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I love my job. Cast interview! ©

Questions from the readers!!

© kittypaw187

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Kitty FrownDancing to Caramelldansen)
Camera guy: Kitty. KITTY! You know we are on right?
Kitty: (Cannot stop dancing) It was a dare! I CANT STOP!!! LOCK TURN IT OFF!!!
Lock: (laughs eveily) NO
Kitty: Then no pay for you! Frownb
Lock: O.O ok! (turns caramelldansen off)
Kitty: Thank you. Hello everyone! Today we have questions from our readers!! Here they are! Thses are from... kidthatsafanofalotofthings!!!! Yay i said it!

just call me KF's easier than my whole name alright heres some--dares first alright umm i never order so..i'll at least try ok OFF WITH THERE DARES
Lock Shock AND Barrel:Chase the Mayor with torches and pitchforks!!
Mayor:Take it like a man
Oogie on't let the Mayor get away!! And if you do don't get me wrong I like you better than Jack but I will kick your--BUTT!!..yeah..

alright questions
Jack:Who is the craziest person you know?
Sally:If you had a chance to hurt the person that you hate the most will you do it? and who is this person? by person I mean the one that person standing right there way far away from everybody behind us which is really really creepy
Lock:If you were a candy what will you be?
Shock:If you were a drink what will you be?
Barrel:what type of candy do you love besides lollipops?

i suck at doing things in order don't i?

LSB: COME HERE MAYOR!!! (Starts chasing the mayor with the pitchforks and torches)
Mayor: -Starts crying and runs away-
Oogie: Um... Does that count as letting him get away? Oh well. RUN CHILDREN!!!

Kitty: OK! OK! Now leave the poor mayor alone, eve though he has no friends. Jack, asnwer your question

Jack: The craziest person I know? Hmm.. I'd say it would be kitty. But, in a good way.
Kitty: Yay! (Huggles Jack)
Sally: Hmmm, the person I hate the most? OOGIE. That perv...
Oogie: D: I am not a perv! Kitty, am I a perv? (runs my head)
Kitty: Uh, yes you are, now please stop touching me... o.o
Oogie: No. (pets me)
Kitty: MOMMY!!! (Runs away from Oogie and takes out bug repelant)
Lock: If I were a candy I would be an...
Shock: Airhead?
Lock: Frownb No! A hot tamale
Shock: Oh I get it, cuz you're disgusting and no one wants you? Makes sense.
Lock: Say that again witch!
Shock: Yeah, no I'm just gonna answer my question, I would be Dr.Pepper. Cuz it is delicious.
Barrel:I like everything. But lolliepops are the best.

Kitty: Aww Barrel, you are so cute. OK! The next things are from my good friend TheEvilThreeLSB!
Oh and here are some questions and dares ^^

Lock: Will you marry me? PLEASE!
Shock: Go fall in a ditch! If you don't have one dig one up then fall in it!
Barrel: What is wrong with your feet? Why are they big and green?
Oogie: Your not scary just cute ^^

Dr F.: Please die! No one likes you.
Mayor: Take a chill pill. -_-
Lock: Kiss me!
Shock: Take a whole lot of chill pills.
Barrel: Sing the lollypop song! ^^
Oogie: Give me a hug!

Lock: ^^ Yes I will marry you!!! (Hugs)
Shock: D: I will not go fall in a ditch!!!!! WHY DO YOU HATE ME?! (cries)
Barrel: I don't know..... WHY DO YOU ASK THESE QUESTIONS?!!
Oogie: : D Thankyou!

Dr.F Frownwakes up from sleeping) HUH? No. I will not die! Everyone likes me! Right Sally? (sally is quiet) Sally? FINE! You're grounded.
Sally: Frown You hate me....
Mayor: (is cowering in the corner)
Lock Frownkisses TETLSB)
Shock:You are mean...
Barrel:*Sings the lollypop song cutely*
Audience: AWWWWW!!!!!
Oogie Frownhuggles) there.

Kitty: Aww cute!! Ok, the next are from... Shock!
Shock: Me? I never sent in questions... WHAT IS THIS?!
Kitty: No, Shock is the person's username... ^^

Yay! Interview thingy...anyway! Oogie you're awesome! * hugs Oogie* Sally:Have you ever hurt anything or anyone in your ragdoll life? Jack: Why did you like Christmas so much in the movie? Shock:Will you be my friend?Oogie:Can i work for you like LS&B do? Everyone: Tell Sandy Claws that Toph ( not saying my last name! Just say she has black hair!) said hi!

Sally:Um, maybe. I don't know.
Jack: I guess is was something new. But, Sandy scares me so I will never do it again!
Shock: I will be your friend. Because I'm nice.
Lock: You are not!
Shock: (punches him) Yes I am.
Oogie: If you work for me you will have to undergo the initiation.
LS&B: Ugh! Don't even bring it up! (They all cringe)

Other Shock: O.O What is it?
Oogie: (Whispers it to her and she runs away then comes back.)
Other Shock: Alright I'll do it.
Kitty: Next chapter though, it's too long for this one!
Sandy Claws: Hello Toph, have you been a good girl this year?
Oogie: Oh shuddup Sandy. (Throws his dice at him, Sandy falls over.)
Sandy: Wait, when did I get here?!

Kitty: And thats all I have time for today, so whosever's question werent answered, will get answered first next time. And does anyone have questions for me?? I'll do whatever!!! See you next time!!!!

(Lock shuts camera off)

I hope you liked it! Get some more questions for me too!!!!!! Thanks and hope your questions are up therwe!


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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