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© kittypaw187

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Me- *walks on stage vereh sad*
Nessie- *follows behind her* So sad...
Leslie- What's sad?
Me- ;~; My doggy got put down a few weeks ago.
Leslie- D:
Me- I'm trying to think that she's better off now, and since I reaally dont want to think about it, lets go to the questions.
Chemical- First question is from JackxSallyfan

JackxSallyfan wrote: 25 Dec 2010, 11:51 PM
Hi im back

questions and stuff
OOGIE-U arr meh favorite fricken bad guy in da world
SALLY-sorry bout da black Cat thingy
jack-you sleepwalk,and i gotz proof of it
*sits In Audince*

LSB-*throw Jack in a room and lock it*
Sally- *rageface*
Me- Uh, Jack isnt here right now...
Jack- MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Chemical- od.. Next question is from skellington girl

skellington girl (guest) wrote: 26 Dec 2010, 09:18 AM
Jack have you ever had crush on someone beside sally
Sally same question
Oogie YOU GAY AND PERV.YOU MUST DIIIIEEEE(spray him with bug spray)
Lock why do wear red. it not you color
Barrel what's your favorite sport

Sally- No.....
Oogie- BWAAAA!! *runs away*
Nessie- Way to take it like a man....
Oogie- *from somewhere else* YOU'RE GROUNDED!
Nessie- --# F*ck.
Lock- Because.... red is... awesome...
Leslie- Or you're celebrating your period.
Me- ba dum tsshhh
Me- I told her to do it yah dumb face.
Lock- I'm offended.
Chemical- OK NEXT QUESTION IS FROM... oh... oh dear.... Leslie.
Leslie- Teeheee

Sally_382 wrote: 30 Dec 2010, 11:55 AM

bribri- why you so epic?
Jack- why you such a bone-face?
Chemical- why you so epic?
Caleb- hi!
Oogie- *glomp*
Nessie- Sorry Amber;s not here today. She's......somewhere.
Burlan- *pokes between the eyes* your funny! *poke poke poke poke*

Me- Because I just am.
Everyone but me and Leslie- No you're not.
Chemical- I'm epic?! Yay!!!!
Lock- No, she's lying.
Chemical- You like not being a suprano Lock?
Lock- Point taken. Duct taping mouth shut.
Chemical- Good.

Me- OH. I have a new OC and he'sjoining the show, this is Caleb!!!! He's an extremely cute blonde.

Caleb- *waves and every girl in there faints*
Chemical- EXCUSE ME. He's mine.
Oogie- AH HA HA HA, you're not dating until you're married.
Chemical- That makes no-
Oogie- *death glare*

Nessie- What'd you do with Amber?!!?!?!
Leslie- <.< >.> Nothing
Nessie- *inches away*
Leslie- *poke poke poke*
Me- lolz. Ok next question is from Kira!!!!!!

Mizu wrote: 30 Dec 2010, 02:10 PM
Sally-I wuv you, just letting ya know, I AM NOT A HATER!
Oogie-*Throws a shoe at you*
Nessie-*Gives a turtle plushie* TAMA TAMA
Bri Bri-Your Squishie misses you.

Sally- Finally someone who loves me besides Jack!!!!!
Oogie- *hit in the head with a shoe* -_-#
Leslie-*touches the turtle* OH MY GOD IT IS.
Me- I know my Squishie misses me, CUZ I HAVENT SEEN HIM FOR TWO WEEKS. Thats too long.
Chemical- Next question is from...zaaz327

zaaz327 wrote: 31 Dec 2010, 09:53 AM
What does Oogie think of my Fanfic "Oogie's Back?"
Do L, S, and B make up their songs from scrath or rehearsal?
Does CubaTown (aka Communist town, Castro town) still exist?

Oogie- I havent read it..... But I will. Because it's about me Grin
Me- *coughs* self centered *cough*
Oogie- -_-
LSB- No. And that was one time!!!!
Me- And like 6 times in Oogie's revenge.
Sock- BriBri, do you want to die?!
Me- Do you want you're paycheck burned?
Shock- Touche.
Me- Good, and yes, Cuba Town does still exsist! Now, for our next episode, it's gonna be valentiney with some surprises. So!!! For our readers, please post valentiney questions, they can be whatever you want, because our cast members will do them.So, please please post Valentines Questions, and, the first person to post will win and Ooogie!
Oogie- Why am I the prize?!!!?!?!
Me- Because you're squishy and you're threads hanging off your hand and if yu don't I'll kill you.
Oogie- .....
Me- thats all the time we have for today!
Leslie- Buh bye!!!!!

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