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The Boogie Family

Chapter 5

© Oogies wife67

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Aerieth and Onyx woke up first because of some noise from Aeries and Oogie's bedroom.

"don'na is sore zatsuon? *What is that noise?*" asked Aerieth.

"Lets ask." Onyx slammed his fist on the door.

"Onyx! What's wrong?" Aeries picked up her son.

"What was with the noise?" Oogie got up and looked at Aeries then the kids.

"Let me tell you in Japanese." Oogie got the twins close to him and whispered in their ears.

"EWWWWWWWW!!!!" Aerieth and Onyx fell on the ground like if they got a heart attack.

"Don't tell that to anyone." said Aeries.

"Especially since we're going to Christmas Town." Oogie added.

"Why are we going?"

"Blame Jack." Oogie blurted out.

Several minutes later, the Boogie family left for Christmas Town, the pranksters pulled Aerieth and Onyx to a tree.

"Don'na is sore ga? *What is it?*" Aerieth asked.

"Got something for you two." said Lock evily.

"Oh, kuso." Onyx whispered.

"Take a guess, you two" Shock grinned.

"Is it sugar?"

"Correct!" Barrel handed them a sack of sugar.

"We're not allowed to eat this!"


"We get hyper!"


"Aerieth! Onyx!" The tricksters shoved the twins with the sack of sugar in their hands.

"You two have fun." Aerieth and Onyx looked at eachother nervously.

The family was now in Christmas Town, Santa spotted Oogie.

"I haven't seen you in years!" said Santa.

"That's what happens when you have a family." said Oogie.

"These two must be Aerieth and Onyx." Santa patted the twins heads.

"They are." Aeries smiled.

Aereith and Onyx wandered off while Oogie and Aeries were talking.

"I never get what the adults say." Onyx whispered.

"I know." Aerieth opened her sack of sugar.

"Sis! Iie!" Aereith put a handful in her mouth.

"There's no other choice." Onyx agreed and took a handful of sugar.

"AMAI SWEETNESS!!!!" Aerieth and Onyx ran around in the snow and became crazy.

"What's wrong with Aerieth and Onyx?" an elf shouted. Aeries and Oogie turned around to see the twins.

"Che Lock, Shock, and Barrel." Oogie murmured.

"What?" asked Santa.

"They had some sugar." said Jack shaking his head.

"And they ate the whole bag." Aeries added picking up the bags.

Aerieth and Onyx were now giving wedgies, noogies, and hard punches to the elfs.

"HOW DO YOU STOP THEM?!" Shouted an elf.

"Isn't that the rare snow snake?" Oogie pointed to the ground and the twins looked down. Aeries threw a snowball.

"That should get them to act up." Onyx and Aerieth made a fort and elfes threw snowballs at them and the twins threw some.

"How's this suppose to work?" asked Jack.

"Simple, they'll lose the energy faster with the snowballs."

Minutes later, Aerieth and Onyx were exausted.

"I see you should punish them." said Santa. Aeries and Oogie couldn't help but laugh.

"They're kids, what did you expect?" Oogie and Aeries picked up the twins to go home.

"We'll see you later." said Santa.

"Sorry about that, Mr.Claws." Aerieth and Onyx shouted.

"I haven't seen you two like that for a long time." said Oogie.

"You're not mad?"

"Of course not!" said Aeries.

"Only at my henchmen." The family laughed all the way home.

END OF CHAPTER!!!!! I know this did not make sence AT ALL!!! Amai is 'sugary' in Japanese and iie is 'no' in Japanese. Please comment!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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