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Black Hearts

Chapter 11: Show Tunes?

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

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" Wait!" I screamed. The Red Queen looked up at me, tears in her eyes.
" What do you want, you ungrateful brainwashed child?" I summoned all my acting skills to pull off this scene;
" I'm sorry!" I ran into her arms, crying loud, fake tears. Evereyone's jaw dropped again.
" She's not!" Stayne pulled me away from her. " She's just trying to spare their lives!"
" Is this true Niccy?"
" No, no! See?" I went over and slapped Queenie. " oh-my-god-dreadfully-sorry..." I whispered to her. The Red Queen laughed.
" Oh, Niccy, I knew you haven't left me!" She kissed my cheek, which left a big heart mark. " You go on with the girls."
" What, really?" Joy swelled inside me. Was the Queen really gonna let me go with them? I almost squealed with excitement.
" Yes, go with them. I think you'd be best at choosing their execution outfits." My heart sank like a ton of lead. " You've always had such an interesting fashion sense." She looked down at my bloomers. " Very...interesting......"
" Thank you..." I mumbled, and led the girls away.

" WHAT WAS THAT?!" Queenie yelled at me once we were in the dressing room.
" I'm sorry, I had to make it believable!! You trust me, don't you?"
" You know," Chess glared at me," I'm not sure if I do anymore."
" Queenie?" I was near crying. She shook her head.
" Hatter?" She just stared at me with bright red eyes.
" Just help me find a hat." She said coldly. I looked around. Lots of ugly hats were left from when Tarrant worked here. I picked up one with a goose head on it. Ugly. I picked up another with a squirrel tail on it. Uglier. One with a shape of the Red Queen's face sewn into the side. Ugliest.
" This is the world I meant, couldn't you listen?" I quietly sang. " Couldn't you stay content safe behind I could not?"
" What are you doing?" Queenie asked.
" Singing. Into the Woods. It's a musical written by the same guy who wrote Sweeney Todd." Hatter perked up.
" They all deserve to die..." she sang.
" Tell you why, Mrs.Love-ett, tell you why..." we sang in unison.
" Please, don't be mad at me..." I found an ugly red lace hat, but at least it looked sorta like a top hat. I placed it Hatter's head. " You three are the only friends who could ever like me. After they find out I'm...y'know...her you-know-what," I shrugged.
" Don't tell me your father is Stayne." Chess pretended to gag herself.
" Nah," I laughed a little, still depressed, " That'd be gross. The King of Hearts, Cedric of Crimes, was my father. The Red Queen..." I winced, " Mother...she killed him only a little after having me. I went and lived with Auntie Mirana until I was about five. I've been alone ever since. Well, then came the whole 'I wonder who my Mum is' phase, then I found her and Stayne, we are." I sat down. " I do feel some attachment to her majesty still-" I handed a red and black striped shirt to Chess,"- but I could never leave you all. You've been so kind." I gave Queenie a red jumper with a black shirt to go underneath. " Does anyone want a pair of my bloomers?" I smiled sadly. The silence brought back my empty memories, and I looked at the three as they changed clothes, knowing I'd be alone again in only a few hours time.

" I love evening executions, don't you, Niccy?" I stared off into the distance.
" Oh, what? Er...yes, your majesty..."
" I've told you," she hugged me, " Call me Mum."
" Yes.....Mum...." I looked down at the ground below our balcony. Hatter and Queenie stood handcuffed next to the Knave, who had the pleasure of taking their heads off.
" Would you like to dump their heads into the lake, love?"
" No thank you." I quietly said.
" Do you want me to store their heads in your room? Perhaps in glass cases next to your bed?"
" No!" I screamed. The Queen looked at me, then looked away.
" Just like her father..." she murmered to herself, " The most squeamish in every way....."
The executor gave a loud blow of his horn. Five minutes until the beheading.
" Please excuse me," I started to run off.
" Hold on. Where you going, love?"
" Er...bathroom...?"
" Is that a question or a statement?"
".......statement?" She looked at me " Statement." I nodded.
" Very well, hurry up, though...."

I ran through the hallways, trying to find the right room. " chess? chess?" I whispered. I ran into the dressing room. Chess was putting on some black boots.
" Chess, come with me."
" Don't tell me it's my time already!"
" No, just come on. I think we can save Hatter and Queenie."

I looked at Queenie, who was crying. I tried to put my hand on her shoulders, but of course, it's hard to do when you're handcuffed.
" Still, Harriet, still..." the Knave commanded. I put my arms down. " Your heads will make excellent table decorations, especially the short-haired one's." Queenie sniffled and cried a little louder. " And, I'm sure we can find a use for all your hats-"
" Touch my hats and you die." I snarled. He merely laughed.
" Time for beheading." He grabbed Queenie, " You first." She screamed through her tears.
" No!" I shook my chains, trying to break free.
" Get down," Stayne pushed Queenie in the guillotine base, and she let out a sharp shriek of pain.
" Ladies and Gentlemen of the high court," Stayne announced. I looked up at the balcony where the Queen was. The Queen....but no Veronica....
" This young lady, Ella of Macrebeth, had assisted Tarrant Hightopp as well as a number of mad men in kidnapping the Red queen's daughter, Veronica 'Niccy' Baronette.Therefore, making the Queen lose her temper and commencing her to this beheadence. Any last words, Ella?"
" I don't want to die...." Queenie whimpered quietly. " I don't want to die...."
" Does anyone have any objections before I take off her head?"
" Yeah, you smelly perv, I have a few objections for you!" Veronica came out of nowhere, a floating Chess carrying her.

My heart was thumping. " Okay, first off," I landed on the ground and walked up to Stayne, " Me Mum must be DAFT to have YOU as her BOYFRIEND. Second off," I looked up at her majesty, " YOUR head is groutesque and very very smelly. Thrid order of matter," I flicked the Knave's eyepatch. " Make your eyepatch choose a colour. It's either red or black, both is confusing, fourth," I undid Hatter's and Queenie's shackles, " It's no wonder why I don't have any friends. And fifth, " I floated up above the crowd, " I DO like to sing songs from musicals and it is certainly NOT stupid, Mother." I spat at the balcony. " Hatter, chess, Queenie..." They all floated up behind me. I felt so much like bursting out into song, but the silence was so tense, I didn't feel like I should. Then again, I was mad, wasn't I?
" This is a little diddy from Wicked called Defying Gravity...
Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game
Too late for second guessing
Too late to go back to sleep!
It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap----!" I flew higher above the crowd with the three with each note.
"It's time to try defying gravity!
Kiss me goodbye! I'm defying gravity!
And you won't bring me down!!!"
" Miss Queen," I shot a look at her majesty."Why, you're just a fat, pompous, bad-tempered old tyrant!"
" Niccy!" She was reaching up, " Don't leave meeeeee!" I decided to skip ahead a few measures of the song. I belted out, with all my soul;
" So, if you care to find me,
look for where all are mad!!!
As I try to find
my life's love that I never had!
And if I turn mad,
at least I'll be with these three
And here's a quick reminder
for her majesty!!!!
Remember how I am defying gravity---!
I'm flying high, defying gravity!
And soon I'll be forever gone
And no one, scared or brave
The Red Queen or the Knave
Is ever gonna bring me----- down---!!" I soared to the skies, laughing hysterically.
"I hope you're happy!" the Queen sadly sung back to me. I was still holding that last note at the top of my lungs.
" Bring me down-------!"
" SHUT UP STAYNE!" The Queen slapped him. " My daughter's singing!" She looked back up at me. " I'll miss you, Niccy! Please visit!" She blew a kiss to me. I almost regretted leaving that day, but I knew this wasn't the last I'd see of her.
" AH-AH-AH-AH------!" I finished off the song. I started screaming with laughter and, in a flash of dark magic, I disappeared.

I looked up at the sky, where my sweet daughter just vanished.
" That brat.." dear Stayne mumbled.
" Don't call her a brat." I looked back up at the sky, crying. " I'll pay her a visit sometime...." I looked back at Stayne, " Isn't it nice she has friends? Mad ones...but friends, nonetheless.....maybe she'll turn rotten..." I smiled at the thought of this.
" Goodbye, Niccy."

the end (?)

Hope you likeyd! Me and rnr put a lot of work into this! Who knows, maybe there's a sequel coming...

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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