question!

Jack: NEVER!!!

Barrel: *giggles* Yes, I enjoy it very much. ^-^

Lock: Only one problem, you aint the cutest, I am.

Shock: No, I am.

Lock: Frownb No, me!

Shock: Me!

Barrel: Me!

LS&B: *Tackle eachother and get into this big fight*

Me:....anyone gonna do something?


Me: Guess not. And oh I'm sorry, but Sally won't be let in on the set anymore. Security won't let her in. *smiles evily* Too bad.

Sam: Wow.....evil......

Me: *wipes off the smile* Next comment from....Hey Jen you wanna say this one?

Jen: Yeah! *looks at the comment* -.- I hate you. This is from....kidthatsafanofalotofthings. I did it! *faints*

Me: *laughs*

my name is SOO LONG BECAUSE I LOVE SO MUCH THINGS!!..ok now that's out of my chest time for--torture!!..Jack can you hurt yourself? Oogie dump Jack in lava OR dump lava on Jack either way i just wanna hurt Jack right now for no reason..wait..i think he took mah monneh!! ok Lock can you do me one little favor? just one!!...go to Oogies lair and take some stuff and give it to who ever hates Jack and or Oogie,think you can do that? oh and leave one for me..i need to use it for a certain person)

Jack: I will certainly NOT hurt myself!

Oogie: *is about to pour lava on Jack*

Me: O.O JACK! *pushes him outta the way and gets lava dumped on her*

Jack: O.O

Jen: O.O

Sam: O.O

Oogie: *laughs evily*

Me: *is possibly dead, who knows*

Jack: Halloween!

Jen:...she can survive that.....right?

Sam:.......I....I think so. we continue?

Jack:...*is just sad*

Peter: Well....we SHOULD keep the show going.

Lock: *runs off and steals Oogie's stuff, then gives some stuff to Jen*

Jen: Uh...thanks Lock *takes it*

Lock: *keeps one for Kid*'s all for this time folks......

Oogie: *looks to the audience* I think things will be a lot different from now on. *laughs evily as the camera shuts off*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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