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Black Hearts

Chapter 5: We have the gift

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

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Hours later, I was still laughing my head off, which was weird, cause I did't find anything funny. None of us did. We just laughed for the pure joy of it.
" So," I said, leaning closer, " how DO you evaporate, Chess?"
" I just do." She smiled.
" We have the gift." The cat said, taking a long sip of his tea.
" We all do things," the Doormouse said, " I'm adventureous, March, Hatter and Hatter are mad," the Hatters gave a little nod and switched hats, not that it made any difference, they looked the same, " Chess and Chess evaporate and teleport," they did so upon hearing this into each other's seats, so that the cat sat next to me now," Queenie sees things in her smart little head," Queenie smiled, with either modesty or pride, I couldn't tell which,"" The mouse stared up at me, as if expecting more.
" 'And me' what?"
" What do YOU do?" Thoughts raced through my head. Should I tell them? It seemed...evil. Then again, they won't believe me, I knew they wouldn't.
" I practice black magic. Learned it straight from the Knave." They all stared at me. I could tell they all wanted to laugh, and the doormouse didn't even try to spare my feelings.
" Black magic?!" she laughed. " From the Knave? The Knave wouldn't- no- YOU wouldn't know black magic if it hit you on the head and bit you on the nose!"
" Hey!" I stood up. " I am NOT a liar!"
" I believe you." Hatter, Tarrant, Chess and Queenie said in unison.
" Thank you!"
" OY!" Mallymunkin screamed. " I'm still down here, if you happened to forget! You got some magic in you?! Let's see it then!"
" No, I really don't like to-"
" Let's see it!"
" But, it intervines with dark forces and-"
" Oh, you BLUFFER!" That mouse was about to get it's wish, to see my bad side.
" S-Shut up." I said calmy, trying to keep my temper from rising too high. I tried to hold my tea tray steady, but tea splashed everywhere.
" You don't have a single OUNCE of magic in you! You're just a run-down, push-over, Red Queen devotee!!!"
" DON'T YOU, DON'T YOU DARE SAY I'M FOR THE RED QUEEN!!!" I jumped up on my chair and thrust out my arms, sending out jets of black power from my palms. They hit her hard and blasted her through the table, leaving a good sized hole.
" Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!" I ran over to the hole and crawled beneath the table. " Are you alright? I'm so so so so sorry!!!!!" Tarrant kneeled down beside me and picked her up.
" She's fainted, not dead. She's seen worse, it'll be alright." He smiled at me. " I knew you knew how to, I just KNEW it. I had a feeling about you. A good feeling. Like..." he tood up, " an Alice feeling!" He stood up on the tables. " Hey, everyone! I had another Alice feeling! She," he pointed at me," gave me an Alice feeling! Just like them!" He ran over to Chess, Queenie, and Hatter. " Oh, happy Tea day!" He sat back down. " I just knew it was a good day to have a Tea Party!" I tensed up. That all too familiar cold feeling went down my spine.
" Guys, I have to go. You all need to hide, NOW! ESPECIALLY YOU THREE!"
" What's wrong?!" Hatter asked.
" It's the Knave, they're coming back to find me. Just GO!" I ran away from the party, hoping to meet up with the Knave before he saw where I was, or who I was with for that matter. I got lost a little while after, only to come face-to-face with the Knave.
" Where have you been, you brat?"
" The cat and Hatter's sister, they captured me. Tried to hold me hostage. But I took care of them." I ran my finger across my throat. " Off with their heads." I laughed.
" YOU did?" Stayne said in disbleif.
" Oh, yes. Using a little trick you taught me."
" Hmm, very well." He pulled me up on his horse. " You had better see her majesty, she's crying because of your absense."
" Really? How so?"
" Niccy! Oh, my poor Niccy! Stayne! Fetch Niccy! I can't cope without my favourite!" he said in a mocking tone. He started to ride back to the castle.

The gang was huddled in a tree top, still with all their teacups and cakes.
" So, Queenie, can you tell?" Chess asked, on the edge of her seat.
" Yeah," Queenie winked," She's coming back."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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