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I love my job. Cast interview! ©

Leaving. For longer.

© kittypaw187

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Me-*slowly walks put with a box of deadly weapons that says 'props'* So I haven't been on here for half a year, I did leave for a while. Just to go on one of those spirit finding adventures, to improve my role playing, work on characters, fix stories and whatnot. I haven't forgotten you guys. Frankly I didn't think anyone would care but they did. I do want to try and get back into here, because you guys are what changed my life a lot,but for now I need to think. So this could be the last show.

Nessie-*sad face* but... But I like it here..

Me-TOO BAD. I'm being sappy so SHADDAHP. Anyway, my OC's and Leslie's OC's have had lots 'o babies. For the Aussies we have: Melania and Adam and Alice for Burlan and Wicca, Devon and Emily for Chemical and Caleb (who is no longer my OC but Leslie's), Ella and Luna for Nessie and Lock, and for my newest OC (well to you guys he's new) Whitney for Dallas and Amber. Anyway, I won't be bringing them on the show unless I come back. Anyway. I received questions so here they are.

Chemical- First is from Sarah.


Me-hell yah I do! And here is another question or something from her.


squishie? that's my little bros nickname whenever we want 2 annoy him.
Sarah (guest) wrote: 28 Dec 2011, 04:11 PM
3 things;


2. who ever dared LS&B to make jack watch barney- IMMA FIRRIN MA LAZOR!!!! BBLLAAHH!!!!!!!!! and... DR. OCTOGONAPUS!!!! BLAH!!!!! (lazer collections 2/3-5)

3; Jack and Sally are cute 2gether. if any1 thinks otherwise will have 2 answer 2 me, my cute but deadly dog, MA LAZOR, and DR. OCTAGONAPUS!!!!!!

Jack-.... Please help me.

Me&Leslie-*smack him over head with wooden spoon* SHADDAHP YOU ABUSIVE SON OF A PEICE OF MOLDY BUTTERED TOAST!!!

Jack-D: ow! How rude!

Me-Put a lid on it. Well those were my last, comments. If I receive more maybe I'll post. Anyway, I will be re-writing all my stories on here and ridding of the old ones.

Olivia-I swear if you post the second half of my story I will smack you.

Me-I will anyway. Anyway, have a preview of the new Rose Petals!

My name, is Olivia Rose Skellington. At the moment I am 14. Wicca and I are hiding. From what? You'll find out soon enough. My story begins before I was born. Or... Well... Made. My father is Jack Skellington, king of Halloween, loved by many, an icon to the town. As a child he was my hero. I wanted to be just like him when I was older, to be able to scare people like him and to make him proud of me. 
Before he had me, he was (surprisingly) miserable. He needed something or someone to care for. What he wanted was a daughter. So he went to the town's local nut ca- I mean doctor and asked him to construct a child for him. One that would be able to grow as other children would and live a normal life. And so Dr. Finklestein agreed and began to build me. From bones to the surface of my skin I had what every child had inside of them. Except, I was filled with rose petals. When I was cut, they would come out as blood, but if a stitching came undone the petals would fall out. I guess it was a form of protection. When it got to my heart, Dr. F suggested Jack put a piece of himself inside of me, so we would always have an unbreakable bond. Dr. F then sewed a piece of Jack's heart into mine. And a piece of mine into his. Now we would be forever bonded, never to be apart.  
When everything was done, he brought me to life. And that is where the real story begins.
Me-So that's a preview. Also, I had the pleasure of meetingLeslie in person last weekend. We have been through a lot this past year, and she has become one of the best friends anyone could ask for. I can't thank her enough for what she's done for me and I don't know where I would be without her. We are actually trying to write a book about our friendship because to us, it's an amazing story. And we feel people would read it. If you would like to keep contact with me send me a PM! Thanks to those who read and enjoyed my stories and interview, I love you all and hope to return.

Burlan-bai bai loving audience members D:

Oogie-I'm no longer a fat sack of bugs! *spins around* I'M A REAL BOY!!!!!!!!!!

Me-This is DJ Chicken Stripz, signing off.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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