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I love my job. Cast interview! ©

© kittypaw187

Cast interviews with questions from my friends! your questions may even end up here! Rated 13+ because I am kind of violent... Interesting interview!

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Camera man: Um.... Where's Kitty?
Shock:Who knows... (continues drawing in her notebook)
Camera man: Barrel, weren't you supposed to watch her?
(Barrel looks up and turns red)
Barrel: Whoops?
Lock: (facepalm) Go. Get. Her.
(I walk out on stage with a tray of coffee)
Me: I'm back! What'd I miss?
(Audience is asleep)
Camera man: Uh Kitty, we're rolling. You were supposed to be here an hour ago.
Me: Whatever, Rachel is a bad driver. Who wanted coffee?
(L&S take their coffees and sit down.)
Me: (Sips coffee) Now, lets have the cast come out so we can get to questions... I have something to do.
(Oogie, Sally, Jack, Dr.F, and the Mayor come out and sit, fangirls go crazy and attack Jack, Sally hisses at them and they sit back down.)
Me: Aloha everyone! So glad you could be here!
Oogie: Yeah...Under force.
Me: (Still smiling) Shut up Oogie. Well, we have questions and dares. These are from my good friend Abby these are her questions

To Oogie- You are so ugly and fat.
To Sally- Hod does your hair keep SOOOOO straight?
To Jack- Can I call you JackASS?

Lock FrownBlushes, Shock knocks him off his chair)
Sally: My hair is straight?
Oogie: THAT ISN'T A QUESTION.... I'm not fat..... I'm just...
Me: Yes you are fat now get over it.
Jack: um... no you may not.

(Abby stands up in the audience and shouts jackass, Jack frowns)

Me: Alrighty then, now the dares!!!!

Barrel: Give the Mayor your lollie pop
Oogie: Hug your favorite of the three
Shock: Punch Lock as much as you can, it's fun to watch!
Mayor: Spin your head around and jump in lava

Barrel: (Runs offstage with his lollie) NO MINE!!!!!!! (Shock drags him back while he kicks and yells at her. She ignores him.)
Me: Barrel Iwill give you a new one if you give him yours.
(Barrel licks it and sticks it to the mayor's face, I give him a new one.)
Barrel: Grin yay
Mayor: I refuse to jump into lava! I'm only an-
Everyone: (angrily) we know we know, and elected official...
Mayor: Yes, but I will not jump into lava! (Oogie spins his head around, Jack pushes a dunk tank of lava out and throws the mayor in it. Everyone laughs.)

Oogie: Hmm..... Well, Lock annoys me, Barrel is sort of stupid, so I'd say Shock is my favorite. (He hugs Shock and she is confused.)
Shock: Erm...... SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Me: *Sigh* Shock, please do your dare.

(Shock punches Lock over and over and he screams. everyone laughs at his pain. She reaches 600 and stands, she sits back down. Lock writhes in pain on the floor.)
Me: Fabulous, lets move on! Grin

Me: These are from my friend Danny, his questions are... o.o um.. someone else read these...
Sally: Why? They can't be that- (reads them in her head) OH MY GOD THATS GROSS!
(Sallys gives them to Oogie) Read.

Oogie: (Reads them outloud)

To Kitty: Would you make love to a cactus?
To Shock: (Refuses to read and skips over it)
To Barrel, eh this one isnt so bad: Do you like Shock?

Shock: (interupts) What was my question? Frownb

Oogie: Thats all the time we have today!
Me: Um.. Oogie, only I can end the show. I'll read her question. (takes the paper) Shock your questions is, Have you gotten your period? o.o that is awkward....

Shock: Erm... WTF?? I'm leaving..... (Gets up to leave but Lock makes her sit.)
Lock: come on, tell us.
Shock: EW PERV!!!
(They argue, Barrel hits Lock with his lollie)
Shock: (laughs at Lock) no, i havent.... Frown Don'tmake fun of me...
Me and Sally: YOU'RE LUCKY.

Me: And no Danny, I will not f*** a cactus....
Dr.fF: (Hits my with a frying pan... I don't know where he got it...) Language! There are children here.....

Barrel: Yes I like her, but only as a friend. (Gives her a hug, she accepts and Lock rolls his eyes.)
Shock: You're jelous cause I'm not going to hug you.
Lock: Am not....
(They start arguing again)

Me: Well, thats all the time we have for today, please send in your questions... Before this gets out of hand...

(Camrea guy runs away, it goes black)

I love random fights, and yes my friends did ask the disturbing questions......

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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