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Don't Turn off the lights! Interviewing the cast!

Chapter 8

© Halloween29

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Camera Guy: *Flicks on the dusty camera*

Jen: I told you you're not being the host!

Oogie: Well who else will do it now with the other brat dead?!

Jen: Me you moron!

Sam: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Why can't I be the host?

Jen: Because you're a burnt piece of french toast!

Sam:...I may be toast, but I have feelings.

Jen: That, and you're just plain stupid.

Sam: Hey! I may be stupid, but I'm also dumb!

Jen: Course you are.

Peter: *Quietly* Can I be the host?

Jen, Oogie, and Sam: NO!!

Peter: ._. *Sulks*

Camera Guy: *Clears his throat* Um, excuse me? The show's going.

Jen: Huh? *Turns to the audience* Aw fu-

Sam: *Steps on her foot*

Jen: *Cringes* Fuu-antastic! *Shines a smile* Greetings everyone to an overdue episode of Don't Turn off the Lights! Interviewing the cast! Ahem, as you know, our host is absent because she's....well...dead, but that's besides the point! You know what they say! The show must go on! So, lets get on with our first-

Oogie: *Pushes Jen down and sits on her* I said I was being the host!

Jen: Oh my God you're crushing me with your fat butt!

Sam: Ninja! *Tackles Oogie*

Oogie: *Falls off Jen* AH!

Jen: *Stands up and dusts herself off while mumbling* Stupid marshmellow on steroids....*Looks up and fakes a smile* Moving on. Our first question is from Shock.

Shock: How many times do I gotta say-

Everyone: Not you!

Shock: Gah! *Throws arms up*

Jen: *Shakes head*

Yayz!Beating Oogie up is awesome!U rock Jen!Jack you love Halloween29 and U know it!Halloween29 do U like Jack??!!Ha Mayor!U R such a baby!U R scared of a little girl!But U will be gone soon!Mwahahahahahaha! Me:*Walks onto stage and starts killing Oogie*.)

Jen: Well, *Straightens up* I don't like to brag, but I rock pretty hard.

Peter: You know, that almost sounded like an innuendo but I'm not clever enough.

Jack: I never said I liked Halloween29...*Looks down, still sad that she's dead*

Jen: *Rolls eyes* Dude, get over your commitment issues and fess up already!

Jack: Nevah!

Mayor: *Is peeing his pants in fright*

Jen:...can someone get a mop? *Looks at Mayor* Gee Mayor, you haven't said one word and you're already making a bloody mess.

Mayor: Mommy! I don't wanna die!! *Sucks thumb and goes into a feedle position*

Jen: Pfft, oh please, you're not gonna die.

Mayor: I'm not!? Grin

Jen: No. You'll just get horribly beaten physically then have things done to you your mind will never be able to get rid of....THEN you'll die.

Mayor: ._.

Oogie: *Starts getting beat up* Ah! What the hell!?

Sam: Hey, it's my replacement! Break time!

Oogie: Mother of a cracker that hurts!!

Jen: *With a corny smile the whole way* Our next comment is from kidthatsafanofalotofthings....otherwise known as the bastard that killed the host. Buy your torches and pitchforks now.

-A number appears '555-DIE!'-

Camera Guy: Um....that's not a real nu-

Jen: Shhhh! *Waves a hand rapidly*

( kidthatsafanofalotofthings:
i am SO sorry for telling you know but just call me KF alright? ok on to the list!! ok 10 chips 3 soda--to do list--who--oh well umm--ok i guess i gonna think this through then hmm..ahh ok umm NOOO!! HALLOWEEN!!...Jack i blame you for this...cuz YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SHE CARES ABOUT IN THIS PLACE AT THE MOMENT IT HIT HER!!..and heres some random posoin..or was it poison? oh well umm thanks Lock now all i gotta do is wait till October and he is DEAD!! MWAHAHA--..i said that out loud didn't i?...ok well i still hate you Jack and this will NOT be the last time you herd of kidthatsafan--KF..*disapears* )

Jen:...was there a dare or question in any of that?

Sam: Of course....he dared us to shorten his name.

Jen: Challenge accepted!

Jack: Why blame me!?

Jen: YOU'RE the one the host cared about you cornflake!

Peter: Just to ask, are you sure it's poison and not posoin? Cause there's a difference. I'm curious, what's the difference?

Peter: *Dead serious* You dun wanna know O.O

Jen:.....creeped out, but alright. Our next comment is from Zero1996.

jen who do you like more peter or jack? and why are you so stupid an-never mind, samn go do somthing cool to stun the fans you dont have.)

Jen: Peter. Really no contest there. And why am I so-...*In a french accent* Pardon? Me? Stupid? Ya know what!? I out to get a team of scientists to make some fricken combustable lemons and burn your d@mn house down!


Jen: *Shrugs* I dunno. Now Sam, do something to stun the fans you don't have.

Sam: I do too have fans!

Jen: Liiiike?

Sam: My imaginary friend, Arthur! hobo down the street....and....

Jen: Alright, alright, don't hurt yourself. Our next comment is from SkellingtonGirl.

host: Can I join the show?

Oogie: Tie urself to a rocket

Jack: If he doesn't, YOU tie him up to a rocket, then light it and send him flying! Grinb )

Jen: Well, the host is a little dead-ish, so...she'll get back to you on that.

Oogie: *Is in a tangled heap on the floor*

Jen: Yo! Get up!

Oogie: *Mumbles something about not tying himself to a rocket*

Jen: Jaaaaack!

Jack: I'm already on it. *Goes to drag Oogie but a crack comes from his back* Oh my back! Good lord Oogie you way a ton! *Holds his back in pain*

Oogie: Hey shut up! *Gets up* I happen to like twinkies!

Sam: They're the only food able to survive a nuclear explosion! ^-^


Sam: I've heard....V.V

Jen: Riiiight....anywho. *Clasps hands* Our next comment is from fafic reader.

Sam: Don't you mean fanfic reader?

Jen: says fafic...*Looks at the camera* LEARN TO SPELL!!!

Sam: You don't even spell good.

Jen: I do too! Because I'm smart! S.M.R.T!

Sam:....yep, you're smart.

Jen: ^^

(fafic reader:
OOGIE I HATE YOU !!! YOU KILLED HALLOWEEN!!! (i have never felt the urge to say something involving death before but here i go!) JACK KILL OOGIE !!! oh,and hi Jack!!!.....were's sally? anyway sorry for the loss of your (for some reason) love ... she will be missed dearly.... BYE FOREVER PERSON I NEVER KNEW!!! and Oogie... I still can't believe you kissed her,called her 'babe' ,told L,S,B to tie her to a chair and gag her and became temporary host until mayor came to the rescue,and then (by accident) KILLED HER!!! poor girl.......Oogie you better watch out!!! Grinb )

Jack: Gladly! Once I put the bones in my back, back into place! *Is fiddling with his bones* Oh...*Calms down* Hello. I'm...not sure where Sally is.

Jen: Same here, I mean, who knows? She could possibly be orbiting Venus in a rocket ship that was paid with the money we DON'T have in profit, but that's just a guess. *Shrugs* evil little child.

Jen: Tee-hee :3

Oogie: I did all those things because it was fun, I did love pissing the little brat off. And ooooh, I'm so scared, no one is threatening to me...except maybe Shock once a month.

Shock: Will everyone quit saying that!?

Barrel: *Pipes up* It's true! You CAN get scary!

Shock: Shut up!!

Lock: Must be that time....

Jen: Hey! Zip it you three! We have one more comment left, lets just get this over with! This one's from Anonymous.

Oogie: *Rolls eyes* How original.

Jen: Right, cause the name 'The Boogieman' is so unique. *Eye roll*

Oogie: Zip it tiny tot!

Sam: Oh I love tater tots!!


Sam: <.<...I do...

(Revives Halloween29)
Your Welcome!
Okay I have a few questions
To Oogie: Do you ever feel lonely, and have you ever tried to find a woman to love?
To LSB: Where did you come from?
To Jack: How did you get here?
To the mayor: How are you able to spin your head around?
And some dares!
To LSB: Pin down Halloween29's legs and arms!
To everyone else except Oogie and LSB: make sure Halloween29 doesn't escape while LSB are holding her down!
To Oogie: While LSB are holding Halloween 29 down, tickle Halloween29's feet and belly!)

Peter:....did this anonymous person just say they revived the host?

Everyone: O.O

Jen: *Looks around excited*


Jen: *Frowns* Well....*Sigh* It was worth a shot. Question time!

Oogie: I never feel lonely, because I always have babes lining up at my door! *Suave smirk and muscle (or lack there of) flex*

Jen: Now you see, that's just disturbing, and you wonder why you're still single.

Oogie: Shut up!

Lock: We came from the magical land of ponies!

Barrel: They have one of those?! *Hopeful look*

Lock: No

Barrel: Oh ._.

Shock: I'll tell you exactly where we came from......................................................................................................................NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!!!

Jen: Hang on a sec. *Feels her ear* Yep, yep, my ears are definently bleeding, thank you Shock.

Shock: Hmph.

Jack: It's a long, tragic story that-

Jen: That we don't have time for! Short version Jack, if you please?

Jack: The short version? I suppose I just...died. But-

Jen: Good enough! Moving on!

Mayor: head spins because....because....oh dear, I'm not sure why.

Jen: Maybe it's a screw. So if it comes loose someone could do....this. *Spins Mayor's head rapidly*

Mayor: *His head spins around rapidly* WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

Sam: Yay! Spinny!!

Jen: Well, Anonymous, since your attempt to bring back the host was an utter failure-

Peter: Be nice.

Jen: But a...nice attempt none the less, I'm afraid we won't be able to do the-

-The lights flicker-

Oogie: The hell was that?

Jen: Oogie! What'd you do!?

Oogie: *Puts hands up in defense* Nothing!!

-The curtains dramatically part-

Everyone: *Look*

Me: *Smirks* I'm baaaaaaack.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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