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Samn Crisis: The Silent Force

© Zero1996

Samn Crisis and her best friend Maxx are doing what they normaly do when Samn spots a white rabbit in a waist coat. Upon seeing this rabbit they follow him to a tree where they fall into a portal that leads to another world. In all the commotion Maxx is lost. Can Samn find Max is the strange new world? Read to find out.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I have no idea where this is going, but it will go somewhere. So enjoy.

It was night and I couldn't fall asleep for crap, I had been tossing and turning since 10:00 and it was now 12:00. Since i wouldn't be able to fall asleep I decided to got for a walk.
I got put of bed and put on some cloths. Nothing special just a pair of normal denim jeans and a black t-shirt, I grabbed my hat too. I walked down the dark hallway, and sliped on my black shoes.
I opened the door to the outside world. I shivered as the wind blew, the air was cool and crisp, but it felt good on my skin. I looked right then left, to make sure I was the only one out there. In which I was. I shoved my hands into my pockets as I began walking. It was a good time to clear my mind. I had A LOT on my mind. 
I had me, the savior, the keyblade master number 2, the princess of the real world, Samn Crisis. I also had Maxx  Agito the love of my life and my own hero. He had saved me from myself more than once. When I was sad and thought I couldn't make it through, he was there for me and when I needed somoneto talk to, even when itwas 12:00 at night he was there.
With no particulr destinaion I found myself walking towards our tree. When we were little we had carved our names in it. I was 16 now, I had returned from my previous adventure in Midgar.(Final fantasy) I found the tree with no trouble at all. It was a big acorn tree that was excellent for climbing. That's where we put or initials, SC + MA in a little heart. It was not much of a climb, after all I had been all over hells acres and learned more than anyone. I finaly got to our spot, my hand traced over the ingraving. My head flooded with memories of us as little kids. The times we played hide and seek and the time we were playing Romeo and Juliet when he kissed me on the cheek,i had punched him in the face after. Only to make him cry and for me to kiss him on the cheek too.
The tree shook, I almost feel out of it. I looked down to the ground and yelled but I closed my eyes when I did.
"Hey you big dope what the hell is the big idea shaking the tree and all?" I opened my eyes to see Maxx, standing at the bottom of the tree looking up. I smiled at the sight of him. I always did. His face always lit a fire in my heart, it made me feel loved.
"Oh so now I'm a big dope?" he laughed and began to climbthe tree I noticed now that he had a blanket in his hand.
"yeah you are so get your big dopey butt up here." I laughed too.
He finaly reached where I was perched. Then he wrapped the blanket around the both of us.
"So how did you know I was here?" I asked wrapping my arms around him.
"Call it and Intuition." He said with a smile. I melted inside.
"Ahuh..Do yo know what time it is? My internal clock isn't working."
"Yeah time for you to get a better watch."
"Hey you watch it mister I can push you off at any minute." I squeezed tighter on my grip and so did he. Then he looked at me and pushed back my hair the was in the way of my face, put his hand on my face and tilted my head. I was so caught in his eyes that I didn't realize what he was doing. He leaned it and kissed me,on my lips!

OMG major drama between these two. What will happen next? Read and coment I need ideas.(note that they love one another) till next time hang tight.      

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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