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Precious Devils

Welcome to town

© Boogie-Gurl

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Now, falling down the tree was expected. The rough so much. Xenga was lucky though, her head broke her fall. "oh..demmit" She picked her aching self up and walked to the Guillotine gates, only to be stopped by the gate keeper. "'Ello, may I ask on what occasion your are visiting our fine town Ma'am?" Xenga thought to herself, (no one said I was going to be interegated) "uh..I'm..moving here?" The keeper look down at her. "Name Ma'am?" Thank god, an easy question. " Xenga Livingsphere" For a moment he didn't respond and then "Ah yes. The young witch. Wait a moment. Livingsphere? I was friends with your parents I do believe! Yes, I remeber them quite well now. I-" Xenga abruptly stopped him. "Just open the fricking gate." The keeper was a bit taken aback. "Oh, y-yes Ma'am." He quickly did so and she walked into the dark town.

She looked around for a while. She was hoping that her pretend care takers would be waiting for her. No such luck. Xenga felt very uncomfortable. She was surronded by people she didn't know. "I knew this was a bad idea. I knew it I knew it I-" "Um, excuse me?" The feeling of someone touching her shoulder made her jump almost 5 feet in the air. She swiviled around, pulling out her trusty lead pipe. She didn't care broom sticks like other witches. "I- I don't have anything so touch me a-agian and i-" She soon realized she wasn't talking to the persons face. She looked up and a bony head was looking back at her. "Woah! Calm done!" said the skeleton, "You'r Xenga, right? She let her arms relax a little. "Mabye. Who's asking?" He stuck a long arm out to her. "Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King!" He seemed quite proud of himself for some reason. " And if I am correct your are coming to stay here for sometime" Xenga didn't return he's handshake. " Yeah, I guess I am. Do you know where I can find the witches in this place?" Jack nodded and pointed her off to a building at the end of town. As she started to walk off, he stopped her. "We have a town meeting tonight. I'm sure everyone one would be delighted if you would join us." Xenga continued walking. "yeah..sure..whatever."

When the witches introduced themselves, Xenga didn't really pay attention. She didn't care what their names were. She decided they would be "Tall witch" and "Small witch". They gave her a qick lay out of the twon and it's citizens. Xenga quickly realized there was non one her age there. After a while they brought her to an empty room and told her to make herself at home. When they finally left her alone she sighed. "Man, can they talk.." She set her backpack down and took out a few things. As she went to place them the backpack started to move. " Oh, Zare. I had almost forgotten completely about you!" She ran back and pulled out a very odd looking animal. It looked like a purple and black ferret with green eyes and small wings. It jumped onto her shoulders nuzzled her face. Xenga let a small smile creep from her mouth. "Oh so you forgive me huh?"

When she was all finished "making herself at home" she sat on the creeky bed and fumbled with a Voodoo doll of hers. She looked at Zare. "So, think I should go to that stupid meeting?" The animal gave her a sort of a "yes" look. "Mabye, I don't know. I already don't like it here." She set her chin on her arm, which was resting on the window sill. Something caught her eye. It was ,what seemed to be, a very large tree house. "Hey..tall and small forgot to tell me about that place. Wonder who lives there." Her thoughts were interupted by "Tall witch". "Xenga we're on our way to the meeting! Are you coming?" Xenga looked over. "Yeah, be there in a minute."

Woah. This ended up being alot longer than I had hoped. And once again not much of anyone recognizable. I hope that itsy bitsy amount of jack got you through it.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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