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Black Hearts

Chapter 9:

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

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(The last one belonged to me) Rubynrags:

I wandered around the woods, singing a song to myself, " Into the woods, and down the dell, the path is straight, I know it well, Into the woods and who can tell what's waiting on the journey?" I heard a faint squeal behind me. A litttle, white rabbit was running in circles.
" Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!" He stopped and looked around. " Which way did I come from?! Er..." he ran one direction, " No, that wasn't it!" He ran another " AHHH! That's not it either!!!" He landed on the ground with a thump.
" Are you alright?" I walked over to him. He looked at me, still in my nightgown since all of Hatter's clothes were too small for me.
" Oh dear...I'm lost..." he looked at his watch, " Oh, my fur and whiskers! I'm late!" He started to run off.
" Wait!" He stopped.
" Yes, Miss?"
" Do you know where you're going?"
" I'm trying to find my house, I have a vegetable garden that needs tending to, and I got a little lost in this forest."
" I can help you." I walked alongside him. " As her majesty's assistant-assistant, I had to learn the ups and downs of Underland by heart."
" You work for Carlotta?"
" No...wait, who?"
" Nevermind, the White Queen then?"
" But, then that means...." he backed away slowly. " The Red Queen?"
" I'm nothing like her, believe me!" He ran away quickly and on all fours. I was alone again.
" Hatter? Queenie? Chess?" I called out. Nothing. Was this my life? No friends? No trust? No sense of direction?
" Your life doesn't sound that different than before." A voice said. I turned around.
" What do you care, caterpillar?" I slumped off.
" You stupid girl..." he puffed smoke.
" Hey, who are you calling stupid?!"
" If you weren't stupid, you would know."
" Hey!" I ran up to the mushroom where it sat. " Listen up, you little squirt! I have worked for the Red Queen and I currently work for her wanker of a boyfriend, not to mention I finally made some friends but now they're most likely DEAD and you keep harassing me and I scare bunnies away and I've been in my nightgown for over 24 hours and haven't had a decent pair of bloomers in FOREVER!!!!"
" Veronica?" I heard a voice call. It reminded me vaugely of Tarrant's. I shot a quick look at the caterpillar and ran away.

" Tarrant? Tarrant?!"
" Veronica, over here!" I ran into a clearing. No one was there. It all seemed too wrong.
" And you thought you could run away that easily..." a voice growled. I realized what was happening, but it was too late. Stayne clamed his hand over my mouth and grabbed me.
" Niccy...dear Niccy..." he laughed, " Trying to become mad, are we?" I flailed my arms and legs, but it was no good.
" Oh, the Red Queen won't approve of you running away like that." He stuffed me in a butterfly net he used for capturing animals.
" I already told you, I was kidnapped, you saw them take me!"
" What I saw was a very clever plan, no doubt. But, then again, little gets past me." He climbed onto his horse. " So, the Red Queen won't know I've brought you back." He looked at me, " How would she react when she finds out her daughter is a traitor? So, I'm locking you in the dungeon until further notice."
" Where's Hatter, Chess, and Queenie? Where did you take them?"
" Oh, I haven't done a single thing to them. I left them in her majesty's care. I do believe she's taken them as her slaves..."
" You fiend! You monster! You wanker!"
" Tut-tut, no need for such harsh language. I'm sure those three will be in good care, now that Hightopp's gone-"
" Quiet!" He shot a cold look at me " Or I'll turn you over to the White Queen. She won't stand to have a Red in her court." He smiled to himself, " Although we got along pretty well..."
" You pervert..." I groaned, " I knew the Red Queen wasn't your first, or only, for that matter." He smiled again. I don't know why he was so happy all of a sudden.
" Shut up, Vanessa," he said, mistaking my name again, " I've got a prision cell with your name on it."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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