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I love my job. Cast interview! ©


© kittypaw187

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Me- *skips onstage* Well that was a complete fail!

Nessie- How do you post a chapter on the wrong thing?


Nessie- no you don't.

Me- -.- ANYWAY. High school is terrifying. But i have one of the bigger lockers so yay!

Chemical- Congratulations?

Me- Rawr. Anyways, Leslie's comment was big enough that I thought i should post next chapter. And I've got some random facts about my oc's I wanna share.
Burlan- Oh god no. BriBri why?!

Me- IT'S FUNNY. CHEMICAL. Introduce the questions.

Chemical- Yes ma'am. First question is from Ninja Girl.

Ninja Girl (guest) wrote: 01 Sep 2011, 10:33 AM
kitty: how r u?
lock: I love you! *hugs and kisses him*
shock: do a magic trick!
barrel: shoot someone
nessie: *hisses at her* lock is MINE!
chemical: how old r u?
burlan: what do u look like?
ella: whats ur favourite song?
astrid: hello.
allison: do u like candy?
oogie: u should date jack!!
jack: i like u and oogie dating!
sally: i dont hate on u.
caleb: r u still on this show?
olivia: what do u think of everyone on the show?
co-host: meh. i have nothing to say to u.


Chemical- CALM DOWN.

Me- ;-;


Nessie- *pries her off of him* Mine!

Shock- no!

Nessie- *b*tch slaps her*

Chemical- I'm 20 :3

Burlan- I...look like awesome.

Ella- *shrugs*

Astrid- HEY!

Alison- I DOO!

Ooogie- ?! NO! NEVER!

Nessie- That's.... nasty.

Sally- Good.

Caleb- Yes I'm just broken. *lol is in a cast*

Olivia- They scare me.

Chemical- *creepy smirk*

Olivia- .... *inches away*


Me- dont' worry. WE SHALL AHVE REVENGE. lol jk.

Ella- Next questions are from Leslie!

Leslie- Prepare to explode BriBri!

Sally_382 wrote: 27 Aug 2011, 09:01 AM
silly bribri you posted your interview on the wrong story!
Amber- didn't you just do that too?
<< silence blonde! and YAYY YOU FEEL GOOD AGAIN 8D
bribri- for revenage I shall post a large comment because! and allo chuuuu!
Ella- omfg Ella isn't?! HOLY DUCK FUDGE NO ONE HAS INFORMED ME OF THIS MATTER!!! or they did and I forgot. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?
Burlan- *hands him gun and ties Mayor to bullseye* Muwahahahaa!
Shock- your oppion on all this ShockxLock stuff?
Nathan- Nathan and Mystery Woman sitting in a tree K-I-S....SOMEOTHER LETTERS 8D
CHemical- who is your fave sibling, Nessie or Burlan?
...I have run out of randomness. OCS QUESTIONS!!!
Amber- stupid bossy mother fudger......

Barrel- I;m still mad at you for Valentines Day. Seriously, what is so bad you ran away screaming?
bribri-Leslie is trying to turn me into a girly girl SHOOT HER!!
Nessie- allo braski.
Chemical- how are ya CHemmy?
Burlan- CUT. YOUR. DAMN. HAIR! emo Charlie Brown hippy person thing....

AMber- okay I'm content. who next?
AMethyst- sure.

bribri- Tell Leslie not to change my eye color!!! D:<
Chemmy- heeeey Chemmy.
Burlan- hey Emo Charlie Brown!
Nessie- why Lock? WHY YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER!!!!
Lock- no offence dude....
Barrel- fine. but kiss me again you wil wish you were dead.

Amethyst- I think I'm content... Yo other person your turn.
Wicca- Wicca?
Amethyst- If I cared enough to know your name I'd know it by now.
Wicca- -.-

bribri- helllo! ^-^
Lock- hi!! *waves*
Shock- do you like being a witch or would you wnna be something else?
Nessie- Hi Nessie!
Chemical- hmm.. *thinks* Dump someone it a tank of electric eels.
Burlan- hi Burlan! :3

okay now my OC's shall stfu and we shall disapear. POOF!!!!!
-epic smoke-
*still there* uh... hell. BYE! *leaves*


Ella- Nope. It's Elizabeth. :3

Burlan- ...Nah I'm not gonna do it.

Mayor- ;-; LET ME DOWN!!!! I'M ONLY-


Lock- .... Oh?

Nathan- -.-

Shock- That stuff is gross.

Chemical- Nessie. BURLAN IS ANNOYING.

Burlan- Oh. Well EXCUUSEE MEE.

Barrel- O.O You scare me!

Me- NO! BAD LESLIE! Keep Amber as her ambery self D:

Nessie- Sup braski?

Chemical- IM FANTABULOUS. You dear?

Burlan- NO! I like my hair D:

Me- Nu change Methy either D:

Chemical- Heyyy Amey.

Burlan- ;-;

Nessie- Don't be mean D:

Lock- Offense not taken.

Barrel- Got it o.o

Me- HII!

Lock- ...Hi Wicca.

Shock- I dunno.

Chemical- *dumps eels on The Mayor* Confetti! That moves!

Burlan- Hi wicca :3

Me- Alright. That. That was LONG. Ok, now random fact time!

Random fact #1

Burlan was actually just a really manly drawing of Nessie, so I decied to make her have a brother and name him something similar to "Burlap" So it became Burlan. And, he used to have brown hair and blue eyes.

Random fact #2

Nessie was supposed to be named Vendetta, but I decided that was too much to type so I named her Nessie randomly one day on mewp. Not realizing Nessie was the nickname for the lochness monster. Also, she was supposed to have long black hair and green eyes.

Random fact #3

Chemical was supposed to be a murderer, but, since I had lost my evilness, I made her as she is. And she was supposed to torture Nessie all the time but I got bored of that.

Random fact #4

ALISON IS SWEDISH! Yup. She's the young apprentice of the Vampire Brothers, and she is also a vampire. But she can't turn into a bat whenever she wants, you have to scare her for he to turn into a bat.

Random fact #5

Astrid is named after a little french girl I met at my camp who was absolutely hilarious and adorable. I miss her terribly D: But i made a character after her.

Random fact #6

Originally, BriBri was just a random cat. I only made her because everyone used to call me kitty, and I thought that since my username was unrelated to TNBC, I'd make myself as a cat. So the 187 stands for her being the 187th of the breed she is. And she has for different forms which that breed can transform into.
Form 1: Neko
Form 2: Cat
Form 3: Chibi Neko
Form 4: Chibi cat.

Random fact #7

Olivia was supposed to be really mean and awful and....mean... but then I decided I ctually liked her as a character and made her not really mean.


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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