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Black Hearts

Chapter 10: Punching walls is not a good idea

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

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My turn!:

"THIS IS NUTS!" I yelled, punching the walls. Fury bellowed inside me like an agitated doberman.
"Woah you need to calm down!" Chess put her hand on my shoulder. I turned around and shoved her away.
"HATTER!" Queenie screamed. I sighed like a deflating balloon. I cooled off.
"You've really got a temper on you!" Chess cried. I glared at her, which is not something I do often.
"Your eyes need to decide what colour they want to be," Queenie said cooly. "When we first came her they were brown, then they went amber, now they're going green." I straightened my hat.
"I like a variety. Anyway, you sure that's what he said?"
"That's what he said alright. Why is everything so mixed up here?" I slumped against the wall.
"Not unlike the upstairs." That was our word for the human world.
"So what we gonna do now?" Chess asked sliding down next to me.
"Dunno. We checked every corner of the room. No way out."
"Hold on guys," Queenie said. "That creep's coming back. And you'll never guess who's with him."

Stayne threw me into the cell. For a moment a lay faced down on the hard stone.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't our old friend Roni," I looked up to see Hatter grinning at me. "Still haven't found any clothes I see?"
"No. You're clothes are too small."
"Hatter may be tall," Chess began. "But she's a scrawny runt." Hatter elbowed Chess playfully.
"I'm sure her highness will find you something better" Queenie said. "She's picking out our new attire now. She wants us to look 'nice' for the occasion."
"Occasion?" I asked. "What occasion?" Hatter shifted and shrugged.
"Our execution."
"What? Execution! But she can't!" I was outraged.
"She can! And she will" Queenie, Chess and Hatter drew their hands across their throats. I gulped.
"How long?" I whispered.
"Tommorow," Chess said. "She's trying to get us to change. She took on Hatter one to one." I laughed.
"I've only known you a few days and even I know that's a bad idea." Hatter tipped her hat and grinned devilishly.
"You better believe it!" Queenie cried. "At the mention of betraying Tarrant Hatter spat in her face."
"That hag don't scare me," Hatter said.
"That's her mother you're talking about!" Queenie whispered harshly.
"You know?" I whispered.
"Yes. And I refuse to believe it. Something that awful couldn't produce something as nice as you." I smiled weakly.
"Surely you guys can get out of an execution? Tarrant's managed it before."
"Chess is having a seperate execution." Queenie muttered. But we can get out of it. Don't worry about us. We're a scheming bunch. Hold up! The Knave's coming back."
"How can you tell?" I asked.
"I set a mental alarm for when he comes. Quiet down now!" The Knave strode into the room, whistling. The girls glared at him, but I kept my gaze fixed firmly on the ground.
"Hello, girlys. I assume you've all had a chat? The Queen is ready in the fitting room. Who's first?" Nobody moved. "How about you, Harriet?" he walked over to Hatter, who stood up and glared at him. With her hat she was about the same height as the Knave, without probably a head shorter.
"Who says I want to?" she said. "I like my clothes." The Knave laughed.
"What, those hand-me-downs?"
"They're not hand-me-downs! They're custom made!" The Knave laughed again and flicked Hatter's hat. It floated to the ground.
"Uh-oh," Queenie and Chess muttered. Hatter's eyes swirled into a deep amber. She gritted her teeth and punched the Knave in the mouth.

It was all over in seconds. The Knave's mouth was bleeding inside, and two guards came and dragged Hatter away, kicking and screaming. We were taken along.
"Ever since she came here she's had a real temper," Queenie told me. "Not with us though."
"Came here?" I was confused. "But she's Tarrant's sister!"
"She's not actually," Queenie explained. "We're humans."
"HUMANS!?" I was shocked. " But Humans don't have those kind of powers!"
"Now you see, that's what I thought. But I've been reading up on this, don't tell the others by the way, but there's no such thing, but there are HYBRIDS. Hybrids are humans mixed with Underlandiands, but the hybrid affect doesn't come until centuries down the line."
"So you aren't human?"
"Well that's what I think. I mean with Hatter, the more she's around Tarrant, the more alike they grow. It's the same with me and Chess. I mean, humans with the same looks and abilities? Way too much of a coincidence." We were brought into the Queen's ballroom, where she sat on her throne. We were brought before her.
"NICCY!" she leapt off her throne and hugged me. I remained stiff. She drew back, confused.
"What's wrong Niccy?" she whispered. She glared at the girls. "What did they do to you?" The Knave stepped in.
"My queen, it pains me to do this," Nonsense, I thought. He was clearly enjoying it all. "But Niccy has sided with the Hatter and his sister." The Red Queen stared at me.
"Is this true?" she was on the verge of tears. No use hiding it now, I thought.
"Yes" I said as boldly as I could. The Queen released her grip on me and I ran to Hatter, Chess and Queenie. Hatter grinned at me. I felt confidence welling up inside me.
"I am a disloyal subject of the Mad Hatter!" I yelled. The word's echoed around the ballroom. The Queen stood wide eyed.
"How does it feel Iracebeth?" Hatter called. "To see your own flesh and blood betray you?" The Queen was silent.
"She's been brainwashed," the Queen cried. The Knave's jaw dropped. So did mine.
"No!" The Knave and I cried in unision.
"I'm serious!" I yelled. "I've made up my mind!"
"I refuse to believe it!" she yelled. "I can't take this a minute longer! Harriet and Tarrant Hightopp lose their heads tonight!"
"Oh no," I whispered. "It's all my fault!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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