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Black Hearts

Chapter 4: A mad party

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

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My chapter (yay!):

"A party?" I asked. I'd never been to a party. "But I'm supposed to go back." I glanced back at the castle. I could imagine the queen simmering inside.
"Aw come on!" Hatter cheered. "A little vacation won't hurt!"
"Are you crazy?" I whispered. "She'll have your heads!"
"Already lost them!" they both cried.
"NICCY!" I heard the queen shriek as she stormed out of the castle.
"Just play along," Hatter whispered. She nodded to Chess, who hoisted me onto her back. I instantly understood the situation. I screamed and flailed my arms.
"You BRATS!" The Red Queen bellowed. "Give me back my Niccy!"
"FAT CHANCE!" The girls yelled in perfect unision. Chess grabbed my hand and grinned at me. I looked at my hand. We were dissapearing! I watched in awe at what Hatter did next. The Red Queen was scarlet with rage. Hatter did a little dance on the spot, mocking her. She whooped and tossed her hat in the air. It did a few flips and landed perfectly on her head.
"Wow," I breathed.
"I hate to admit it, but Hatter has style" Chess whispered.
"You're worse than your good for nothing brother!" The Red Queen screamed.
"And your head reminds me of a bloated tomato!" Hatter jeered. That was it.
"NOBODY INSULTS THE ROYAL HEAD! GUARDS!" Hatter turned on her heels and ran. Chess got a head start but Hatter was soon next to us. I looked at her. To my suprise, she was laughing madly.
"You're insane!" I cried.
"That's why they call me Hatter!" she replied. I watched as the guards disappeared into the distance.

Finally we stopped in a wood. Chess and I were visible again. And the pair lay on the ground panting. I watched in awe. They were mad! Nutty as fruitcake! I sat down next to them.
"Well that was fun wasn't it!" Chess panted, her blue tail swishing. Hatter laughed. I jumped as I heard another voice in the distance. A girl in a white jacket, black trousers and knee high black boots ran into the woods.
"There you are!" She cried. Hatter and Chess hugged her.
"We had business with her majesty!" Chess cried.
"Pranks! AGAIN! You'll kill yourselves one day!"
"Pranks?" I said quietly. "So you aren't spies?" Hatter shrugged.
"We live for kicks," she said. Chess laughed. The new girl turned to me.
"Who are you?" she asked, helping me to my feet.
"This is Veronica." Hatter said. "We rescued her." The girl stared at me for a bit, then held out her hand.
"A pleasure" I said as I shook her hand.
"Now, back to business. The tea's getting cold!"
"Tea?" I asked. Hatter grabbed my arm and pulled me into a clearing. There was an extremely long table with a beautiful tablecloth. Cakes and tea covered the table. Hatter seemed to ignore this. She jumped onto the table and ran through the crockery. A man at the end of the table was smiling at her.
"Tarrant!" Hatter cried. I instanlty recognised this man.
"The mad Hatter," I whispered. Chess led me to an empty seat next to her. The Hatter got up onto the table with Hatter.
"I take it you've had business?" he said. Hatter nodded.
"Well," The Hatter said. "You're terribly late you know! Naughty!" Everyone laughed, including me. I haven't laughed for such a long time.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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