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Me- PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. I know it's been two months. I'm a loser and haven't gone on here for more than 10 minutes all togther since school started. So... I sawwe.

Olivia- you forgot about us.

Caleb- for that you shall die.

Chemical- Painfully.

Nessie- In a pit of lava.

Leslie- With bunnies Grin

Burlan-...*is in a bunny suit*

Me- ANYWAY. Before I get anymore death thre-


Me-;-; Why?

Oogie- *GLARE*


Chemical- First questions are from Leslie.

Sally_382 (guest) wrote: 08 Sep 2011, 06:34 AM
damn I keep forgetting stuff....meh whatever just five thingies I forgotted.
Caleb- YOU CHEATING, LYING B*STARD!!!! *I-kill-yo-butt face*
Olivia- ALLO! *ruffles her hair*
Astrid- you seem nice! I like chu!
Allison- you're a vampire, your oppion on Twilight?
Burlan- Silleh Burlan you have to belt loop someone in a bed not on a couch! XD you dun goof'd up. REDO!! XD

Caleb- O.O *hides behind Astrid*

Astrid- ... *slaps him*

Caleb- what was that for?!

Astrid- for bein' an idiot!

Caleb- v.v Ok. (Amanda Show refrence anybody?)

Olivia-...My hair...

Astrid- :3 I'm not nice.

Alison- It isnults my family.

Burlan- .......... *hops over to emo corner*

Chemical- Oh wait she has more!

Sally_382 wrote: 19 Sep 2011, 05:58 PM
Everyone- confess your biggest fears.

Jack-....BriBri. *shudders*

Sally- BriBri.

Dr.F- BUNNIES! *wheels away from burlan*


Oogie- o.o Ella.

Ella- *creepy smile*

Oogie- ;-;


Shock- BriBri on drugs..

Barrel- ;-; BriBri.

Caleb- Leslie's OC's...

Chemical- Teh darnkness.

Nessie- Not saying that.



Me- Why is everyone afriad of me!? *holding chainsaw that has a bonnet taped to it* It's okay Billy. They don't hte you. *rocks chainsaw*

Nessie- BriBri that's a chainsaw.



Chemical- Next questions are from Skellington girl!

Skellington girl (guest) wrote: 03 Oct 2011, 07:19 PM
Oogie if you enter in a world were robot contol the world, what would you do.
Jack In my stories, you have twins daughters named Raven and Holly.
Sally Kick The doctors ass and dip him in acid
Oogie boys Steal a dog for a mall and don't get caught


Jack-Since when do I have all these children!?

Olivia- I SEE HOW IT IS! *sad emo face*

Sally- *laughs insanely and throws him in acid*

Dr.F- BWAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *deadzeded*

LSB- ... *walk into store, pick up puppy and leave*

Lock- *hads puppy to Ella* Puppy.

Ella- o.o puppy *stare*

Me-Bravo. NOW! We have yet another new person! Tis Chemical's wittle baby. Devon :3

Devon- *toddles out and clings to Chemmy*

Audience- AWWWW.

Me- Now everyone beat up Caleb.

Leslie- *kicks him in teh nuts!*

Caleb- OW! *falls over* ;-;

Me- Oh yes! I was having a contest on deviant art but Leslie is the only person who entered. So I'm going t advertise it here! No worries Leslie I'ma still draw stuffs for you cuz your costume was fantabs. BUT! The contest!


No photoshop! That's CHEATING!
Paint is fine as long as you're making the drawing on there.
You can enter as many times as you want.
I'll post the date soon
Put copyrights of me characters at the bottom
Have le fun

So characters you can do:

There are pictures of these characters if you need a refrence, this is just to be FUN! So. Pizesss

1st place costume:5 drawings and a mini story
2nd place costume: 2 drawings and mini story
3rd place costume: 1 drawing and mini story

1st place drawing: 5 drawings and mini story
2nd place drawing: 2 drawings and mini story
3rd place drawing: 1 drawing and mini sotry

So technically, you can make a costume and take a picture and send, or you can draw! Or you can do both! I'll put mini stories on here for you. And drawings will go either here or deviant art! If you want to see pictures of the other characters go here :[url Smile2[/url]

Please join! Please! It's nice when people join! Thanks everyone and have a noice day!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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