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I love my job. Cast interview! ©


© kittypaw187

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Me- *walks on the stage* I havent been here for a while... Since... August... And I apologize for that! But!!!! We have new characters we are welcoming to the show. So, please welcome Natessa (Call her Nessie, you know her that way)!!!!
Nessie- *walks onstage* Oh hi there.
Me- And Burlan!!!!
Burlan- *crashes through the roof and falls on Nessie* HEY!
Burlan- ...*gets off* Sorry.
Me- -_- Burlan you're an idiot.... And we have Chemical!
Chemical- *comes in like a NINJA* HIYAAA! *ninja chops Burlan*
Burlan- *faint*

Chemical- Someone fix him....
Oogie- -_- *pours ater on Burlan*
Burlan- IM AWAKE!
Me- OK. Now, we have questions, and I'm SUPER SORRY KF that you put this here in July and I never answered it.

kidthatsafanofalotofthings (guest) wrote: 03 Jul 2010, 06:20 PM
i sure love torturing some people!!...i just said that out loud didn't i? oh well like before i put dares first but ran out so questions
Everyone:how will you describe yourselves?
yay -i remember what my dares are now!!
Jack:where a unicorn costume and pretend you're a unicorn until the end of every question(s) people ask
Oogie:video tape this moment
Mayor:say "hello John" to everyone you see it can't be hard cuz i'm trying to go easy on you..trying..

Everyone- *all talking at once*
Me- SHUTTAHDAHFAHKUP. Ok, first, Jack, describe yourself.
Jack- *sings part of Jack's Lament when he's talking about scaring people out of their pants, in some countries, thats considered rape.*
Me- ....Great...... Now, Oogie.
Oogie- I'm awesome.
Me- Wow. That... that was horrible, how about we have your lovely children describe you.
Oogie- *gives Burlan, Nessie and Chemical a look that says "If you say anything bad you're grounded for the rest of your afterlife"*
Nessie- O.O Wait.. I'm not dead yet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He's mean.
Burlan- He told me I was a penguin at birth and my penguin parents tried to eat me.
Chemical- He gives me coffee. And coffee is good.
Oogie- Nessie you're grounded.
Nessie- D: F*ck...
Me- NO SWEARING. Forget it, do you dares. Jack!

Jack- *is already wearing a unicorn costume* WHAT THE-
Oogie- *recording Jack* MWHAHAHAHAHA.
Jack- NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH NEGH. *prances about the stage*
Sally- I...I dont know him.
Me- Now Mayor, you do you dare.
Mayor- B-but.....
Me- DO IT.
Mayor- OK GOD. Hello John!!!! *whimpers* I dont like being social!
Me- Tough noodles, you go- *mayor runs offstage* ...Leave him.
Nessie- Wow. You're show is.... just wow.
Me- Go over there! *points to Barrel*
Nessie- Great, I wont have to be near you! *walks over to Barrel and hugs him*
Barrel- :3 *hugs her*

Audience- D'AWWWWWW
Me- You sicken me. Chemical, introduce questions, thats your job now.
Chemical- 8D YES!! Next question is from SkellingtonGirl!

SkellingtonGirl wrote: 19 Aug 2010, 10:54 AM
Jack: *Glomps* Awsome trick!

Oogie: *Keeps glaring at him, then makes him eat dynamite*

Host: May I be on the show? Please? :3

Jack- BWHA NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH! *falls over*
Skelly- :3 I luvses you Jack.
Oogie- *explodes from the dynamite*
Burlan- Oh!! I wanna fix him! *sews oogie back together execept in penguin form* HA.
Oogie- THIS ISNT FUNNY!! *waddles over to BriBri* Fix me!
Me- But you're cute that way.
Me- NOPE. And of course you can be on the show Skelly!!
Skelly- Yay! Can I introduce the next question? :3 *hugging Jack*
Chemical- AHEM. That is MY JOB.
Skelly- ....FINE.
Chemical- Thats what I thought. Next question is from Mizu!
Me- She means Kira.
Chemical- Yeah.. sure I do...

I HAVE..questions.


Shock-<< Do you knowz any MAGIC?

Bri Bri-<< *Gives cake*

Jack-D: Don't you know me? I WAS UR HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART!D:<

Shock- i do know magic. Watch! *turns Lock into a weiner dog*
Nessie- D'AWW! Weiner dogs! *picks up Lock and pets him*
Lock- *sticks tounge out at Barrel*
Barrel- *drop kicks Lock weiner dog out of the window*
Nessie- Bye puppy!

Me- NO. You are staying a penguin and you will like it. OOH CAKE! *eats peice of cake* :3

Jack- Neigh? I... MAYBE I DO. But.... ;~; Dont hurt me I'm a unicorn.
Me- You've made Kira angry. Sleep with one eye open.
Burlan- Lock is dead.
Me- No, he's just a flying weiner dog now. Next question!
Chemical- It's from.... *hands it to Nessie*
Nessie- What? Oh. It's from Leslie! 8D

Sally_382 wrote: 16 Sep 2010, 06:45 PM
HEY YOU!!! *tackles bribri and huggles* I got a super duper sexy question!
bribri- Can I be on the show? PLEASE?!?!

Me- *falls over* Yes, but next time, for we must go now.
Leslie- Grin Yay!
Skelly- LESLIE! *glomp*
Leslie- SKELLY! *falls over*
Me- Group hug! *group hug*
Nessie- ..... BLEH.
Chemical- *joins the hug*
Burlan- HUGS FOR ALL! *hugs Everyone*
Me- We shall see you next time on this interview! buh bye everyone!!!

*camera explodes*

Me- MOTHA FAHKING TROLL SHIT SNAPE! THE CAMERA EXPLODED! (Get the potter puppet pals refrence?)

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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