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Black Hearts

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

This is a story written by me and rubynrags, so don't go all copyright blahdy blah, I was nominated to get it published, so enjoy. It's from two different points of view at times, and we take it in turns to write chapters. The first is by rubynrags. Enjoy.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

This first chapter is written by rubynrags:

Gigantic. That's the one word that I use to describe where I live. A few other of my words include tyranny, barren, dismal, in the middle of nowhere; you get the general idea. Not a happy place. I'm a big-headed ruler's "assistant-assistant." She made up the title. In other words, I work for her assistant, who just so happens to be her boyfriend. Lucky me.

" NICCY!" she called late one afternoon. My name is Veronica, but no one here bothers to call me that. Only Niccy. "NICCY!" she screamed again. I heard rage in her voice this time. I ran out of my bedroom and down the miles-long hallway to the court room, where she sat at her throne with her boyfriend attentively by her side.
" My queen," I bowed, resting on one knee.
" First thing's first," she gestured to me and the Knave, MY boss, grabbed my arms behind my back and picked me off the ground, to the point where my feet didn't reach the floor anymore. I kicked and flailed my legs for a second, then I looked at the Red Queen.
" Just to make sure you don't run off," she answered my question before I had a chance to speak. " I've," she stared at her red fingernails as she spoke slowely, " I've been wondering where my tarts are."
" But, madam," I was still trying to sound poliete while I protested, " I just baked you some yesterday. A whole batch-"
" Oh, I know," she looked up at me, still dangling very well a foot off the ground, " I know you did. But," she walked towards me," I think you baked one hundred tarts, correct?"
" Cor...correct, your majesty."
" I wanted those tarts, oh, you make the best tarts I've ever tasted." I would have taken this as a compliment had she not sounded so angry. " When I reached or one of my tarts, I noticed quite a number of them were gone BEFORE I had taken any that day."
" Madam, you surely aren't suggesting I-"
" Oh, I know you didn't, Niccy. But, I think you know who DID," she craned her neck up, trying to meet my eye level. I did know who did, but I wasn't going to rat them out anytime soon. She whispered each word slowly and clearly,
" Where? Are? My? Tarts?"
" I-I don't know, madam,"
" TELL ME!" I flinced at the feriocity in her voice.
" I don't know..."
" I-I don't know..." Tears burned in my eyes.
" I don't know..." I tried to remember how others got out of these arguments, but all I could remember was a sickening " Off with her head! Off with her head! "
" TELL ME!" she screamed again. Hot tears ran down my pale face. I closed my eyes, almost hoping she would go away or I would dissapear.
" DO YOU EVEN KNOW?!" I shook my head violently and braced myself for the death sentence. I was quiet for a while. The silence almost made me think for a second my head was already cut off.
" Let her down Stayne." The Kanve let go of me and I fell hard on my kness. I bit my tongue from letting out a scream of pain and anger.
" Get up," she sighed. I couldn't tell if the sigh was out of sympathy or annoyance. Either way, I crawled back up. I stood eye to eye with the Queen, and she looked suprisingly calm.
" Oh," she cooed, placing a hand on my tear-streaked cheek, " look at that. Don't cry, there's no need," she obviously forgot her tantrum," I would never ever take your head off. You are my favorite and I love you, and-" she wiped a tear off my face and stuck it into her tiny mouth, " and I think you do know who it is." She stepped backwards. " Who?"
" It's a monkey." I felt sick to my stomach," One from your bedroom, I'm not sure which one."
" Thank you," she sat back down. " That will be all. Leave me, both of you. Close the door on your way out.
Stayne and I walked out of the room, and I closed the gigantic doors. When I looked up, he wa glaring at me.
" Did something?"
" Did I do something?" he mocked me in a cruel voice. SMACK! He slapped me hard across my face, sending my glasses flying to the floor. " Don't be foolish, of COURSE you did somethine! You do not CRY in her majesty's presence! It is unheard of! " He slapped me again, this time sending me to the floor. I tried to speak, but my throat had suddenly gone dry.
" You silly girl..." he scowled. I reached for my glasses, but he put his foot upon them and, with a sickening crunch, cruched them flat. I looked at him in disbelief.
" Maybe next time, you'll think twice when in the Queen's sight," and he walked off, quietly laughing.

I was left on the ground with the remains of my glasses in front of me. I screamed with anger and started to sob again. I knew the other poeple in the castle could see me. I knew the Red Queen could hear me. I knew how hysterical I looked, but I truthfully didn't care at this point.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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