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I love my job. Cast interview! ©

Yep, new chapter.

© kittypaw187

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Me- *runs onstage* MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Nessie- *follows me* HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Chemical- And to all of you pastafarians, praise the pasta!
Oogie- -_-
Chemical- :3 Y'all love meh.
Me- Ok!!!! Since I told you, I was getting a co host, here she is. LESLIE!!
Leslie- *is brought up through the stage floor* MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Me- LESLIE! *glomp*
Leslie- *falls over* Yay~

Me- Ok, since it's christmas, I'm gonna sing y'all a song!!!!!!!! Well.. No I'm not. We're not doing anything except making oogie wear this Santa hat. *puts a hat on him*
Leslie- He looks so... PRETTY@
Me- Dont ruin your self esteem! Now, we has questions, Chemical introduce!
Chemical- First questions from Leslie!!!!
Leslie- 8D Yay!

HEY YOU ALL! My OC's be asking questions this time!

Amber- fine. I hate you by the way Leslie.
not my fault you threw a brick at him.
Amber- is to! anyways, here are my questions/dares.

Nessie- Hey! *hug*
Lock- *nut shot.... with a shotgun :3*
Leslie- you are teqchnally on this interview so...... *loads shotgun again and shoots between the eys*

lol ow. NEXT BE AMETHYST! lol you have meth in your name.
Amethyst- shut up. Anyhow.

Sally- I hate you.
Jack- I hate you more.
Oogie- Your a sucky dad. Stop breeding for gods sake!

lol Methy!
Amethyst- SHUT UP!
anyhow, NOW BE WICCA!
Wicca- YAY! *appears*

Burlan- *hug* Hi!
Chemical- *hands her a mace* have fun!
bribri/kitty/host- am I crazy?

THATS ALL FOR NAOW LOL JK I HAVE TO GO TORTUR MY OCS! *locks them in a room with Freddy Kruger*
My Oc's- AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Nessie- AMBER!!! *super hug* DONT LEAVE.
Amber- I have to, because if I dont, Leslie will kill me with poison.
Nessie- Frown That depresses me.
Lock- *is shot in th nuts* BWA *deadzd*
Me- GREAT. Another dead body! JACK. Throw it with the rest of them.
Jack- -_- *drags Lock's dead body backstage*

Leslie- *is shot* Tee hee that tickles.
Amber- D: DIE!! *shoots her again*
Leslie- Amber used shoot. It was unnafective.
Amber- D:

Sally- ...Why do you hate me?! WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE ME?
Jack- ?
Oogie- i have stopped! JESUS.
Oogie- -_-
Leslie- Methy! Be nice to Oogie.
Me- Oogard has feelings too
Me- Naw. And No Wicca, you are not crazy. You are mah favorite. :3
Wicca- YAY!

Chemical- *picks up the mace* YES!!! Oh Barrelll?!?!!?!?!?!
Barrel-O.O *runs*
Chemical- YOU BROKE HER HEART WE BREAK YOUR FACE! *chases him with the mace*
Barrel- D: *runs faster*
Me- For those of you who dont know, sadly, Narrel was broken off. Frown
Burlan- *hugs Wicca and wont let go* :3
Wicca- .... *super hug*
Nessie- ;~;
Me- It is quite sad, for they were so cute.
Nessie- SHUT.UP.
Nessie- -_-
Me- OKK. Now, to the next questions.
Chemical- Next questions or whatever are from JackxSallyfan!!

JackxSallyfan wrote: 25 Dec 2010, 09:31 AM
Jack~*Spams his inbox with fan letters*
Sally~*Throws black cats at her face*
Lock~*Drags him away,smiling*

Jack~Kill oogie(Though im guessing that will be so freaking easy)
Everyone~Do the spaz attack dance XP


Jack- *goes to open his mail box and fdan letters fall out and crush him* BWHAAA!!!!
Sally- *is ripped to shreds*
Lock- *is dead*
Everyone- SPAZ DANCE!@!!! *everyone starts spazzing*
Paramedics- *come in, see everyone dancing an joins*
Me- *shrugs and turns on epic german techno and strobe lights*

Me- Because we are all dancing, the show is OVER. Merry christmas!!!!!!!
Camera- *gets up, does spaz dance, and explodes*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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