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Me: *singing for you entertainment by Adam Lambert* Let me entertain ya till ya screaaaammmmm!!!!!!!! *AUDIENCE APPLAUDS* Thank you very much!
Jack-Bri Bri, do you know what that song is about?
Me- Yes, LET'S TELL THE PUBLIC!! The song is about- *Jack covers her mouth and drags her away*
Me- OY! *slaps Jack* That was rude... Now, I know she didnt comment or anything, but let me introduce you to my new co-host for this chapter.... MIZZUUUU!! (a.k.a Kira!)
KIira- Grin Yay! I'm special! *glomps her*
Me- *falls over* Yes you are, because you let me be your co-host, you get to co-host this chapter!!!!
Kira- Huzzah!
Me- Alright, first questions from...
Kira- Mimi!

HI I'M BACK!Yes this is Shock (guest)but anyways Jack I wanna see a magic trick!So do one!Shock yayz!I'm your new friend!Sandy Claws I DON'T KNOW!Hey Lock I have a surprise for you *gives him a wedgie*Now i'm happy!

Jack- Ok, I will make my self dissapear... >> << *runs away*
Mimi- That was the worst magic trick ever.
Jack- *from far away* I heard that!!
Shock- Well alright. ^^
Me- HEY! YOU STOLE MY HAPPY FACE! *tackles Shock*
Shock- GAAAHHHH!!! *runs away*
Lock- Wait-wah?
Mimi- *gives him a wedgie* >:3
Lock- *sscreams like a little girl*
Me and Kira- ownnneeeeddddd. X3
Lock- *squeaky like* I. Will. Kill. You.
Kira- I'd like to see you try, squeaky.
Lock- *sadface*
Sandy- Well um..... Your face.
Me- Wow Santa, no friends.
Sandy- *runs away crying*

Kira- Ha, Sandy is a wimp. Next question is from......... Skellington girl!!!!!!!!!!! Q!
Me- What's with the Q?
Kira- *shrugs* I dunno

jack get drunk
oogie do you have a wife
shockn kiss barral
lock give ducky(dr.f) a wegie

Jack- Um. No.
Skellington girl- *gives him an instant drunk potion* Here, drink this.
Jack- Ok. *drinks it and is drunk*
Oogie- Well it was a long time ago, but yes. Now I have Bri Bri.
Me- O.O PERVERT!!! *is about to run when Oogie stops her*
Oogie- How do you think Nessie got here?
Kira- Heh heh... I know...
Nessie- *has been backstage the whole time until know* Kira, don't make me hit you.
Jack- *completely drunk and crazy* I know... They had... *pulls Bri Bri next to him and whispers loudly to her* They had sex.
Me- O.o Jack... go home.
Jack- ok! *falls off the stage and is attacked by fangirls*
Sally- OH NO MY JACKIE!! *jumps into the pile pf fangirls and pulls him out, runs away with Jack making weird noises*

Kira- Ok then. Lock, do your dare!
*Lock is gone*
Kira- *wistles and walks away*
Me- What'd you sdo with him?
*Screaming comes from a closet*
Kira- Nothinnngggg....
shock- I'm not kissing him.
Barrel- *Wandering around and falls on his face* OW!!! MAH FACE!!!! ( Credit given to CheshireCatGirl a.k.a Cassie from a rp, for the ow mah face thing))
Me- Well ok! Next things are from............
Kira- Zero_And_a_half!!!!!!!!


Jack- Do you know Skulduggery Pleasant? If so, could you introduse us? (Just started the series and is in love with Skulduggery already <3 ) Or the Mad Hatter! =3 he's so crazy...^^

Sally- You're so nice and do you manage it all the time? I can't go even one day without punching someone...

Shock- I wish for you to teach me your magical ways...

Barrel- YOU'RE SO ADORABLE! I think you're right up there in cuteness with Gir!

Lock- *punches him in the face* See, Sally? I told you!

Oogie-......i don't hate you as much now that i'm not a diehard Jack fan...

Jack- *Still drunk* I like turtles
Me- Lololololol
Sally- I'm just a calm person and I don't get angry as much as I should.
Kira- Really, because this video of you 5 minutes ago says otherwise!!! *shows the video of her trying to attack the fangirls who attacked Jack*
Sally- ;~;
Zero and a half- You made me so angry I'm going to get lock oiut fo the closet!
Lock- Im back!
Shock- HA! I knew you'd come out of the closet one day!
Barrel- Thank you
Lock- IM NOT GAY! *runs away*
Me- All the time we have for today. kthx bie!!!!!!!
Kira- Grin
Me- And people, ask me questions too! BUH BYE!
*Everyone glomps the camera and it goes dark*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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